Thursday, February 25, 2016

~Audrey's Special 4th Birthday~

Audrey's birthday was on a Wednesday, my usual work day. I really wanted to make her actual birthday special since she does share her birth month with her brother and we planned a joint birthday party for them. So I took the day off! Any excuse to have a whole day to spend alone with my sweet girl!

Audrey was so excited to turn 4!! She asked if it was her birthday yet for months! When she woke up in the morning she exclaimed "it's my birthday!!" as soon as she came out of her room! 

She also insisted on getting dressed in her birthday party dress right away. 

Her presents and balloons waiting for her

Leo was all over those balloons!

Opening her gifts

Daddy helping her put her necklace on

Tiara and new hair clips!!

Very excited about her princess balloon

I took a few photos of her all dressed up

Will smile for suckers!

When did she get so big??!!

She picked out the "Birthday medal"

Ready for our girls day!

We went for lunch and had birthday cake donuts!


We went to get her ears pierced. We were going to wait a couple years but she said she wanted them and was very excited so we went for it.

There were a few tears but the promise of a sucker helped.

We ran a few party errands and then it was time to pick up little brother.

She opened her gift from the dayhome- a doctor's kit which she loves!

We met Daddy for dinner at Brooklyn Pizza.

Doctor Audrey was giving free checkups

We had a little chocolate cake when we got back home

Leo enjoyed the cake too

It was a pretty great day with my big 4 year old girl! So special to be able to spend the day with her!


  1. Happy birthday to Audrey..hope the party went well!!

  2. Such a beautiful, big girl! I love her dress. Did you take her someplace that used a needle to piece her ears????

  3. What a special day she had! Happy birthday Audrey! She looks so grown up :)

  4. Can't believe she is 4!!! Love how excited she was!! The excitement is all over her face! Soo precious!


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