Thursday, January 22, 2015

~Throwback Thursday~

I'm feeling very nostalgic as I sit here and plan a birthday party for my almost 3 and 1 year old! So much has changed in such a short time! I can barely remember life before children so I guess that's a good thing!

Last year, at this time, I was finishing up my last couple weeks of work, as we eagerly awaited the arrival of Leo. There were concerns about his size (small) and his breech presentation. So much stress, anticipation, and excitement. In the end, he turned out just fine, came when he was supposed to and there was nothing to worry about!

My post, one year ago is here.  I was 36 weeks pregnant, with a honeydew in my belly!

(I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss that belly! Not so much the leg cramps and multiple middle-of-the-night pee breaks though.)

And to throw it back even farther, two years ago, this little girl was just turning 11 months!! You can read about it here if you want. It's crazy the similarities between her and Leo!

Since we are at it, let's go back three years, when my bestie threw me a baby shower for Audrey! Feels like yesterday!

Crazy how fast time goes by!

What were you doing 1, 2, and 3 years ago?


  1. Wow it is really crazy where time goes! 1 year ago I was planning our trip to Ireland and Scotland and anxious for Eric to be done school in a few short months but also a little stressed about his job search (which all turned out fine of course!), 2 years ago I was... I don't really remember haha. 3 years ago I would have been a busy busy bee this time of year because I was training for the Vancouver marathon, starting a new job AND planning my wedding!

    Yup definitely crazy how much and how quickly things can change!!

  2. It's crazy how fast time flies when you have kids!! I love this post! It's fun to look back though :)

    Question...did Audrey do the Calgary Marathon kids run last year?

  3. Fun to look back! Is it weird that I miss my belly already too? Of course I'd rather have her here and in my arms :) last January I was marathon training

  4. I miss my belly too!!! Time goes by way to fast!! Time to have another!! Lol! Noah's birthday hat and bib came in the mail today when we got home!! Dying with cuteness overload!! Lol!

  5. I totally miss my belly! One year ago I was at home with Avery, two years ago I was probably sitting at my desk wishing I had a belly, and three years ago I cannot remember BUT four years I ago I was on my honeymoon!

  6. This is awesome!! I miss the belly too!! Time flies!


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