Monday, June 23, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

Such a fun-filled weekend! Finally it feels like summer is here!

On Friday, one of my running friend's came over for coffee with her 3 week old baby. She's so sweet! It was nice to visit with her and her newborn makes me want another!

She didn't stay too long and after she left Audrey said she wanted to go to the Zoo. We were so housebound all week between sickness and rainy weather that even though we wouldn't have much time and I wasn't really "prepared" for a zoo trip, I agreed to it anyway.


It was a bit difficult because we were off of our schedule and trying to juggle 2 kids amongst a million other kids was hard but we had fun.

After the kids went to bed, I met my friend Jenn for a late dinner.
Pre-bedtime fun- belly raspberries!!
I am so happy she is back in town and we get to see each other a little more frequently, even if it is a challenge to arrange a date! As usual, we stayed until the restaurant closed and they were practically kicking us out! 

Saturday was a busy day of running errands, working out, or trying, while the kids napped, and ended with dinner out with friends, since Grandma and Grandpa and Great-Grandma babysat.
We went for an amazing dinner downtown with our bests, had a couple drinks and walked around downtown. We stopped by The Bow to take some pictures by the face. Even though I only worked a few blocks from this building, I've never been by it before. It's pretty neat!

Sunday morning was our niece L's 2nd birthday party. All the little kids had a blast running around and maybe fought a bit over the toys! The cupcakes were delicious! 

It was such a gorgeous day so we spent the afternoon outside (after my workout). 

After dinner we went for a nice walk. Suddenly we heard music- the ice cream truck was in our neighbourhood!!! Audrey loved her frog popsicle. She ate the whole thing- well, what didn't melt all over her! 

What a perfect weekend! 


  1. I am always amazed at what you get done in a weekend!! Where do you find the energy? :-) and you want another newborn already?? Are you crazy? Haha. Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. I LOVE those blue workout pants! Are they lulu?

  3. Wait Audrey is wearing a dress!!!! Lol and she looks adorable!! Sounds like a super fun weekend! I soo miss ice cream trucks!! They don't come out to our village! Glad everyone is feeling better now!!

  4. Topher is at the point where he recognizes the sound of the ice cream truck, but he doesn't realize that you can actually buy real ice cream from the driver. I'm in trouble when he does! We're planning to go to the Calgary zoo in a couple of weeks, we haven't been in years!

  5. How awesome do you look??? That picture of you in the blue capri's is great!

    Glad you had a perfect sunshine-y weekend!

  6. What a awesome weekend! You look amazing!!! Love those pants - lulu? I need the ice cream truck, it came thru our neigborhood on Monday night at 930!!!! I was in bed and mad! Glad you are feeling better and good work on the spur of the moment zoo trip!! Good mama!!


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