Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Vacation 2014: Wasa Lake

At the beginning of August, we drove out to Wasa Lake, BC, to spend some time at a family friend's cabin. 

Thankfully the in-laws drove with Audrey so we only had one child to worry about on the 4.5 hour drive. Leo was pretty good on the way down. We stopped longer than necessary in Banff but it was nice to stretch our legs and it's so pretty there. 

The weather was amazing- so hot and sunny almost every day. It's the perfect place to spend the summer. 
Glass lake in the early morning

There were about 7 kids under 5 and 8-12 adults depending on the day. It was busy and lots of fun.
Grandma N reading to the kids

This kid's a ham!

 One day they hung a piñata for the kids to hit. It was hilarious!!

I spent a bit of time relaxing in the sun. Wonderful!

 Audrey's first tubing experience- she loved it!!

Audrey is very safety conscious, while baby wearing and cleaning. Multi-tasking at a young age!

Leo's a pretty chill baby. He just hung out and loved everyone. He didn't want to nap much with so much activity going on but at least he was happy despite his catnapping.

Trying watermelon- unsure at first!

This is awesome!!

Playing in the giant sandbox/bocce pit. Again with the safety!

One night we had spaghetti. I' wasn't sure if Audrey would like it since she's usually not a fan of pasta. Well she proved me wrong, again! The looks on the other girls' faces is priceless! They weren't impressed with Audrey's messy eating. And that bib did nothing to save her clothes! And for the record, the other girls did not have sauce on their noodles.

This guy spent lots of time in the swing. He did not fall asleep in it though, unlike his sister at that age.

Audrey loves playing in the sand. She was very good about wearing her lifejacket all the time.

Audrey was a bit nervous about the water. I think mostly because it was a bit chilly. She refused to go down the little slides into the water but she would walk in the water as far as she could go with her feet still touching the ground. There were a couple times that she did swim with daddy nearby so she was definitely getting more comfortable in the water.

Leo loved being in the water too. We would take him to the dock and stick his feet in the water. He would kick away. I didn't get any pictures of that with my camera though.
He also loved sitting in this little water basin. He would splash away to cool off.

It was really smoky there because of the forest fires but it was still gorgeous. We caught the moon rising above the mountain one night. It looked like it was on fire.

I tried running one day but my knee and quad were bothering me. I just stuck to walks for the rest of the time.

One day, hubby and I snuck away to Kimberley for a few hours, while the Grandparents watched the kids. We went for a nice lunch and walk around Kimberley. It was great to spend some time together, just the two of us.

We went up to the ski hill. While on a walk, we saw a deer in this little train station. You can't see him very well, but he's right in the middle. Trying to stay cool in the shade!

It was such a nice, relaxing vacation. It was exactly what we needed. Travelling with children can be difficult because they need their routines so this is the perfect way to go away without needing a vacation after your vacation!


  1. Looks like such a fun vacation! I can't believe how much Leo has changed lately...he is looking less babyish and more grown up. Both are such cuties :)

  2. Love all the pics!!
    A's swimsuit is adorable!!
    Can't get ovr how much Leo has changed!! He looks like a little man now, not a baby!
    Look at that spaghetti pic! Haha
    Noah is going to try watermelon this week! My Dad tried to give it to him last week, but I had just introduced something else! I think I let him try it when we were out west, but it was just to suck on haha. Love the views!
    Glad you and your hubby got some alone time too!! Always nice to have a break, especially when on holidays!
    Love how safe A plays! Haha

  3. Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a good time

  4. Such a fantastic time!!! Audrey looks like she had a blast!! And Leo is looking so grown up - don't hate me for saying that!! I'm glad you got a little down time too. What an awesome spot!


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