Monday, July 21, 2014

~Weekend Recap: Solo Parenting~

Well, I survived the weekend and have not gone completely crazy!

Why, do you ask?

I'm currently solo parenting for the last 4 days, with one more to go.!

Hubby is at a work conference in Chicago and will be returning late Tuesday evening.

Let's rewind a few days.

On Friday, I met up with my friend Della, and her two kids. I hadn't met her little guy yet, who was born in April. He is so chubby and adorable! He has the most enviable eyelashes! I loved seeing our little girls together- they haven't seen each other in awhile so it was nice to visit and let the girls play. They were typical 2 year olds and all over the place!

 As per usual, it was impossible to get them to even look at the camera! Silly girls! No time for pictures!

This little guy just slept through all the playing. I was quite surprised since it was LOUD in the play area.

That evening, my lovely sister-in-law came over for a visit (aka bring dinner and help entertain Audrey). She is such a great help and I can never express just how much I appreciate all she does for us. Audrey adores her! Plus she kept me fed for a few meals.

Saturday we spent the morning outside enjoying the beautiful weather, and bird watching. I could hear the robins making a racket so I went outside and saw what I thought was a dead bird on our grass. I thought maybe the cat caught it, since he went out briefly that morning. The robins were still chirping away and flying around like crazy. I wasn't sure what to do since I didn't want Audrey playing in the backyard with a dead bird in the grass but there was no way I was picking it up and no hubby to scoop it up.

I went under the deck to pull out the umbrella since it was really sunny on the deck and as I walked past, the bird flew away, to the back corner of our backyard. I was relieved that it wasn't dead and I didn't have to remove it!

I grabbed the binoculars to get a better look at it. It was young, so likely just learning how to fly. I can't be sure whether the cat caught it or if it just fell while flying and was playing dead. That definitely explains the other robins making so much noise, trying to distract the cat.

Audrey and her doll bird watching

Leo relaxing
A little while later, I noticed it flew to the top of the back fence and one of the parents kept bringing it food while it chirped away.

Squint and you can see birds on the back fence
 Last time I saw it, it was sitting under the small evergreen, and the parent was bringing it more food. Hopefully it flew away safely and is ok.

Hubby appreciated the play-by-play of our morning adventure while in his sessions! Apparently we had a lot more excitement than him.

In the afternoon, we went to Auntie L and Uncle C's house for a housewarming BBQ. Again they served us a delicious meal and entertained Audrey. It was nice to chat with other people and for Audrey to have some kids to play with.

Unfortunately, Leo thought I was getting lonely sleeping in my bed all alone so he decide this was the perfect time to start waking up a lot at night :( So tired! I enjoy the snuggles but not every couple of hours. Plus with no hubby around in the morning I can't stay in bed for a little longer when Audrey wakes up. Yawn!

Sunday morning we went grocery shopping to pick up a few things. Audrey refused to nap in the afternoon so that was frustrating but thankfully my Mom came over in the evening to help out so it wasn't a total disaster.

My friend came over, along with her sister, who gave us a vacuum demo. It was quite interesting and a great investment, but a little out of the budget for right now. My Mom used to have this vacuum so I know how great it is. I'm still hoping to get a self cleaning house one day. It was nice to see my friend though!

Monday morning, despite the grey skies and threat of rain, we headed to the Zoo with some friends. It poured on the drive there but the weather held out once we arrived. The little girls had fun running around, holding hands and seeing all the animals.

Riding the Komodo dragon


Again, Audrey didn't nap this afternoon. I thought for sure she would after running around at the zoo all morning. Hopefully she sleeps well tonight. I know I will- assuming I don't get woken up a million times!

I think it's safe to say we miss Daddy/hubby!


  1. It was great to see you guys as well on Friday! Glad to hear you are surviving. It's exhausting with limited help throughout the day :-( hang in there.

  2. Way to go for solo parenting time!

    Paul has promised that if we ever have another kid, that he is quitting robots. Robots means he disappears for weeks on end and with two kids, that isn't going to be fun :-(

    But it seems like you all had a great weekend :-)

  3. Good job mama! Solo parenting is TOUGH!! Hope today goes well! :)

  4. You had quite the busy weekend! Glad to hear that you and the kids have survived the solo parenting :)

  5. You are a star!! Sounds like an awesome weekend. You are going to deserve a metal and a bottle of wine or 3 when J returns!! Or a drink on the patio at the watering hole with me!! :)

  6. Sounds like you did great, and had a fun weekend! It is nice that your family is close by and can help out. Chicago is one of my favorite cities! Hope your hubby had a good business trip.

  7. I hope J brought you alcohol on his way home! Haha - missing his flight, silly man! Audrey really likes those dragons lol. This sounds like a challenge, but as usual I'm sure you rocked it!! Too funny about the bird.


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