Monday, September 21, 2015

~Weekend Recap~

Happy Fall!!

It has been feeling like fall around these parts the last week but I'm still not ready to let go of summer. I'm still holding on to hope that we get a decent fall, especially with our family pictures coming up in a couple weeks!

Thursday our play date plans fell through due to illness. Thankfully not us but sad we missed visiting with our friends. Instead, I took the opportunity to take Audrey's passport application to Service Canada (since we go to Phoenix in less than 2 months!) but that was a bust. They said the wait was really long and the kids were already antsy after being there for 15 seconds. I decided to just mail it rather than drag them downtown, pay for parking and attempt to entertain them in the waiting room. Hopefully we get it back in time!

We pulled the harvest from the garden in the evening. The kids had so much fun, even if Leo thought the tomatoes were balls for throwing! I just love how excited they get about things!

Friday we ran some errands, including looking for outfits for our upcoming family photos. I didn't find anything for the pictures but I did find some work clothes for myself :/ We also stopped at the play area which the kids loved! Leo is such a runner- all over the place now!!

In the afternoon, my bestie came over with newborn Kali and I got to soak up hours of baby cuddles while Leo napped! It was a great visit and I am so so happy for K that she finally has a sweet little baby of her own! I really wanted to keep her!!

We had a quiet evening- hubby and I have been watching Suits. Addicted!! Love that show!

Saturday I did my long run by myself since my running friend said she hurt her knee and wanted to rest it. I really struggled to get out of bed and get out there. I did end up finally getting up and it was such a beautiful morning! I ran in some neighboring communities (still hilly) so it was a nice change of scenery.

Audrey's dance class started up again. She was so excited for it!!!

That night I went to a housewarming party for a friend who moved just up the street from me. We had a fun night visiting and playing Battle of the Sexes! Good game! Learned a few new things and laughed a lot!

Sunday morning the kids were up early but hubby let me sleep in. We had a slow start to the day but we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather and go to the Zoo. It was a lot of fun- Leo kept roaring like the dinosaurs and Audrey just wanted to touch them all. No fear!

After naps (the boys), we split off and the boys went grocery shopping and the girls went clothing shopping!! I have my eye on a particular dress for Audrey for our family photos but of course her size wasn't in store and it's not available online :( I did find a couple other options but I'm undecided. It's also hard to decide when you don't really know how the weather will be in 2 weeks! 

We also stopped at the shoe store. Audrey tried on all the shoes- she is so my daughter! They didn't quite have what I wanted but I found a pair of sandals but I'm not sure about them. I hate when you know exactly what you want in your mind but can not find it anywhere!

Hubby made the most delicious dinner- sable fish, risotto, beans and salad from our garden. Yum yum!

We had a relaxing evening- I did some R+F work and watched Suits!

Back to another week of work! Can't complain about it though!


  1. WE LOVE Suits!! SO good. Sounds like an awesome weekend. Sad we missed you on Thurs too. Look at all those tomatoes!! WOW! I wish I knew what the weather would be like for our pics too!! I have the family pic outfits decided but not a quick change for my maternity pics. A is so cute all dressed for dance!!

  2. Ugh, you've just reminded me that I need to get Sully's passport application in ASAP. I hate mailing them in though in case you've missed something on the form. That kid area in the mall looks awesome! Which mall is that? Love Suits too! Although I've just finished season 2 so I have a ways to go. Good luck with finding outfits for your photos - I agree, you can never find what you want when you need it!

  3. Audrey is so cute in her dance outfit.
    Suits is amazing right? Harvey is so damn sexy.

    I really want to check out the Illuminasia exhibit!

  4. What a fun weekend you had! You guys got so many tomatoes from your garden! What are you going to do with them all? And Suits is so good!

  5. What are you gonna do with all the tomatoes? Tyler did Wes's passport application downtown and he said it took no less than 5 minutes! It's insane those places are either a breeze or a complete nightmare.

  6. Holy tomatoes!! What did you do with all of them?? Yay for family pics!!! Sounds like a fun weekend!! Love the dance pic!! The zoo looks fun!!


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