Monday, November 24, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

Weekends are going by faster and faster! Not fair!!

Friday night I went to yoga which was lovely! I missed my weekly class while I was away.

Saturday everyone slept in till 8:30am!! Unheard of!! Both kids! It was wonderful!! Once we got going, we headed to a nearby children's store to try out car seats. We are thinking of getting a new seat for Audrey and Leo taking Audrey's. She isn't outgrowing hers yet by any means and I actually love her seat but I found a good deal on a seat that will last her much longer and it just makes sense to buy it rather than 2 more of the same seat for Leo.

Afterwards we braved Costco which actually wasn't too horrible although my wallet definitely complained! We found a bunch of Christmas gifts, plus bought a new shag rug that I promised myself I could get once we found a new home for Milo. We puzzled it all into our vehicle which was quite the feat considering we also had the stroller in the trunk!

Playing on the plush new rug!
Hubby had to work for a few hours in the afternoon so I did a bunch of organizing while he was out and the kids napped. I also did some more Christmas shopping online so I'm getting closer to being done.

We had a fairly relaxing night- just watched The Good Wife.

Sunday, again everyone slept in! For the first time ever, I was up before everyone since I was meeting my running group for a 10K run. Audrey slept till 8am and Leo slept till 9:15am! They must have really missed their beds or something!

I had a decent run. It started off chilly, -5C (but felt like -11C) and I couldn't quite remember how to dress for that. I really need to write a "cheat sheet" for myself on how to dress for the weather. I definitely could have used another layer and a warmer headband. I was freezing for the first 4K and so thankful that I had my hood to keep my head warmer. I ran half of it with Howard, our trusty pacer who despite his long stride he never lets me feel like I'm going too slowly. The second half I ran with someone I just met, Carol. It was nice to chat with someone new and swap running stories. So glad I have this great running group to keep me motivated.

After our run, hubby and the kids met us at Tim's for our post-run refuel.

Trying on Big Sis' hat- Gangster Baby!!
Audrey devoured her breakfast and may have spilled her apple juice all over her Daddy's lap!

That night we went to my sis' house for dinner, to celebrate my Mom's birthday, which is today. Sadly, I left my phone in the car so no pictures, except one from my nephew of him, his dad and Leo.

These guys are like the baby whisperers, except when we first handed Leo to my brother-in-law last night, he started bawling! He's really started on the separation anxiety. Most of the time babies love these guys and they love baby cuddles.

It was so nice to see my family. We don't get to see them enough it seems. Wish they lived a little bit closer.

Again, today, the kids both slept in until 8:30! Granted we didn't get home until 9pm last night so they both went to bed late. Today we are having a lazy day- hanging out at home, and cooking since we have a busy week planned.

Friday, November 21, 2014

~Five for Friday~

1. Wow this week flew by!! Can't wait to have hubby home for 2 whole days! I was getting used to him being around full time. I'm also looking forward to seeing my family on Sunday to celebrate my Mom's birthday.

2. I was quite disappointed to find out that American Netflix did not have The Good Wife available! I was looking forward to catching up on some episodes when I was on vacation. I did find that Call the Midwife had season 3 available so I watched that!! Love that show! Now that I'm home I'm catching up on The Good Wife. Another reason to miss home!

3. Guess what I officially signed up for? Yup, my first half marathon post- Leo!! February 7, 2015, I'll be running the Hypothermic Half (which is also the day after Leo's 1st birthday). I'm just hoping my 3rd time doing this race is as nice as my first 2 times and it is not hypothermic outside!

Look at this medal!!!

4. We had Leo's 9 month doctor's check-up this morning. I guess he didn't grow as much as I thought- he's just shy of 17 lbs, 16.9 lbs or 16lbs, 15 oz. He did grow lengthwise and is 28.5 inches, although I don't think that's totally accurate because the paper was scrunched under him when the nurse measured him so I think he's probably less than that. Guess I better get a move on getting him a new car seat because he will be growing out of his current one lengthwise sooner than weight wise, just like his big sister!

5. "Mom, this table is in the way!!"

Happy Weekend All!

~Phoenix: Week 3~

Well, we are finally home, after 3 amazing weeks (for the kids and I) in Phoenix. It was wonderful to get away, enjoy the sun and heat and spend time with Grandma and Grandpa but it's also nice to be back home, despite the snow and cold.

Our last week in Phoenix was a little more relaxing.

One night we went to hubby's Grandma's for pre-dinner drinks and to check out all the renovations she had done at her house.

Leo having a refreshment

Afterwards, we went to Rio Mirage, a Mexican restaurant, which seems to be our Phoenix tradition. They have delicious food, yummy margaritas and it's always nice to eat a good meal with family and friends.

The kids were so well behaved- Audrey loved colouring and Leo just ate whatever I handed to him which kept him good and happy!

It was hard to not get my usual cheesy chimichanga so I had mahi mahi tacos which were so good and filling. I had enough food for 2 extra lunches!

One morning we took the kids to the Tanger Outlets for some shopping. Hubby and Audrey found some goodies. I didn't really see much that caught my eye- always looking for a deal or something unique. I could have bought more shoes from Nine West but I restrained myself! It's hard to buy sandals when I know I'll have to put them away for 9 months, even if they are a fabulous deal!

Carrying Mom's shopping bag
Sporting her new running shoes!

We took Daddy to the park. Audrey made lots of friends, including a girl that had to be 6 or 7 that she just dragged around the playground! Leo had a blast- going on the slide and swings.

Sipping from the water fountain

Taking Daddy down the slide!

Loving the swings!

We spent a couple more days at our friends' pool. Audrey is getting braver in the water and Leo loved splashing around and "swimming!"

The great thing about the golf community my in-laws live in is that you can drive your golf carts on the road. They are a little fancier than the carts you see on regular golf courses- they have lights, signal lights, seat belts and usually look a bit more luxurious than the regular ones. So a lot of people, including my in-laws, have a golf cart as a second vehicle since you can drive all throughout the community, plus cross a couple major roads and into shopping areas. Of course, the golf carts don't go super fast but it's nice to have a 2nd vehicle option when you don't need to go too far. We took the golf cart a bunch of times to our friends' house, the community centre and just for drives.

Audrey loved going in the golf cart, but she doesn't like having her picture taken!! I wish I had taken a picture of the golf carts since they really do look different!

Of course, we did a lot of just hanging out at home. It was a bit harder to get out every day because we were still tied to Leo's 2x a day naps.

His favourite letter is "Y"

"Reading" golf magazines aka tearing them apart!

He napped so well down there- in the closet!

"Mom, you should really roll those legs"

Checking out the little bunny! So much smaller than our big ones at home!

Another Arizona tradition from Hubby's grandparents is having a Ribs and Margarita night! Everyone loves those nights! His Grandpa perfected a margarita recipe years ago and I can't say no to just one!

The kids LOVED the ribs!! Leo has never sat so quietly and ate ever!

Hanging out with Great Uncle D

I continued with my running and had my best long run yet. It was still 9K but overall it felt so much better, my time was a bit better and mentally I just enjoyed it. My knee has been behaving so that's reassuring. I did have some mid back pain, from a massive knot, likely from tight glutes and hips. I did a bunch of stretching, hubby gave me a good but painful massage and it felt better. It hurt to even pick up Leo so glad that's gone.

The weather had cooled down so running was more enjoyable. Some days you had to wear a light sweater during the day because the wind was a bit cool. Certainly nothing like at home. It was still nice and hot in the sun mid day.

Hubby, Grandpa and Audrey went for a hike to the White Tank Mountains. They had a great time. Audrey "hiked" almost the entire time. She loved it- checking out nature and exploring!

Checking out the moss

Our flight home was relatively smooth but travelling with children isn't the most enjoyable thing! Audrey had the biggest tantrum of her life while we waiting to drop off our bags. She did not want to be in the stroller, yet she was getting into too much trouble so we strapped her in. She voiced her displeasure. I'm pretty sure the whole airport heard her. Finally, an agent felt bad for us and let us cut the line to hurry us up. I'm sure everyone in the line was praying they weren't on the same flight as us! I didn't want to be either!!

Thankfully she was on her best behaviour after that episode. We got some food while we waited to board our flight, and I got a Starbucks (Leo had a bad night the night before so I was so exhausted). Leo even charmed the barista into giving me the bigger size coffee!! I ordered a tall and they gave me a grande! Or maybe they saw the bags under my eyes...

The flight was similar to our flight down. Leo started to get fussy because it was nap time but there were too many distractions for him to fall asleep. He finally nodded off just after take off and woke up 30 minutes later when the beverage cart came by. He was fussing off and on so hubby and I kept passing him back and forth- I think he was just bored and tired.

Audrey was good- she played on the iPad, looked at the magazines and played with Leo's toys. She was as good as can be expected on a 3 hour flight. Everyone commented how well-behaved they were- especially considering that there was another baby on the flight that was not happy.

Travelling with children is not the most relaxing thing to do but we are so lucky to have the opportunity to go down to Arizona, escape the winter for a bit and spend time with family.