Tuesday, October 13, 2015

~Thanksgiving 2015~

So much to be grateful this year!! It has been an amazing year and what better way to spend the weekend than with family!!
I was lucky enough to have a 5 day weekend! My short work week is one thing I am beyond grateful for-- not everyone has the opportunity to have the best of both world's- a great career (part-time), a fantastic side business and the ability to have lots of time at home with my little ones! This is one thing I severely lacked when I first went back to work after Audrey so I am so so happy that we have been able to make this work.
The long long weekend started off on Thursday. The weather has been great the last week so we took advantage and headed to the Zoo. I know- huge shock! I really wanted to check out more of the Illuminasia display and we all loved it! We need to go back in the next couple weeks to see it at night, when it's all lite up!

Our friends joined us and the little girls (and Leo) had a blast! The monkeys were being crazy-- jumping and banging on the glass. Really interactive!

For all the times we have been to the Zoo, we have never seen a Tiger Training Presentation. It was pretty neat to watch the trainer interact with this huge cat!

Friday was errand day. We braved Costco which ended up not being too bad. Good thing we have the van because all this stuff would never have fit in my SUV! I could have bought more too but there wasn't enough room in the cart!

Audrey's passport arrived in the mail so she can travel with us to Phoenix next month!

Saturday was a busy day getting ready for our Thanksgiving Dinner with my family. We had to pick up the Turkey, go to the grocery store and the Farmer's Market!
Leo loves the playground at the Farmer's Market! Just have to watch him since he likes to go down the slide head first!

We had a great dinner with my family! I didn't take many pictures- too busy eating?? Probably!
My niece was sitting on the floor, playing with her tablet and Leo sat beside her and played with his ball! Cutest thing ever!!!

My niece offered to help with dishes and Audrey wanted in on the action too! I wasn't about to say no to help!

Sunday morning I met up with Leslie for a run. It was so nice to catch up with her and the time went by much quicker with someone to chat with! Thanks again Leslie- can't wait for our next running date! Good luck with your race this weekend!
When I got home, the family was out buying new smoke detectors since ours decided to let us know in the middle of the night it was time to replace them. We later found out that 3 houses being built 5 minutes from us burned down overnight. Thankfully no one lived in them yet but still pretty devastating for the new home owners and the builders.
Audrey and I had another salon visit for some manicures. She chose the green since it's Daddy's favourite colour! She also informed us that grocery shopping is for boys now and girls just go shopping! Oh no- what have I started?? :)

Monday we went for a short hike in Big Hill Springs Provincial Park. The kids LOVED it! Leo rode in the pack for half of it and then wanted out. It was a beautiful way to spend a nice day!
And yes, Audrey wears dresses and rain boots for hiking. No telling this girl what to wear-- ever!

Leo was not impressed we delayed snack time to take a photo. Clearly we have our priorities all wrong!

Little chipmunk eating his trail mix! I guess he worked up an appetite!

In the afternoon we went over to the in-laws for our 2nd Thanksgiving Dinner.
Always lots to do at Grandma and Grandpa's

The rocking chair is a hit with all the kids!

Leo devoured his pumpkin pie!

Such a good weekend with the whole family! The best part is we don't have to cook at all this week because we have so many leftovers! I'm still stuffed!!

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?


  1. looks like a great weekend! Love the nail colors!

  2. Busy weekend you guys had! Love that you and A go for manicures...such a fun memory! :)

  3. What an awesome and busy weekend! SO fun you guys go for manis - I can't wait for that. I do D's toes all the time and she loves picking out colors!

  4. Those lanterns look soo neat!! I bet they are even better at night!! Sounds like a great weekend! Wow, you need to find a way to keep her interested in the dishes ahah!! Love the mani date!! She is turning into such a little lady!! Love that she wore a dress hiking! Haha Look at Leo's smile in the tire swing!! Love it!!

  5. Fun weekend! I love that green she picked out! I love that you guys make it to the zoo so often! I really need to take London again before it gets too cold.

  6. Awesome weekend! I want to go back in the evening to check out the lanterns too. I just wish our season passes covered the admission! That hike looks great - we will have to check it out one day! Yay for lots of leftovers! Sadly, since we cooked and had dinner in Edmonton, we don't have any. Which is probably good for my waistline haha!


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