Friday, October 10, 2014

~If we got together for coffee~

~ I'd drink a vanilla soy latte. I'd wish I was drinking a salted caramel mocha but I probably shouldn't since the caramel contains milk and I'm avoiding that.

~ I'd try to talk less and listen more. I'm working on that.

~ I'd probably be wearing a scarf since it's fall and I love scarves!

~ I'd probably talk too much about my kids. Oops, I can't help it sometimes!

~ I'd ask about your Thanksgiving plans for the upcoming weekend

~ I'd ask you what your favourite thing to splurge on is and tell you clothes for myself and the kids are my weakness ;) And a good purse. And shoes. And...

~ I'd just enjoy the moment, talking to a good friend!

What would you like to chat about over coffee??


  1. Considering you only work a few blocks from me we could find out. Ummm, wait, I've lost track, are you back at work yet?
    I like the enjoy the moment thing. I've been trying to do that.

  2. I would probably talk about how I have done nothing for the nursery yet and am feeling kind of stressed about it. Someone want to pick a paint colour and decorate for me?! I'd also talk about how I am looking forward to stuffing this weekend. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Plaid. If you supply the blindfold, I'll paint.

  3. Since it's been a rough week for me, I mzxght vent a little about whats on my mind. But I'd also probably talk about how beautiful fall has been this year!

  4. Ummmm I think you would be a fantastic coffee date! :)
    I would probably talk about how stressed I am for my run next weekend since my IT Band/knee has been giving me grief and running has not been my friend :(

  5. I would tell you how much I love fall! And that I hate shopping for myself now but love to shop for Avery! lol.

  6. I would drink hot chocolate because I can't stand the taste of coffee :) I would tell you how excited I am to go to the barn for my riding lesson tonight, and I would probably talk way too much about my kids, too :)

  7. I am with on the shoes and scarves! I love our coffee dates! Hope you had a great weekend!!

  8. I am soo bummed we can't!!! Ugh!! But if we could, it would be weekly and you would know I don't drink coffee, but juice, hot chocolate or apple cider will do! Our boys would hang out! And we would talk about them! You would know that my shopping weakness is for baby cloths, especially shoes!!
    Hope you had a great weekend!!


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