Wednesday, April 22, 2015

~Random Things & Training Recap~

Yay it's Wednesday/Friday!! Work has been so much this week with the tax season so I'm looking forward to a bit of a break. Oh right, parenting is not a break. Ok, a change... :) Lots of QT with my babies!

I have some random things to share today.

1. I properly learned how to use traffic circles! I watched this video on the AMA Facebook site and it was so helpful! Now I'm sure you are thinking "How does she not know how to use a traffic circle, she has been driving for half her life?" Well, in Calgary we don't have that many traffic circles and a lot of the ones we do have are single lane only. While you think that would make it easier, some people still don't know how to use them. There are a few up the street from my house and I'm always honking at people who don't yield to me!

Mackenzie Towne traffic circle
Basic rules? 1) Yield to the vehicles in the traffic circle and 2) You should only be in the right/outside lane if you are taking the first exit.

2. It's finally getting lighter out in the morning! It's no longer pitch black outside when I leave for work in the morning! Yay spring!!

3. One of the hardest things I've had to learn since becoming a parent, other than surviving on minimal, broken sleep, and especially after having 2 children, is that having a clean house can't be my priority anymore. Don't get me wrong, my house is not a pig sty by any means but if you were to randomly drop by, you will notice dishes in the sink, finger prints on the stainless steel appliances, crumbs on the floor, a laundry basket full of clothes waiting to be folded, oh I could go on... I am a clean-freak so this is huge for me. Some nights I have break down because the house just seems so messy to my standards but I want my children to remember me playing with them and not that I was too busy washing dishes or folding laundry to enjoy their childhood.

4. I have no self-control when it comes to checking my iPhone. If it wasn't my alarm clock, I would leave it downstairs at night so I could stop looking at it at a reasonable hour and go to sleep! Please tell me I'm not the only one with this problem... I need to go to iPhone AA.

5. Another thing I have no self-control over? Chocolate. If it's in my house, I will eat it. Hubby always knows what dessert I will order at a restaurant- the chocolate one!

On to my training recap- I had another successful week training for my upcoming 5K! You can see the plan here.

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: 25 minutes on the treadmill. It was super windy out, and snowed a bit so I chickened out of meeting the half marathoners.

Wednesday: T25 Ab workout

Thursday: 3K run with the littles in the Chariot

Friday: rest day. Skipped yoga

Saturday: rest day

Sunday: 7K with the half marathon group at Edworthy Park

It wasn't my best week but I'm still happy with the workouts and runs I did get in.

Tell me something random!


  1. Your house is always spotless!! But I know what you mean. Mine is always covered in hair and it drives me nuts! I could vacuum daily. I always stress out in traffic circles! I hate them! ha ha I LOVE that it's light out in the mornings and the birds are chirping! Makes me so happy. AND I didn't wear a coat to work yesterday! whoo hoo! Good job on the workouts! Better than my week!

  2. I'm addicted to my iPhone as well. More now that I check it while breast feeding too. Your house always look clean! Do you find it easier without a cat now?

  3. Traffic circles freak me out. I think there is only one single lane one in RD. I can handle that one, but I would be scared to do a double lane one, haha.

    I definitely have a problem with my phone. It's bad and I recognize it but I still.can't.stop.

  4. I think I like mynipad more than my phone just because it's bigger hahah. But yes I have a prob too!! Soo funny about traffic circles... We call them round abouts here and we are starting to get more and more. I will be honest I usually stay in the outside lane because I find trying to get out of the inside lane to challenging - people don't let me out! Haha. I could go for a chocolate bar right now! How do you like t25? I'm thinking about subscribing to that beach body on demand program and t25 is on it.
    I vacuum every morning with all these pets haha. It's routine, but yes, I have given up on the spotless house! I love the quote about excuse the mess we are making memories!

  5. We used to have no roundabouts but now we have several - including the two lane ones! We have had the one big one for several years but people are still not used to it. They think a yield sign is a stop sign and stop for no reason - or change lanes!

    My house definitely has "Max-prints" all over the place. The crumbs....seriously, what is with crumbs? They get everywhere!

    I have the iPhone addiction too!

  6. I swear Tyler hides my phone when we "go to bed" now because he says I need as much sleep as I can get! Otherwise, I'd be up forever staring at stupid crap on the dang thing.


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