Tuesday, February 3, 2015

~Run For L'Arche: Training Week #1 Recap~

My first official week of training for the Run For L'Arche 5 Mile is done!

Let's take a look at how it went.

Plan: Rest day
What I did: rested

Plan: 2 Mile run
What I did: rested due to my sore back from my fall during my long run on Sunday

Plan: 30 minutes cross training
What I did: 6.66km with my half marathon group since we are only 10 days away from race day

Plan: 2 Mile run & strength training
What I did: 2 Mile run on the treadmill. Kind of forgot about strength training! Next time, look at the plan before the workout!

Plan: Yoga
What I did: Yoga

Plan: Rest day
What I did: Rest day, unless you count 30 minutes in the pool for the kids' swimming lessons

Plan: 2 Mile run
What I did: 6K long slow distance, last one before my half marathon next weekend! I did it on the treadmill instead of meeting my running group since it was icy and cold outside and I didn't want to risk falling again so close to my race.

I didn't quite stick to the plan, partly due to my fall(s) the previous week but also because I'm finishing up the training for my half marathon. This week will also stray a bit from the plan since my half marathon is in 5 days!

I'm looking forward to working on my speed and some strength training!

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