Wednesday, April 15, 2015

~Loves & Training Recap~

Today I am ~LOVING
- It's my Friday! This week went by so fast! Exciting things lined up for the weekend!
- Getting dressed up each day for work! Some recent outfits! I love this full length mirror at work!

- These sweet snuggles the other day when we got home from work/daycare. Tired little boy!

- My new Jamberry nails from my BFF!

- This definition of "toddler" which explains Audrey exactly... even though she is probably considered a "preschooler" now-  

To recap my first week of my new training program: it actually went quite well! Despite taking 2 weeks off, it wasn't too hard to jump back into it.

Monday- rest

Tuesday- 4K run with the half marathoners. Kept it under 6:00min/km which I am happy with!

Wednesday- I almost took a rest day but at 8:30pm I dragged myself downstairs for a T25 Speed workout! SO worth it!

Thursday- 4K fartlek run by myself while hubby and the kids went to the park after dinner. Not my best run since it was a bit too close to dinner but it was outside and the weather was gorgeous! :)

Friday- yoga!

Saturday- rest

Sunday- 5.5K run with Run Club. I pushed the Chariot for the majority of the run which was tough but I'm feeling stronger already. Not quite as far as I wanted to go- 7K on the plan, but considering I pushed the Chariot, 5.5K was more than enough!

What are you loving today?
Have you been "nailing" your workouts lately?


  1. Love your outfits! I am so excited to wear all my spring and summer dresses this year. I barely wore them last year since I was on mat leave and nursing. I also love getting dressed up every day!
    Awesome runs! I am going to attempt to get out tomorrow after A is in bed... I usually use that as down time but really need to get in an extra run every week and I do not run at 5am!

  2. Love that floral shirt!! Details!! Love outfit posts!!!
    Love the toddler description hahah. Look at Leo snoozing!! Soo sweet!!

  3. Love your outfits! Is it tough to dress up again?

  4. Love all your outfits! I kinda wish I had a reason to dress up a few times a week ;) I also love when my big kids fall asleep on me. So rare but so awesome! (Sorry I called Leo a big kid!)

  5. Love the outfits, I wish we had a good mirror at work. There is no way I can take photos in the mornings anymore!! I'm excite for Spring outfits!


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