Friday, November 21, 2014

~Five for Friday~

1. Wow this week flew by!! Can't wait to have hubby home for 2 whole days! I was getting used to him being around full time. I'm also looking forward to seeing my family on Sunday to celebrate my Mom's birthday.

2. I was quite disappointed to find out that American Netflix did not have The Good Wife available! I was looking forward to catching up on some episodes when I was on vacation. I did find that Call the Midwife had season 3 available so I watched that!! Love that show! Now that I'm home I'm catching up on The Good Wife. Another reason to miss home!

3. Guess what I officially signed up for? Yup, my first half marathon post- Leo!! February 7, 2015, I'll be running the Hypothermic Half (which is also the day after Leo's 1st birthday). I'm just hoping my 3rd time doing this race is as nice as my first 2 times and it is not hypothermic outside!

Look at this medal!!!

4. We had Leo's 9 month doctor's check-up this morning. I guess he didn't grow as much as I thought- he's just shy of 17 lbs, 16.9 lbs or 16lbs, 15 oz. He did grow lengthwise and is 28.5 inches, although I don't think that's totally accurate because the paper was scrunched under him when the nurse measured him so I think he's probably less than that. Guess I better get a move on getting him a new car seat because he will be growing out of his current one lengthwise sooner than weight wise, just like his big sister!

5. "Mom, this table is in the way!!"

Happy Weekend All!


  1. Have you ever heard of Popcorn Time? We use it vs Netflix (which I hated!) and love it! Leo is doing good! He is bigger than A, though I knew he would be!
    Woohoo for your half! I am still trying to find one for next summer.

  2. Ya I couldn't watch the good wife when I was travelling out to you guys!! Funny how they have something's available dependant on location! Glad you are getting caught up! Look at Leo moving! How is he doing for mobility? Noah soo badly wants to. I've but hasn't quite figured out the crawling thing! He loves standing, but can't pull himself up! He also loves walking (with help). He will spin around on his tummy, but just won't go!
    We have to get a new car seat too! We have a used one, but I want another one for other vehicle. Babies are us has one on sale this week I think I will buy! Totally giving it to him for Christmas under the category of something you need! Ahaha

  3. I think I might do the hypothermic half here in February too! I have not done it the last couple of years because it felt quite pricey to pay to run on trails I already run on all the time for free but dang it I really want that snowflake medal so I might just have to suck it up and sign up!

  4. Nice work on signing up for the half!! Those metals are pretty!! I need to weigh D - I wonder if she weighs as much as Leo! Which car seat did you guys go with?


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