Thursday, October 9, 2014

~Numbers Game~

I'm low on content to blog about but I have lots of random things to share.

1~ amazing family photo session with Whitney last night. Here are some teasers. I can't wait to see the rest!

1~ nap Audrey has had all week. I am not ready for her to drop it but she seems to have other plans. At least she plays quietly in her room, for the most part.

Not napping
4~ headbands Audrey is sporting in the above photo.

2~ great visits with friends this week. Love catching up with everyone and seeing our babies interact with each other. If only they didn't grow so quickly!

8~ hours that Leo has been sleeping straight. Hoping this good streak continues, even with him cutting teeth soon.

16.13~ how much Leo now weighs, with his clothes on. Buddy is getting chubby!!

2~ Thanksgiving dinners coming up this weekend. Can't wait to celebrate with family and eat some turkey!! Yum yum!!

3~ episodes on The Good Wife that I'm watching nightly, instead of sleeping. Have I mentioned I love this show? I usually don't get this into a show but I'm loving it!

5~ times I've had coconut ice cream this week. I blame you Alison! ;)

2~ times I tried to workout this week. First run in awhile but I only made it 10 minutes of running before stopping, due to my TEETH hurt. Thanks wisdom teeth surgery for cramping my workouts. I did a brisk walk instead. I also tried doing a yoga video from a link my sister-in-law sent me Do Yoga With Me. It was a little too advanced for me and didn't have modifications so I bailed after 20 minutes. I tried...

76~ days till Christmas. I've done a bunch of shopping for the kids but I still have quite a bit to do. Must get on that!

18~ days till we leave for Phoenix!! Can't wait for the sun, pool and hanging out with family. Is it too early to start packing?

9~ days since we said good bye to Milo and I still cry every day. I miss him so much :(

1~ year since my last half marathon. I'm sad that I haven't done one yet since Leo but I'm just not ready. Hopefully soon I can get back at it.

20 weeks PG with Leo

3~ new teas I've bought lately. Since I can't have cream in my coffee and soy and coconut milk aren't quite the same, I've been having more teas lately.

6~ the new iPhone that I'm wanting! Just have to wait a little longer.

3~ speeding tickets my hubby has received in a 10 day span. Not cool!

20~ things on my to-do list. Must get off the computer!



  1. Love the teasers! So beautiful :-) Avery weighed the exact same with clothes on this week! They're getting so big! Oh no, same spot for the tickets? You'll get back to running soon I'm sure, give yourself time :-) I use almond milk in my coffee!

  2. I love your pics!! Can't wait to see more. Oh no!! More tickets!? Ha ha glad you have been eating that ice cream!! I'm so sorry about Milo. :( so hard.

  3. I wasn't done. :) love A with all the headbands!! And I'm so jealous you are getting away to heat!! But glad you are. :)

  4. Love the teasers! I want to see more!!! Haha! Noah has done well with naps all week except for Friday!!! 16.13!!! Good job buddy!!! Noah will get weighed on Tuesday at his doctors appointment! Love the good wife! Are you almost caught up now? I have not buy any Christmas presents this year!!! Although I might just get some jamberry nails for a stocking stuffer since my party did soo well!
    I wish I were going somewhere warm! I'm in need of a vacay! Haha. I've never been to Phoenix!
    Do you know if milo has found a home yet? I haven't heard much about the new iPhone! But mine is only getting slower!!
    3 speeding tickets??? Same cop or same spot? Lol! Slow down!!

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