Tuesday, December 29, 2015

~ A Very Merry Christmas 2015~

What an incredible Christmas- so much love, good food and spending time with our loved ones! As Audrey says "is it Christmas again today?"
We are lucky enough that both our families live close by so we get to spend the holidays with both sides. We alternate Christmas Eve/Christmas.
This year we spent Christmas Eve with hubby's family. Since it fell on a Thursday it was my day off- couldn't have planned it better!
We had a fairly relaxing day- no rushing around grocery shopping or prepping food since we weren't hosting this year. I had my nails done in the early afternoon. Grandpa picked up Audrey in the afternoon so she could go tobogganing. Leo surprisingly fought his nap (he didn't go down early enough) so he didn't fall asleep until 3pm :/
We headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's at 5pm- a bit later than we wanted but better to have the boys well rested than grumpy and on time!
Leo and Grandpa- his cheese face! Kills me every time! Love this little boy! He looked pretty handsome in his bow tie!

After a delicious traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve meal of pyrogies, seafood chowder (maybe that part is British?) and salad, we opened gifts!

Leo was all over ripping apart the gifts this year!

Posing in front of our Christmas Tree


Reading "The Night Before Christmas" with Grandma


Audrey loving her Frozen headband!

At least one of us was excited about the cute clothes!

Great Uncle Paul got the kids the best gifts- singing Frozen Christmas cards! All other gifts were forgotten when they opened these up!

High Five Grandpa!

Playing ball with Uncle

We didn't stay too late sadly. We headed home so that the kids could go to bed and Santa's elves could work on assembling some gifts!
I wasn't feeling so great so I went to bed pretty early. I felt flu-ish most of the day.
Leo was the early bird- waking at 7:30am. We managed to hold him off so Audrey and I could sleep a bit longer (I still didn't feel great). At 8:30am we headed downstairs to see if Santa came!
Audrey was super excited to see her Frozen castle. Leo wasn't overly thrilled with his big Tonka truck but he warmed up to it after a bit.
Another Christmas tradition I started when Audrey was a baby was new Christmas Pjs. This year I bought us all matching Pjs and instead of waiting until Christmas Eve to open and wear them, we started wearing them in the beginning of December. Well, come Christmas Eve and Leo REFUSED to wear his matching moose pjs. Full on screaming! I even tried to get him to put them on in the morning but he wanted nothing to do with this matching thing! So moose and dinos it is! It's funny now but at the time I was not very happy.

Stockings are always my favourite part!

Leo wasn't too sure about the whole stocking thing- he kept wanting to play with Audrey's toys! I had to laugh at him peeking into his stocking!

Leo eating chocolate, Audrey holding her new tooth brush!

Mommy got some sparkly bling for her wrist!

Once the trucks were opened, Leo wanted nothing to do with opening more gifts. He was perfectly content playing with his 358 cars.

New sunglasses, purse and pearls!

I finally got up to open my big gift- a jewelry armoire so all my jewelry can be in one place so I can see it!

Leo received his very own baby! He loved and cuddled it when his hands weren't full of cars.

In the afternoon my mom and my sister's family came over to exchange gifts before going over to my cousin's for dinner.

Audrey loves her new kitty, Rosie!

Pretty much in heaven over her new Frozen dolls

Leo and Grandma

The whole family at dinner. Such a delicious meal!

My sister and mom

Leo didn't really want to pose for a picture with me.

Leo helped my cousin unwrap his present. He was quite fascinated by the beer bottles!

What you can't hear is all the shrieking these two were making while taking this picture! It was deafening but they were having the time of their lives!!

On Boxing Day we went back to the in-laws for another turkey dinner, along with hubby's best friend's family.

The girls are finally at an age where they play nicely together!

The kids gathered around Uncle W to listen to stories. Love seeing them all snuggled in together!

Of course the boys love the cars and played together so well!

It was a great few days spent together with friends and family. Sad it went by so quickly and we have to wait a whole year for next Christmas!