Wednesday, July 16, 2014

~Calgary Stampede 2014~

Playing catch up here since I'm behind on posting. I just can't waste this gorgeous weather by sitting inside on the computer!

We went to the Calgary Stampede last Thursday. I was so excited to take Audrey this year because I knew she was going to love it! I've lived in Calgary almost my whole life and was born during Stampede so it's not that big of an event for me anymore but it sure was fun to see it through the eyes of a toddler!

We spent most of our time in the agriculture barns since Audrey loves animals and she likely was too small for the rides. Plus hubby and I aren't big into rides.

She loved seeing all the animals! She was pretty excited to "ride" a horse.

She was all over grooming this fake horse.

I loved showing her all the horses, since they were such a big part of my childhood, growing up on a horse farm.
Leo, of course, was with us and he mostly hung out in his stroller. He thoroughly enjoyed people watching.

Audrey wasn't too interested in having her picture taken. She would have much preferred to run around and check out the sculptures behind us.

We decided to watch a draft horse presentation on anatomy. Audrey lasted about 5 minutes and then she wanted to move.

They had all sorts of animals there- pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, cows, donkeys, horses, miniature horses, etc. Hubby had to run after Audrey just to keep up with her.

Audrey had her first corn dog, my favourite! She was skeptical at first but then she devoured it. She had an interesting way of eating a hot dog on a stick!

Audrey milked her first "cow". She thought that was pretty neat.

She wasn't very good at looking at me for pictures. Cute anyway!

She was a little scared of feeding this shetland pony. He was not shy!

Audrey LOVED the miniature horses! She kept going around saying "Awwww they are so cute! They are Audrey's size! I love them!" Pretty much the cutest thing ever! Except I know how much horses and their upkeep costs so she's gotta get a job before she gets one!

We stayed for about 4 hours total which was plenty of time for hubby's feet in cowboy boots! Every year he complains about his feet in those boots! Is it bad that I think it's funny?

There are plenty of things to see and do at the Stampede, even if you aren't into the Midway or the Rodeo and 4 hours seemed like the perfect amount of time for us with 2 little ones in tow. We checked out all the animals, watched a few presentations, ate some delicious fair food, including mini donuts which were a must, shopped a little and let Audrey play in the kids area. It was the perfect visit to the Stampede!


  1. We were at the Stampede on Friday. We went to see the Super Dogs and Dora, so the horses were our last stop on the way out. We saw the draft horses, the QH and the thoroughbred but didn't see the miniatures - I'm sure the kids would have loved them :) It was my first time at the Stampede - I want to go back next year without the kids so I can look around more :)

  2. Looks like you guys had lots of fun! I was tempted to go just for the mini doughnuts, haha

  3. Ugh we totally missed out on the donuts!! Guess we will have to go back!
    I love how decked out you guys get in stampede wear!! I think it is funny that J complained about his boots hurting his feet - now he knows how girls feel in heels haha.
    I also love how familiar this all was to me because we were just there! We were there for 8 hours though! We spent a lot of time in the Ag building too, saw the blacksmith competition, the working horse show, a few other shows, walked the grounds. It was fun to take it all in! Can't say my food was great... Apparently I picked the wrong place to go - I was thrown off when I noticed they sold mealworm pizza AFTER I ordered - had I saw that I wouldn't have ordered from there because then I was paranoid! But the elephant ear was well worth it!!

  4. This is so awesome!! Looks like a blast! We will have to take D next year. I will go just to wear my boots and get donuts. SO yummy.

  5. Cute!!! I can't wait to take London next year! I missed te Stampede this year as we were on holidays!

  6. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I can't wait to take Liam to Westerner Days (our fair here) this weekend!

  7. Sounds like a good Stampede trip! Our fair is on this week so we will take Avery to it Sat afternoon for a couple hours (more than enough for her lol) then later we have a suite with friends for a concert, Mom and Dad's night out :)


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