Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I am shamelessly steal(ing) this idea from Alison ;)

What have we been ~ING~ lately?


I made this delicious chocolate cake with buttercream icing for my sister's birthday on the weekend!
It's the same cake I made for Audrey's first birthday, although the icing is different. It was so yummy- not a crumb was left over! I think people liked it?


Today's Parent magazines- this summer I promise I will pick up a book that is neither parenting related or a children's book!

Children's books

One of my favourite books that I read to Leo almost every night is "On the Night You were Born."

Leo's favourite book is "Little Blue Truck"

Audrey's favourite books are Dora or Curious George. Or pretty much anything! Sometimes I go to check on her in her room and she is sitting quietly on her bed, reading. She also insists that any visitor read her multiple stories! She once insisted that the Doctor read to her at a check-up!



Spring fashion!! I love dressing up for work!

~Working Out~

I'm training for a 5K, and 10K as part of a Olympic distance triathlon. I've been loving these summer-like evenings which get me off the treadmill and out on the pathways! I'm loving that I'm getting faster too!

I've been fitting in some T25 workouts here and there too.

~ Loving~

That we are actually getting a spring!!! I know we aren't out of the woods yet for bad weather, (are we ever?) but I'm just so thrilled that we can spend evenings in the backyard, run in capris and flowers are starting to pop up!


When my alarm clock goes off at 5am! Thankfully that only happens 3 days a week so I can't really complain!


I should be working on photo books but I'm too busy enjoying the great weather so they will have to wait until it's raining or snowing!

I don't have any other DIY projects on the go but Audrey has been crafting a ton- mostly at the dayhome! On the days she doesn't go there, she still wants to do a craft! I love this creative side of her!


I've been keeping busy and loving my new adventure as a Rodan and Fields independent consultant! I also love my fancy new business cards!



Most of our playing has been outside:


At the park

At the Zoo

Ok, I better get back to some other things, like cook(ing), clean(ing)... ;)

Monday, April 27, 2015

~Weekend Recap: Birthdays~

Another busy weekend has come to an end! Despite the weather being a little chilly, it was filled with lots of fun, love and excitement! It's crazy that April is over in just a few days!

Leo and I were battling a cold last week so we skipped on our plans for Thursday to have a rest day at home. It was a tough day between me not feeling well, Leo not feeling great and Audrey just being a threenager! ;) We survived though and looking back it was funny but I may have almost shed a few tears several times and the other two definitely did.

My breakfast and coffee that the kids would not let me eat

Lululemon is dressing up, right?

This boy loves all the buttons!

Friday we joined some friends at the Zoo. The little girls had a blast and it's always good to connect with other moms so you feel normal about your children!

Saturday was Auntie L's birthday. We are celebrating it next week when we get together for dinner. Audrey had her dance class in the morning, which she is just loving! She barely even stopped to say good-bye to Daddy before running into the class so I think she is over her shyness.

I had a nice, relaxing afternoon getting my hair done. You don't fully appreciate a few hours of quiet time at the salon until you have children!! It helps that my hairdresser is a friend and just plain awesome!

We listened to the Calgary Flames vs Vancouver Canucks game that evening. I so wish we could get just the hockey TV channel since we can not justify paying for cable all year round when we barely watch it! Now that the Flames have made it to the next round (yay!), hopefully we will get some tickets to go watch a game. That would be epic!

Sunday we hosted a small birthday party for my sister. Hubby made the most delicious prime rib! Yum!! I baked a cake, with a bit of help from Audrey- help meaning I spent a lot of time cleaning up her mess but it was fun!

Chocolate with buttercream icing!

The entertainment... or the entertainers?

Any child of mine loves chocolate!

Smiles courtesy of Daddy's antics!

High five little man!

If you read to her, you have a friend for life!

She convinced someone else to read to her!

My aunt and uncle

Opening presents with help from Audrey- "We have to do it together!"

It was such a nice evening celebrating my lovely sister!

Happy Birthday Big Sis! Love you!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

~ Rodan + Fields- A New Adventure~

As I mentioned before, or if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know, I have started a new business venture, which I am so EXCITED to share! I haven't been this pumped about something in awhile so I can barely contain myself here!

With their recent launch in Canada, I have partnered with two world-renowned dermatologists as a Rodan and Fields skincare consultant!

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are the two doctors that created Proactiv and changed how the world dealt with acne. They are smart, successful, practicing dermatologists that have now created a new line, Rodan and Fields, to target multiple skin care issues, including anti-aging.

Why did I jump on the opportunity to become a Rodan and Fields consultant?

Partnership of a lifetime! The chance to partner with these reputable dermatologists, with their recent launch in Canada less than 3 months ago was too amazing to turn down. 
FB Cover3
The Results- they are undeniable! Their products are clinically proven to help with multiple skin care issues that you and I deal with! We don't have to live with them anymore!

Helping others-  For years I have struggled with my skin- due to acne and facial redness. I am more confident when my skin is looking it's best so I want to help others achieve that, whether your issues are acne, sun damage, wrinkles or sensitivity or a combination.

Be my own boss- The ability to run my own business, with my already busy life as a wife, mom, runner, and a part-time career in the financial industry. I can do this any time, anywhere! I went back to work part-time so I can have a good work/family balance and this business still allows for that!

I was not looking for a business opportunity or way to earn extra income but once I did my research and saw what this company is all about and the potential life changing opportunity it can be for me and my family, being brand new to Canada, I had to say YES!

believe it

I am so thrilled to be part of this company, with it's amazing support system and fantastic products! In a short period of time I've already realized the benefits of being a consultant and I can't wait to see where this adventure takes me. 

If any of this sparks some excitement in you- either for a fantastic business opportunity or chance to improve your skin, I'd love to help you out! Leave a comment or drop me an email at