Wednesday, December 31, 2014

~Best of 2014~

What a year! It went by so quickly!
It was one of the best years of my life and I don't want it to end!

The year started off with the anticipation of the arrival of our son!
Whitney captured some stunning photos of the soon-to-be four of us.

The absolute highlight of the year is the addition of Leo to our family on February 6th.
Despite some anxious few weeks leading up to his arrival and then him being evicted a couple weeks early, he is so worth it. He is the sweetest little boy ever and such a wonderful addition to our family. Watching Audrey become a big sister has made my heart swell beyond words.

In May, my Dad came for a visit from Ontario. Audrey adored him and had him wrapped right around her finger. We enjoyed our time together and are looking forward to another visit hopefully sooner rather than later.

One of our favourite activities this year was our many trips to the Zoo. Audrey loved seeing all the animals and running around outside. We often met up with friends which made the trips even more fun.

In July, Audrey ran her 1st race! My sister and I also kept up with our annual tradition of running the Stampede Road Race 5K.

Another highlight was finally meeting Ashley, Mike and Noah. After years of being blogger friends it was so nice to meet in person. We enjoyed a trip to the zoo and a walk, and Audrey still talks about Mike going to the zoo with us!

We also had a local blogger meet up when Ashley was in town so it was nice to visit with other ladies  and babies.

We also enjoyed the Stampede- Audrey's 1st and obviously Leo's as well. She loved seeing all the animals and just exploring. Fun family day!

We enjoyed a family vacation in August to our friends' cabin on Wasa Lake. Audrey loved playing with all the kids and started to get more brave around the water.

We celebrated Leo's Baptism in August. 

Once again in the fall, we had Whitney take some family photos of us. We will treasure these photos forever!

In November, we went to Phoenix for 3 weeks. It was nice to spend so much time with Grandma and Grandpa N and soak in the sun and heat while it cooled down back home. Much time was spent in the pool, going for walks and visiting with family and friends.

We had a small Halloween Party before we went down to Phoenix. Audrey and Leo dressed up as Dorothy and the Lion from the Wizard of Oz. We went Trick or Treating to a couple houses on Halloween night in Phoenix too.

Another fun activity this year was our Christmas Tree Hunting trip with Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie L and Uncle C. It was an adventure picking out the perfect tree. Audrey enjoyed decorating it once we got home.

Christmas was extra special this year, since it was Leo's first and the first one where Audrey understood what was going on. We had a semi-successful trip to visit Santa, made lots of crafts, and decorated the house. When Christmas finally came, we enjoyed good food with our families, and exchanging of gifts. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of children is so magical and makes it so special.

2014 was a pretty amazing year! Looking forward to 2015!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

~Christmas Festivities~

And just like that... Christmas is over!

It was another fun-filled season of Christmas parties, crafting, a bit of baking and lots of giving. Everyone had such a good time- I can't believe it's over for another year!

The Saturday before Christmas, I went to the Nutcracker Ballet with my best friend. It was so fun to get dressed up fancy and go for drinks and dinner afterwards with the boys. We may have had a bit too much fun, if that's possible ;) I won't share the pictures from that night!!

We almost had to cancel our Christmas Eve hosting festivities because hubby and I came down with the flu a couple days before. We had to call in back up on the 23rd to take care of the kids while we slept all day to try and get better. Thankfully it was short-lived so we were able to carry on our plans and no Christmases were ruined by illness this year.

Leo also decided that this would be a good time to learn to crawl! It was exciting yet so much work to keep him away from the Christmas tree and anything else he shouldn't get into.

Christmas Eve my family came over. We did our traditional appetizers and hubby even snuck in his family tradition of eating pyrogies on Christmas Eve. We did not force anyone to make their share of the pyrogies though, unlike in his family ;)

Audrey was so excited to see her cousins! She couldn't contain herself- she kept jumping up and down when they arrived, saying "I'm so excited, I'm so excited!" She loves them so much!!

 My best attempt at a picture of the two of them...

Leo quite enjoyed opening presents, especially pulling off tags and bows!

Audrey loved opening gifts!! She couldn't get them open fast enough!

Dress-up clothes!!!

She's worn these dresses every day since she received them!

My sister bought me tickets to see Maroon 5 with her in March! I'm so excited for another road trip concert with her!

 Group shot! Minus Leo, who went to bed early.

It was such a great night!! We stayed up late, visiting and having a few drinks.

Christmas morning we had to wake Audrey and Leo up at 9am!! Wow! It was nice to sleep in but definitely made for a late start to the day.

My Mom slept over so Audrey went down to wake her up before coming into the living room. She was still half asleep that she didn't even notice that Santa had brought her a kitchen, just like she asked him to! Once she saw it she was pretty excited!

Our Christmas morning picture in front of the tree.

Opening stockings- one of my favourite things!

Santa brought me a new camera lens!! Yay!!

Leo enjoyed my stocking more than his own!

Audrey made us pancakes for breakfast!

We actually had to take a break after stockings to have breakfast because we were all starving and nothing is quick with children!

Reading "Fancy Nancy"- so fitting for this little girl!

That's Grandma's scarf! Perfect for dress-up!

Teaching Grandma how to cook!

My DIY chalkboard frame that hubby made for me! Love it!

Leo loves his xylophone!

Santa and everyone spoiled us so much!! So many new things!

In the afternoon, we headed over to the in-laws to continue the Christmas Day celebrations.

Grandma and her grandchildren

A couple attempts at a family photo... 

Present time!!! This girl was a pro by now!

 More dress-up clothes!! Those wings have also been on repeat this past week!

 Leo is a fan of the tutu!

Grandma and I

Auntie has to dress up too! Audrey kept insisting that she wear this crown!

Leo all dressed up in his bowtie & suspenders! 

Little troublemaker crawling under the tree!

Handsome boys!

Making dinner!! Delicious turkey!

Little band- she plays the tambourine and he claps!

We had fun doing a Chinese gift exchange with something homemade, edible or recycled. We had some tense stealing moments and I had to steal my gift back! Everyone enjoyed it though!

We didn't stay too late- Audrey hadn't napped and it was passed Leo's bedtime by the time we left. It was nice to be home early so hubby and I enjoyed some quiet time after the kids went to bed- playing crib. A nice end to a hectic couple of days.

It was the holiday with family. Overall the kids (and parents) did quite well despite being slightly out of routine and all the excitement. We are so lucky that we are able to celebrate with both families every year.

I'm sad the holidays are over now but I am glad the tree is down and I don't have to prevent Leo from pulling it down with his ornament snatching! Audrey was quite upset when she woke up to the tree being down this morning but she quickly forgot about it as soon as she started playing dress up and making food in her kitchen!

Ready for 2015!