Tuesday, October 20, 2015

~Weekend Recap: Houses, Market, Birthday~

We sure know how to cram as much activity into a few days as possible! We like keeping busy though!

Thursday we actually had a low key day! We hung around the house, played lots & made huge messes!

Audrey convinced Leo to sit in the empty toy bin and wrapped him in blankets! He's so patient with his sister's ideas, usually!

Like when she puts stickers on his face!

That evening, my father-in-law came over to entertain the kids while hubby and I went on a house hunting adventure. He is now a licensed realtor so he wanted to get some practice setting up appointments and we wanted to check out some neighborhoods where we are thinking of moving to.

There was only one house that I really wanted to see and had we been in a rush to move then it would have been 95% perfect. Since we aren't in a rush, we are willing to wait to see what else comes on the market and hopefully the perfect (for us) home will come available. We definitely got a better sense of what we want, what we don't want, and the neighborhoods. It also makes me not want to go through the process of getting my house ready to sell!
Afterwards we headed to a nearby pub for some dinner and we ran into some friends who also live in the area! We chatted with them for awhile and they raved about the area so that's reassuring.

Friday we met up with Alison and Delainey for a coffee and playdate at the market. It ended up being a perfect morning so the kids played on the outdoor playground for awhile. So fun to visit, enjoy Phil & Sebastian's coffee and watch the kids play!

Saturday we had another date at the market! The weather has been unseasonably warm so we had to take advantage and the market is close by, we can grab some coffee, groceries and the kids LOVE it there!

Short but lovely date with my best maternity leave mama and her sweet girlie!

Sad attempt at a photo of our 3 little ones-- at least they are all in the picture!

Sunday morning I met up with my friend for my long run. It was a gorgeous morning and my run went well! It went by quickly having someone to talk to. Less than a month until Las Vegas!!
When I came home I had to laugh at Leo's predicament! Poor long and skinny boy! Time to pack these pants away! They are 12-18m and they are huge in the waist- even with a cloth diaper on they slowly creep down and they have no chance of staying up with a disposable!

It was my mother-in-law's 60th birthday so we hosted the family for her birthday party.

Audrey and Linda helping Auntie ice the cake!

Helping Grandma open her presents!

Helping Grandma blow out her candles!

It was a fun evening celebrating a wonderful person! Perfect way to end the weekend!


  1. What a fun weekend! Exciting that you are starting the process of looking for a new house! And I hope your nice weather sticks around for a while! I have never run Vegas, but heard it is a great race!

  2. Avery would love Audrey as a sister, she loved being covered in blankets lol.
    Love that house but you are right to wait if there is no rush. I hate moving. Probably why we stayed n our current house so long, and I think I needed thee extra 6 months to mentally prepare myself for the move.
    I know a few people that have ran Vegas and loved it!

  3. Oooh house hunting is so fun! I wish we could move ASAP because I already feel so cramped in this one. Plus, it's old. Yuck. Vegas is one of my favorite places (except the strip- to touristy)

  4. Oh moving! Not fun haha. Any reason why you guys want to move? Yes, I'm nosey like that. Which market is that one? And we have the same problem with pants over here! I find gap adjustable waist ones the best. Or H&M - which Sully is still rocking a pair of 6-9 month ones haha.

  5. That's very cool your hubby just became a licensed realtor! Good for him!! We will not be moving for several years but it is still fun to look! But you're right, just the prospect of getting our place ready to sell makes me nervous. We would need to do so many annoying little fix ups and touch ups!

  6. Which areas are you guys looking in again? And what made J become a realtor? That's exciting for him :)

  7. #dontmove ha ha just kidding. I'll still come visit. ;)
    You love that market hey! Don't blame you.
    I love that pic of Leo with stickers on his face!!

  8. Bringing the house hunting!! Love that kitchen!! Soo jealous of all the new builds you get to choose from, if we moved to city we would have more options, but smaller lots, even the new builds in the village here are small lots. We will just wait to build at the farm one day!! The market looks fun!! Another thing I'm jealous of is how much you guys have in the city! Even in the city we are closest too, it doesn't have nearly as much to offer as the bigger centres that are further away, and of course I'm jealous that you can hang out with Alison! You guys should just move here!


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