Sunday, August 24, 2014

~Audrey: 2.5 Years Old~

Sleep: Audrey has been in her big girl bed for over 6 months now. She has never fallen out of it. Her sleep still isn't perfect, one of us is usually in her room at least once a night to cuddle or re-tuck her in. She seems to get night terrors or growing pains every once and awhile. She is pretty good about going to bed and doesn't constantly get out of bed, she just wakes up frequently in the night. So pretty much nothing has changed since she was a baby!!

She still naps most afternoons, for at least 1.5-2.5 hours. I'm hoping she never drops that nap ;)

Eating: Audrey is a great eater. She likes variety and she will eat all kinds of things you give her. Sometimes she will think she doesn't want it but if you just give it to her and not pressure her she usually starts to eat it. She eats all kinds of vegetables, meats, cheeses, fruits (her favourite), etc.

She has finally dropped the one bottle of milk a day! One day,  a few months ago, I bought the sippy cup tops for her bottle and she never looked back. Then she just stopped asking for milk at night. I'm glad it wasn't too much of a battle because I was worried she would want that one bottle of milk till college!

Teething: Audrey had her first dentist visit in July. She did so well- let the dentist look in her mouth and confirmed she has all 20 teeth. Her two year molars came in right around when she turned two and they were awful!

Moving: Audrey loves to run. She had her first race, 200m, in July. She was very excited and ran the entire way, only stopping to pull up her shorts! She loves to be outside, enjoying the fresh air.

Eyes: Grey/hazel/green.

Hair: Her hair is still fairly short but it's coming in nicely. It's long enough for pigtails and she's finally letting me "do" her hair regularly.  It is medium to dark brown in colour, with a few red and blonde strands. It is curly. You just need to add some water to it and it curls right up. So envious!!

Playing: Audrey loves puzzles, blocks, reading and playing with her dolls. She is getting much better at independent play. Her imagination amazes me. I could just sit and listen to her talk to herself and her dolls all day long.

Talking: She speaks very well. Her vocabulary is extensive and she picks up new words and phrases daily. She listens to those around her and repeats phases.

"Mom, you have to share."
"Mommy, don't wear your shoes inside."
"Chew, chew, chew."

Sign Language: She only signs when saying "please."

Weight/Clothing: Two months ago she was 27.5 lbs and 37 inches tall. I'm sure she is bigger now. Audrey is wearing mostly 3T clothes, although she has a skinny waist so for shorts and skirts she wears 2T. She wears size 6-7 shoes, depending on the brand.

Audrey definitely has a say in what she wears most days but she is getting better at wearing what I suggest and understands "matching." It's no longer a fight to have her wear dresses and she wore tights the other day without batting an eyelash.

Personality: Audrey has always known what she wants and lets us know! Very strong-willed and determined. She is an observer- she likes to see what's going on before jumping into something. She's a people watcher. She is friendly but shy. Once she gets comfortable, she will talk your ear off! She has great manners, even when she is bossy.

Current Favourite Things: Dolly & Susie, blankets, Mommy's water bottle, having her plates and cutlery match, reading, playing with blocks, her baby brother Leo, Dinosaur Train and the Zoo.

Dislikes: Baths, having her hair done (getting better though), having lotion put on her face, diaper changes, going to bed or nap, getting dressed (also getting better about this), having her food cut up- it must be whole!

Big Changes: Audrey has adjusted well to her new baby brother. She adores him so much and it makes us so happy to see how much they love each other.
Audrey started going back to the day home in April, one day a week. I needed the break and it's good for her to interact with other children. Most days she is happy to go there and is very excited when I pick her up, which is good!
We will start potty training Audrey in the next week or so. She seems ready. She keeps ripping her diaper off and will often pee on the potty so we think it's time. We are going to try the 3-day potty training method.

Misc: Audrey's breathing issues are much better. I'm sure part of it is the absence of cold and flu season so when we enter that we will see how she reacts. Unfortunately we are looking for a new home for Milo because J's allergies are getting worse and Audrey has shown signs of being allergic. As much as he is a member of our family, we can't compromise the health of J and Audrey anymore.

 The last six months have been amazing. Audrey is such a sweet, happy girl. While she has tantrums occasionally, she is pretty happy and well behaved most of the time.

Love you sweet Audrey girl!


  1. Look at all those pictures and she is smiling!! Haha. She is too cute! I'm glad she is adjusting better now!

  2. That top photo is SO beautiful!! I just clicked on her 13 month post - gah!!! She is like that same little baby just bigger. SO cute. Can't wait to see you guys!!


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