Tuesday, June 30, 2015

~Random Questions for You~

Ever have those random lingering questions that you just want to ask people? Well here are some that are often floating through my head! 

1. Would you rather give up chocolate or wine?

2. If you had to choose between a mini-van and station wagon which one would you choose?


3. If there was one 80s fashion trend you could bring back what would it be?


4. What destination is on your bucket list?

5. Do you have a TV in your bedroom?


6. How hard, on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being easy and 10 being impossible, would it be for you to give up coffee?


Happy Tuesday!! It's also my 'Friday'! So excited for a long weekend! 

Monday, June 29, 2015

~Weekend Recap~

Here are some highlights of our weekend- including this guy officially walking!!

He is also obsessed with spoons!! Every meal and/or snack he needs a spoon in his hand!
I met up with a friend for dinner on Thursday, that I hadn't seen in awhile. She told me she is expecting which is super exciting! She just moved 5 minutes away from me so I expect we will be seeing a lot more of each other! I'm excited to have another new baby to snuggle with!
We hit up the Zoo with a few of our friends last week, including Alison and Delainey!
Their hand holding was so adorable, I had to snap a picture!
Audrey and her cousin, L. Such troublemakers!! We were at the back of the pack because those 2 had to check everything out!

My Mom came over in the afternoon. It was so nice to visit with her while the kids napped. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of all the fun they had with Grandma :(

Miss A had her last dance class on Saturday! It was so cute seeing all the little girls dancing around! She really enjoys it so we will probably put her in again in the fall.

This guy did some more walking, at the market this time.

Mama had a hair appointment- pampering 2 weekends in a row! Lucky me! I went a bit lighter for the summer. Loving it!

Hubby and I had an at-home date night- we watched The Imitation Game which was fantastic, although sad.

Sunday I had a nice sleep in since we stayed up late watching the movie. We ran some errands- remind me to never take Hubby to Superstore again. A bunch of extra things we DON'T need ended up in our cart!

During nap time, I cleaned out some of my closet. Trying to organize it all so I can actually see what I have! Finding some hidden treasures and doing some purging! Feels good!

Audrey and I had some quality memory game playing while the boys napped. Turns out she has her mama's excellent memory- which is good (for her) and bad (for me)!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous all weekend- so sunny and hot! Even at 7:00pm it was 28C! We went for a nice long walk, with a stop at the park.
Audrey is loving her bike- she wants to ride it all the time. We lowered her seat so it's much easier for her to glide and she doesn't seem to get as tired anymore. In case you didn't notice, she likes purple ;)

Leo is loving his new-found walking freedom!

That sums up most of our weekend! I can not believe June is over!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

~ Birthday, Spa Day & General Silliness~

This past weekend, my sister and I had a day at the spa. It was her birthday present/my Mother's Day gift. Since life has been so busy lately, we don't get to see each other as often and when we do, it's full of chaos with our children ;) So it was nice to spend the day together, getting pampered.

We went to Riverside Spa which is probably one of my favourite spas. The setting is so pretty, by the river at Edworthy. The staff is amazing- they do such a great job of making sure you have a nice experience. Their lounge is so comfy.

We both had facials and massages- so relaxing!!

Afterwards we went shopping and out for dinner! The perfect sister day!

Our niece is turning 3 in a few days so we went to her birthday party on Sunday. The kids all had a blast and there was a special appearance from Queen Elsa!!

Singing with Queen Elsa

Playing games with Queen Elsa

Hiding under the parachute...

 Craft time- Audrey's favourite!

Birthday cake!

Attempting pictures...

Leo also practiced his standing skills, while cooking. Raising him right!!

Leo was pushing this white toy bin around like a walker- until he fell into it head first! It was pretty funny, although he didn't think so!

Lately, Leo has been climbing into his toy baskets at home... such a monkey!

Audrey's wish finally came true and she got a basket and streamers for her bike ! She is in heaven now that she can bring her doll or other stuffie with her! She's still working on her gliding but she can definitely go farther now before needing a rest.

Now we just need the weather to cooperate so we can check off things from our summer bucket list!

Monday, June 22, 2015

~Summer Lovin' 2015~

Summer has officially arrived so it's time to share my summer bucket list!

Thanks Lindsey for posting so many great ideas that I had to borrow!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

~Father's Day 2015~

Happy Father's Day to the wonderful father of my two babies! Every day you amaze me with your patience, kindness, teaching, love and devotion to these two! I couldn't have picked a better person to parent with! We love you so much!

I couldn't resist not sharing the outtakes of this photo shoot! It took two different days to get decent shots, hence Audrey's outfit and hair style change! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

.:Leo: 15 & 16 Months:.

I'm a bit late in posting this update... you know, life!

Eating: Leo is a pretty good eater, unless he is cutting a tooth. He loves meat, veggies, fruit, raisins, and anything sweet! Mushy is not his favourite texture- unless it's puree or smoothie.

He likes feeding himself, with a spoon or fork. He insists on having his own bowl, which usually means a mess on the floor.

I'm still nursing him 2-3x a day depending on if it's a work day or not. No plans to wean, especially since he still refuses all other milk.

Sleeping: He seems to be sleeping pretty well- unless it's hot out or he is cutting a tooth. He often sleeps from 7pm-7am, although the last week he has been waking up around 6am, much to Daddy's dismay.

Leo naps twice a day at the day home usually and once a day at home. He loves his crib and sleeps so well in his room. He doesn't sleep as well away from home in the pack n play.

Diapers: Size 3 Pampers Cruisers or Kirkland brand and cloth diapers at home.

Weight/Size: Not sure on weight. He is wearing 12m clothes mostly. He has been wearing 18m summer clothes but the shorts are all falling off him! He wears size 3 shoes.

Hair and eyes: His hair is filling in- definitely blonde! Eyes are blue.

Milestones: Leo is walking lots with his walker! He has taken a couple single unassisted steps and is so close to walking on his own. He is more willing to walk when holding our hands now.
He also crawls up and down stairs himself now... I don't let him do it alone though!

Talking: Leo "talks" a lot- newest words are: ha (hat), spo (spoon), soo (soother), bowl, ba (bathe), app (apple), banna (banana)

Sign Language: Leo still signs for "milk", "water", "food", "all done", "book", "bath"

Teething: Leo has 14 teeth- just needs his last 2 eye teeth. The eye teeth have been the worst- lots of fussing and general discomfort.

Personality: He's still such a laid back guy. He likes to make you giggle and smile but he has a serious side also. He does not like it when his sister takes things away from him, being told no and he's also experiencing some separation anxiety and shyness.

He LOVES to throw stuff!

And drag stuff... wheels or not.

Likes: Books, baths, games on my old iphone, stuffies, throwing everything out of the Tupperware drawer, his walker, trucks, spoons, and anything that makes noise.

Dislikes: Stroller, carseat, being left alone, having stuff taken away from him, having his diaper changed, not getting his way, being locked out of whatever room his sister is in...

Misc: This is such a fun age for both children. Audrey and Leo enjoy playing with each other, with the occasional fights. Audrey still adores her little brother and likes her status as a 'big sister'! Leo gets very concerned about Audrey when she is crying or not around. Their relationship makes up for all the tough moments of parenting two. They have such a special bond!

The adjustment to me back at work part time has gone really well. Some days I really enjoy the 'break' from being at home and other days I love that I 'only' work 3 days a week. I'm so grateful that we are able to have this option since I truly value both 'jobs'. I will never take for granted this time and any sacrifice we have had to make is worth it!