Monday, July 7, 2014

~ Visitors & Weekend Recap~

The last week was so much fun- I wish it didn't go by so quickly.

One of the major highlights was Ashley, Mike and Noah coming to visit. It was soooo nice to finally meet them in person. I feel like I've 'known' Ashley for years. We've gone through pregnancy and having little boys together. Why do we have to live so far apart?

On Thursday, we met up with them and Alison, Delainey and Cruz for a walk in Confederation Park. It was a gorgeous day- hot for us!

Best buds!
Delainey and her boyfriends

The babies must have been looking at Audrey running away...
I promise Audrey was with us- I just forgot to take any pictures of her! She was quite insistent that she walk for most of it so we were often dragging behind!

In the afternoon, we had a blogger potluck at my house- Lindsey and Avery came in from Red Deer, Alison and Delainey, Ashley and Noah, and Leigh. It was a fun, casual time and so nice to get everyone together. Thanks Ashley for coming into town to give us an excuse to get together!

Friday we went to the Zoo with Alison, Delainey, Ashley, Mike & Noah. We were treated to another gorgeous day and it was so much fun to show them around the Zoo. Audrey was a handful so it was nice to have extra hands to keep track of her- I think she thought she was a tour guide!

Audrey and Mike
Audrey checking out the Komodo dragon
The Rhino
Bloggers do the Zoo!
Instead of going to my usual Friday yoga class,  I opted to go for a run instead. I hadn't worn my new shoes outside yet and I figured I should try to go for a run longer than 10 minutes considering that I had a race in 2 days! Thankfully I didn't have any pain during the quick 3K run so things were looking up.

Saturday morning we went to a Stampede Pancake breakfast in our neighbourhood. We got there early enough that we barely had to wait for food.

They had awesome activities for kids- way better than the Canada Day celebration that we went to earlier in the week. Audrey had her face painted with 2 little flowers. She wanted the cow face but her face is too small!

"The cow face"

"Sorry, your face is too small. How about flowers?"

Showing me her flowers

She rode a "tractor"

...and then begged us to go in the bouncy castle. I thought she was too little but she proved me wrong and climbed up it with no fear.

It was exhausting for Leo

Dancing to the band

After the pancake breakfast, we went to pick up our race packages for Sunday's race. Audrey was pretty pumped. We stopped to have lunch and grabbed a Phil and Sebastien's coffee before heading home.

Audrey's race shirt and bib
My race shirt, socks & bib
In the afternoon, Leo and I went on a mission to find me some new shorts. I'm not usually a fan of wearing shorts so I have very few pairs. It's been so hot lately (not complaining!) that I needed to find some stat! Luckily I found a few pairs that will work, although I had zero luck finding short sundresses.

I also found out that Aden & Anais swaddling blankets make great scarves in a pinch when your baby sucks on your shirt while you are trying on clothes, in a very ill-placed spot. It did not match my outfit but it was better than a huge wet spot!

That night, our neighbours had a fire night. They always seem to host them on the night before a race which means we can't go too crazy! Hubby and I took turns going over. He went over first with Audrey before her bedtime, while I put Leo down. When he came back to put Audrey to bed, I went over. I stayed till about 10pm and decided to head in since we had to get up so early for the race the next day. Hubby went back over and stayed till past midnight!

The alarm clock went off too early on Sunday morning. Both kids didn't sleep well and it seemed like a crime to wake them up at 6am but we had to do it.

The 5k started at 8am. I checked the forecast the night before and it said it was going to be hot but it was actually cool, overcast and even spit on us for a bit. Pretty ideal race conditions actually! 

The race was a lot of fun, although my sis might say otherwise! We ran at a comfortable pace and saw a bunch of running friends before, during and after the race. My brother-in-law (my sis' husband) and my sister-in-law, hubby's brother's wife, both came to cheer us on. 

We didn't break any records (I'll do a full recap later) but we finished upright and happy. 

We had a pancake breakfast and then the kids race started. Parents were allowed to race with the kids for the really little ones so hubby held Audrey's hand and ran with her. She ran almost the entire thing, except to stop to pull up her pants!! She loved it! I think we have another runner in the family!

Look at that concentration!
(Thanks Auntie for the 'real' camera photos!)

So proud of my girl! 

We were all exhausted so we went home and had a nice long family nap! Just what we all needed! 

We went to my sis' house for a BBQ that night since she had relatives in town. 

My niece and Leo
What an amazing last few days!

We took it easy today and had an 'at home' day to recharge before another busy couple of days. I LOVE summer!


  1. Oh boy, where do I start. Here comes a novel comment haha.
    Thank you soo much for hosting us, and getting together it was soo much fun! I so wish we lived closer!! I keep joking with Mike that we need to move to Calgary... We both love it soo much, but unfortunately I don't see our business moving there! Bummer!!
    It was soo much fun at the zoo and our walk was great! I can't believe how much Noah loved the zoo!! I loved seeing the boys together finally and that we finally got to meet, although like you said I feel like I have known you for a few years now!
    Love that pic of Audrey and Mike, better yet, loved that she actually wanted her picture taken haha. I also loved reading books to her! She is such a sweetie!!
    It was a super busy week, but I am soo glad we had a lot more time this time around! We didn't make it to lake Louise, so I guess we will just have to come back again haha.
    That pancake breakfast looks yummy!! I just love all the community things Calgary does! It is soo different back at home! I was surprised that everything was open soo late and open on Canada Day! Everything that home shuts down on Canada Day! I love experiencing the differences between provinces!
    Look at Audrey in that race! Soo cute!! Better yet look at you guys all dressed up in stampede gear!! Glad you guys had a great weekend! I will try to take some of the heat with me when I go home, although it's tending to follow me here in SK! Good for us, not so much for my very pregnant cousin haha.
    Love all the pictures and of course your Aden and Anais scarf haha. Won't be the last time I'm sure haha!
    Thanks again for everything! Soo glad we got the chance to spend time together!!

  2. What a great weekend and week. Glad to have spent lots of time with you guys. We should have hit up the breaky looks super fun! I LOVE the race photos!! Adorable! What a fun idea! GREAT job on the scarf! ha ha Gotta be crafty as a Mom!

  3. What a fun weekend! I love that Audrey did her first race. That is so adorable! I love that you all met up, and all your babies are just precious. I told Alison, if you all want to come to California, I will host!! :)


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