Saturday, July 5, 2014

~Oh yah, race day is tomorrow!~

I'm around, just been busy enjoying the summer... and keeping the kids alive ;)

So, I have a race tomorrow! Third year in a row doing the Stampede Road Race 5k with my sis. 

My race shirt, socks and bib

We probably won't be breaking any records considering that I had to take a week off because of knee pain and my sis hasn't been training much either. 

I did a quick 3k outside yesterday, in new shoes and didn't have any pain so I should be good. Our plan is to just have fun! It's going to be a gorgeous day and there are pancakes after! 

Becky is also racing the 5k and Liam and Audrey are doing their first kids race, 200m, so it's going to be lots of fun! Audrey was very excited to pick up her race package today so hopefully she won't be too intimidated for the actual race. 

Audrey's shirt and bib

Even though it's just for fun and I know I can do it, I'm slightly nervous. I'm still kind of competitive!

And this year, I won't be making any pregnancy announcements at the race, like last year!!


  1. I'm so excited! Although, not excited to be on the road by 5:30am tomorrow. :(

  2. Good luck tomorrow! I really wish I would have signed up for this race now

  3. Glad you had a good time!! :) I wanna see photos of A running!! CUTENESS!!


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