Monday, April 25, 2016

~Weekend Recap~

I think I need a vacation from my weekend! It was so busy with so many fun things but man do my feet hurt!

Rewind to last Wednesday when I made the super last minute decision to register Audrey in soccer- which started THAT night! Registration was actually closed so I had to email to see if they could accommodate us. I kept meaning to sign her up, but she didn't seem to excited about it but ultimately we decided that it would be a good experience for her to try. It's a great excuse to get her outside, being active and learning to play on a team.

After work I had to drag the kids to pick up shin pads for her since they were a requirement. Annoying the saleslady recommended size small which was too small. Insert panic 15 minutes before we had to be at the field! Thankfully hubby was on his way home and could swing in to Sportchek to pick her up the next size. Hubby was also voluntold to be assistant coach! Which he really had no problems with ;)

Go Team Yellow!!

Audrey was a bit shy at first, especially before Daddy got there and she realized she had to play on a team with boys. The horrors!!

It was hilarious watching the kids play. They were all over the place, crossing fields and scoring in the wrong nets. It was fun though!

Leo on the other hand was pi$$ed that he wasn't allowed to play soccer with the rest of the kids! He wanted Daddy and pretty much was grumpy until the end of the game when we let him have a soccer ball. He had way more contact with the ball than Audrey did! I think I'll have to bring a ball for him to play with on his own during Audrey's games.

Thursday we met up with Alison, Delainey and Ryder for an Intellidance class. It was a lot of fun, even if Leo did not want to listen at all and just wanted to run around the entire class. Audrey enjoyed it a lot though. I'm still trying to decide if we will do this session or wait until the fall.

Afterwards we played at the park and had a picnic. The kids were not interested in food at all though.

The boys loving the swings. The girls were all over the slides.

Friday we were going to go to the Zoo but the weather wasn't going to be great. Instead we went to the library. No objections from these two! Bookworms!

We ran a couple errands but the rest of the day was pretty relaxing. Hubby was out that night so I caught up on some Downton Abbey after the kids were in bed.

Saturday we headed out to look at lighting for the main floor. Shockingly we had success and found all the fixtures at 2 stores! Fastest house update decision ever! Well I'm not including the years of thinking about making the changes but never actually researching it. 

These two were "grounded" to the cart when they decided to run around the store and NOT listen. As you can tell by their expressions they weren't happy about these turn of events.

This is the old light fixture. Since our main floor is all open, we had two of the same fixtures in the living room and dining room (I think the living room one was a bit bigger), that also matched the 3 pendent lights over our kitchen island.

I honestly didn't like them from day one but they weren't hideous enough to change out right away and there was always something better to put money towards. Well, 6 years later they were starting to look worn (yellowing) and it seemed like a good update to make before we sell our house (whenever we find a new one).

Hubby did a lot of research, both in-store and online. We didn't want to spend that much and wanted them to be fairly classic. I was also concerned about finding complimenting fixtures since all 3 areas are close to each other.

We were just about to leave the first store, Reno Depot when we spotted THE fixtures for the living room and dining room. We ended up getting two of the exact same ones. They were a good price, and other than having a chain to hang them, they were perfect.

Stock photo is terrible and it doesn't show the chain to held up the fixture.

Hubby had seen some pendant fixtures at Lowe's that we thought would work. Once we got there, we saw some covers that were perfect to just switch out our existing covers and use the current stems/fixture.

Horrible photo- they do look better in person!

After lunch, hubby started installing the lights. The 3 pendant lights turned out so well!! I love how clean they look and they are so much brighter than the other lights. The covers fit onto the existing stems perfectly.

Trying to find a before picture of the pendants was hard since I'm usually trying to NOT get them in the picture! You can see there here in the top right.

Next hubby tackled the dining room and living room fixtures. He decided to see if he could use the existing stems instead of the chain, since it's a cleaner look and would tie in the new pendants well. It was a bit difficult but he made it work!

New fixture in the dining room

New fixture in the living room

I am so happy with how they turned out and that we didn't have to spend too much money to update them. I wish we had changed them out years ago! ;)

That evening I met up with some friends for a Girls Night. We were planning to go to Una Pizza on 17th but they didn't take reservations and it was a 3 hour wait. No thanks! Next we walked to Cibo and it was an hour wait. We put our names on the list and headed to a pub to get a drink while we waited. We passed Farm and figured we had nothing to lose to see if they had a table. They said they would have one in 30-45 minutes! We went to Roosevelt for a drink and appetizers until Farm called us.

It was probably 8:30 by the time we sat down for dinner! I've been to Farm before and it's so good! I would have ordered the charcuterie board but no one else was interested. Instead I had the Mac n Cheese which is so good!

Everyone really wanted to go out dancing after so we ended up at The Drum and Monkey. It's not the classiest of places but they had good music and we didn't feel too old there!

After 3 hours of dancing, this mama was ready for bed! My feet aren't used to all that dancing anymore!

Sunday morning we dropped the kids off at Auntie L and Uncle C's house so we could go to some house showings. They live about 10 minutes from the areas we are interested in so it's pretty convenient and wayyyyy better to look at houses without them.

The four houses on the tour this time.

This house below is my favourite. It has a great layout and is pretty much move-in ready (with developed walkout basement!) but there are a few things that are missing- dark kitchen (don't hate it but white is the favourite), corner pantry vs. walkthrough pantry, west facing backyard vs. south facing. All things that aren't deal breakers though.

But the view of this other house was pretty great (it was super foggy that day). South facing backyard, backing onto a pathway with tree behind. Amazing!! The house, while it's liveable, is not our style (so brown and would need to be painted top to bottom) and would need a lot of changes to make it how we want it. So I think we have decided it's a no.

This is so hard!! The good news is that more houses are coming on the market now.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty relaxed. Audrey fell asleep on the car ride home and continued sleeping on the couch. Leo decided to drive his trucks all over her!

Another whirl-wind weekend!! I hoped that work would have been a "break" today but tax season is in full-force. So busy!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

~My Orangetheory Fitness Experience~

Last weekend, I did my first Orangetheory Fitness workout! Brie had arranged a private group workout for a bunch of local (and area) bloggers. I have a few friends who do this workout regularly so I jumped at the chance to try it out. 

We went to the Seton location which was quite far from my house. We were all given a package with an Orangetheory Fitness workout towel, chapstick, key chain, sticker and name tag. 

We arrived early for the class so we could get our heart rate monitors set up and get a run down of what exactly we were getting ourselves into.

Kristen was our coach for the workout and she was awesome! So fun, motivating and friendly! I never felt intimidated.

She went through all the workouts. It was a lot of info since we had a treadmill workout, weights set and some time on the row machine. The workout changes every time so you don't know what the plan is until the day of.

The goal of the workout is to stay in the orange zone for 12-20 minutes of the 60 minute workout, which I did manage to do.  We had this good cheat sheet on the treadmill.

The 'Before' shot!

Everyone's heart rate is on the TV screen so you can watch where you are at. Even though you are in a group workout, it is individual because there are many things that affect our heart rate, even day to day.

Kristen kindly took photos for us during the session, including this sweet shot!

Even though I run a lot, I was worried about the treadmill portion. I don't do a lot of interval training and I am definitely more of an endurance runner than sprinter.

The run portion started off well. You do some intense sprints but then you get a walk break. The first half of the run was hard and I was really pushing myself. I was getting into the orange zone a lot. Then I started to feel light headed so I scaled it back. I definitely need to work on my speed and increasing the intensity.

After 28 or so minutes, we moved on to the weights portion of the class. We spent a bit of time on the rower as well but mostly were on the floor/bench with the weights.

The floor/bench portion was 2 different groups of exercises, with rowing in between each group of exercise.

1st round included bench hops, plank with leg lifts and chest press (I think).

The 2nd round included chest press, chest flys, pull ups on the TRX and back flys (I think?)

I didn't find the weights portion as intense but it was still a tough workout.

We ended on the row machine.

When we were done, I was amazed at how quickly the class went by, especially the 2nd half!! So fast!

We finished the workout with some stretching which was well deserved!

We reviewed our results which was pretty interesting. I ended up being in the blue more than I thought- I think I could have upped the intensity of the weights portion. 

The 'After' shot

My thoughts on Orangetheory Fitness? It's a fantastic workout!! It definitely pushed me harder than I ever would by myself on the treadmill. The group atmosphere was so fun and motivating. Heart rate monitor training is no joke and I can see the benefits of training with this method. 

I would love to do more Orangetheory classes. There is a location 5 minutes from me so I am going to see if I can add a weekly workout into my schedule. The classes are not cheap but that also keeps you from skipping them because you don't want to waste that money. 

I don't think I would only do Orangetheory classes- it might work for some people but I do like variety in my workouts. I also need a ton of flexibility since I am often working out with my kids or when they are sleeping. 

Have you tried Orangetheory Fitness? Do you like working out in a group?

Monday, April 11, 2016

~Weekend Recap~

Pretty fun weekend has ended. Back to tax season reality. Man, I don't know how accountants do this season year after year!

Backing it up to last Wednesday... my Mom came over for dinner and a visit. It was good to see her and the kids were so EXCITED!

Leo's dogs were kissing...

Playing cards with Grandma- Audrey did not appreciate being called out on cheating. Not that she fully understands what cheating is.

Thursday we went to meet our sweet nephew/cousin- Lukas! He was born on Monday so he was only 3 days old. What a sweet little babe! He didn't help with the baby fever so I thoroughly soaked up those baby snuggles!

Big sister and cousin loving on Lukas

Leo had a slight outfit mishap so no pants it was! Not that he cared...

In the afternoon it was so lovely out we went for a run and visit to the park. Them kids are heavy! My upper body hasn't hurt that badly in awhile from pushing them uphill and then throughout the run.

Weeds... flowers... whatever

Friday we met up with some friends at the Zoo, along with every other stay-at-home mom and kids in the city! How could you not enjoy the Zoo when it was supposed to be 25C! It was chilly in the morning but it was gorgeous by noon.

This girl has turned into quite the fearless mountain goat!

We tried to see the baby gorilla but they have a lot of the viewing area blocked off so I didn't even catch a glimpse. This colourful Mandrill wasn't shy though!

After a great lunch outside by the playground we even managed to get a photo of the 4 kids!

The popsicle idea was not mine- I'm way too OCD (oh the mess!!) but once one Mom offers it, you can't exactly say no. Plus it was such a nice day and what's another set of clothes in the laundry...

He made a huge mess...

I was pretty bagged after the Zoo so while Leo napped, I chilled on the couch with Audrey and watched Paw Patrol.

My friend, A messaged to see if we had any evenings plans so we had an impromptu dinner at our house. The kids had fun playing together and the adults enjoyed some wine and good company. Sometimes the unplanned events are the best ones!

Saturday morning I slept in. Leo had a rough night so I slept in his bed most of the night with him. At 7am, Daddy took over and I caught a few more hours of sleep in my own bed.

In the late morning we headed to the Farmer's Market for coffee, lunch and some groceries.

In the afternoon, Alison picked me up and we went to Orangetheory Fitness to do a private group class with a bunch of other bloggers, organized by Brie. I'll do another post on the experience because it was worth noting but I will say it was a sweaty, fun, intense and a different workout! I definitely appreciate the atmosphere of working out in a group, especially THIS group of awesome women.

We had to re-fuel after that gruelling workout so most of us headed to Phoenix Grill in Shawnessy. I had been there a few times before, when we lived down south and it was far better than I remembered! The chicken and brie sandwich was delicious!

Thanks to Leigh for driving me home!

Sunday morning hubby needed some alone time to get working on some projects aka staining the fence. I had some errands to run so I hit up the mall with the kids, with bribery of the play area.

During Leo's nap time, Audrey wanted to paint.

I headed out for a short run since my legs felt pretty heavy after the previous day's workout. I managed 4K and did a Sweats in the City workout afterwards. My legs feel like jello!

That rounds up our weekend. 

What is your favourite animal to see at the Zoo? 
What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend?