Wednesday, September 10, 2014

~Getting Back on Track~

So I took just over a month off from working out. Partially due to my knee issues that have been creeping up but mostly because of my issues with milk supply.

As much as I love working out, crave the endorphins and go a little crazy without sweating some way or another, my main focus right now is taking care of my baby.

With Leo's weight issues hanging over my head, wondering if my 5x a week workouts were the reason why my supply dropped, I decided I needed to focus on fattening Leo up and less on sweating.  The doctors tell me it isn't my fault but of course I can't help but wonder what went wrong.

I'm not sure why this happened, or even if it was fitness related at all. I trained for half marathons when Audrey was this age so I was certainly working out just as much and for longer periods of time. Maybe not as intense though since half marathon training, for me, is more about endurance and stamina than high intensity workouts.

Maybe it's because I also have a toddler to care for. It seems every time I sit down to eat, someone needs something, whether it's the baby or the toddler. Half the time the toddler sees what I'm eating and wants it. I would say this is one of the hardest things about being a parent- never eating a meal without interruptions. It doesn't sound like a big deal but it starts to wear on you after a couple years that you NEVER get to eat without someone stealing your food, wanting something, so basically you are always eating cold food with one hand and shovelling it into your mouth. I swear babies know exactly when you are about to sit down and eat- that's when they either need to eat or go to bed. Doesn't matter what time it is, or how well I plan it.

A perfect example: I went out to dinner with some friends last month. I brought Leo with me but left Audrey with hubby. We all happened to order the same thing. It was close to Leo's bedtime and he was fussy so I tried to feed him and he fell asleep. So I ate my dinner with one hand, while holding a sleeping baby in the other. I gobbled my food down so quickly. My friends looked at me and were amazed that the woman holding the baby, eating one handed, was done well before them. I'm unfortunately used to eating so quickly just to get food into my belly.

So, likely, it's a combination of things. Too much exercise for the amount of food I was consuming, plus being sick for a few days and my body just couldn't do it anymore.

Anyway, taking a break from working out wasn't too hard because we went on vacation and we were out of our regular routine anyway. I went for a few walks and attempted a run while in Wasa but nothing too strenuous.

In terms of eating, the medication I'm on makes me hungry. I guess that's the point! So for the first little bit I ate all the time! Of course, it often wasn't the best food- lots of sweets and chips. That needs to stop. I feel gross, I'm bloated all the time and while the scale hasn't gone up much, my clothes feel a bit tighter. I don't need all that garbage. Treats are fine occasionally but when they become a daily habit something has to change, ASAP!

So for now, I am going to workout 3x a week and clean up my eating.

Working Out 3x/Week
~ I really enjoy T25 so I will start again with Alpha. I was halfway through Beta when I stopped working out but I think it's best to start from the beginning again.

~ I'd like to start running again. I've decided to sign up for the next Half Marathon clinic (although I won't be able to meet the group 3x a week), which starts in October. I just need to get my hip/knee/glutes issues worked out so I don't injury myself.

~ Yoga once a week at the drop-in Friday class. I haven't gone all summer and I miss it so. I need to make myself a priority. My family will survive if I go out one evening a week, when half of them are in bed already!

~ Eliminate daily treats. I've been eating far too much sugar and it needs to stop. My skin is acting up, my energy is low, I feel gross and it's not a treat when I'm eating it all the time. Plus I don't crave it when I don't eat it all the time.

~ I am going to go gluten-free (or very reduced) and dairy-free for the next little while. I met with a Naturopath because Leo's eczema hasn't been improving and I think it's worth a shot to see if eliminating them helps his skin. Audrey had the same issue (with gluten), although different, so it's possible he is reacting as well. Plus if I eliminate gluten, I won't be eating a lot of junk. Sadly, no more ice cream though :( No dairy is going to be far harder than gluten!

~ I need to make sure I am properly fuelled before I workout. If I haven't eaten enough, then I don't work out. Simple as that.

~ Of course, drink more water. I never seem to get enough. The toddler drinks my water, I'm not kidding.

So there's my plan!


  1. You'll do great! But the time you took off was a good idea I am sure, you went with your gut which is always a good thing.
    I was just talking to a friend today who has a 2 year old and 2 month old and I asked her how she eats, her husband works away too. I feel like all my meals are ate in record time or half stolen by Avery. I just thought yesterday while making lunch with Avery crying at my feet that I am looking forward to going back to work and getting to eat one meal a day in peace :)

  2. I'm such a slow eater - I'm screwed lol! Best of luck with getting back at it!! I will say it felt good to get started.

  3. I think you are doing great! Two kids a totally different story!

    I hear you about eating fast - I eat my meals very quickly these days, especially at restaurants.

  4. Sounds like a solid plan to me :) You're sure to rock it!

  5. Sounds like a great plan. I've gone paleo (mostly) at the recommendation of my doctor and naturopath and have been noticing my skin is better, my energy is up, my pants are looser. I still cheat and eat cheese though, I couldn't give it up this time. But I stick to mostly goat cheese and unprocessed and no hormones and things are really balancing out. You're going to be feeling back to normal in no time with your plan!

  6. Great plan! I only have one kid and I do the shovel because whenever I get the chance to eat my breakfast or lunch he wakes up! Must smell the food ;-) And I hear you on the daily treats, oreos and I broke up and it was HARD. We were BFFs in the worst way.

  7. Sounds like a great plan! Good luck with the Gluten, that would be so hard!! I am going to do the 21 day fix then back on the T25 train. I am glad you are enjoying it but good work for taking the time off for Leo. I have just been lazy. Excited for you!!


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