Wednesday, May 25, 2016

~New York City Recap Days 5 & 6~

On to our final 2 days in New York City!

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Day 5

We took the subway down to the south end of Manhattan to catch the ferry over to Staten Island.
The subway system in New York reminded us of the one in Paris. It was pretty easy to follow (well I just followed my navigator/husband) and a very quick way to get around the boroughs.

The ferry over to Staten Island is free which is great if you just want to see the Statue of Liberty. There are tours that you can do that I am sure are well worth the money to Ellis Island and closer to the Statue of Liberty but we opted not to do them.

Finally a gorgeous day with the sun shining!


The ferry round trip was about an hour, which included loading, unloading and loading back again onto the same ferry! Not sure why they made us all get off!

Once back in Manhattan, we wandered through the Financial District. I had to have my picture taken with the Bull!

We got back on the Hop On Hop Off bus to do Brooklyn.

Going up over the Manhattan Bridge. I was a bit nervous to go over the bridge given that I was on the top of a double decker bus but it was fine.

View of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan Bridge

Our bus tour guide recommended that we try Juliana's for good brooklyn-style pizza.

Apparently the oven makes all the difference in how good the pizza is.

I am not kidding when I say this was probably the BEST pizza of my life! I have tried a lot of pizza and this one was truly delicious! Good thing it isn't too close to me or else I'd be going weekly!

Standing under the Brooklyn Bridge

We walked back over the Brooklyn Bridge to burn off all the pizza

I thought it would be scary but it wasn't at all. I'm normally afraid of heights but oddly this felt very secure. Although the cyclists were scary.

Pretending to be scared! I have a similar picture of me atop the Eiffel Tower- except I really was terrified!

It was a little bit windy up there!

After we made it back to Manhattan, we headed to Chinatown to find some souvenirs. It's like a whole other world down there! People trying to bargain with you, and sell you knock off purses and sunglasses!

We also went to Century 21 which is a discount designer department store. Kind of like Winners but very high end. We didn't have much time so I power-shopped while hubby had a coffee in the cafe. I did end up finding a Diane Von Furstenberg lace dress so I took her home.

We quickly got ready back at the hotel and headed to Nobu for dinner. It was our one fancy dinner that we made reservations and dressed up for. Our "anniversary dinner" for our anniversary trip!

We ordered the Chef's tasting menu which is a great way to try several different items. I think it was 7 courses. We also did the wine pairing which was good but also bad :/

The food was pretty amazing! It's Japanese fusion so a lot of raw fish-sushi type dishes which we like. So fresh and uniquely served.


When the restaurant called to confirm the reservations the night before, they told us we could only be there for 2 hours since they had another reservation after us. We weren't worried about that because that seemed like plenty of time to eat dinner.

When our server was asking us if we were on a time line- had theatre tickets, or something we said no, but we were told we could only be two hours. She said to not worry about that- I guess we were spending enough money we could stay as long as we wanted!

After dinner (maybe 9:30pm?), we headed towards Rockefeller Centre since we had tickets for "Top of the Rock".

While walking there I noticed some art...

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Gorgeous chandelier inside Rockefeller Centre

The ride up the elevator 70 stories was fast and uneventful. Again, normally heights are an issue for me but I felt very courageous that night!

It was quite a spectacular sight to view the whole city lit up.

This room was confusing with it's changing lights.

Day 6- our last day

We woke up and had breakfast at a diner close by. I loved that you could find food or coffee so conveniently! One thing that I wish we had at home, in the suburbs!

I had to go to Tiffany's while in New York so we walked over there.

I almost got this necklace but yellow isn't quite my colour! The centre diamond was over 300 carats!!

These earrings reminded me of my wedding earrings- although a lot more money!

I knew I wanted to buy something small to commemorate the occasion but I wasn't finding anything that I liked (that was affordable!). Then one of the sales people informed me there are 5 more floors!!

I found a few pairs of earrings that were contenders.

I ended up getting the tear drop earrings and hubby got the matching cuff links.

After we were done at Tiffany's, we came across the Plaza Hotel. We stopped in the courtyard to research a place to eat lunch.

We went to a French restaurant, Rue 57. It was delicious! I felt like I was in Paris again!

After a satisfying lunch, we went through one last stroll in Central Park before heading back to our hotel. I seriously LOVE this park!! Of course our last day had the best weather! So sunny and comfortably warm.

Then it was time to head to the airport and fly home. 

It was the trip of a life-time! It was an adventure and so good to be free of responsibilities (children) for a week! I would love to go back in a few years but hubby wants to go to Paris again first! Next time I'd like to see more museums, do another bike tour and spend some time in a few districts that we just passed through on the bus, like Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Soho...

People keep asking me what my favourite part of the trip was. That is really hard to pinpoint! I loved so much of it- the shows, the restaurants, the history, Central Park, the pace of the city. 

Most of all I loved that I was able to experience it with my love! He promised me many adventures in our marriage- some exotic, some not so much but most importantly, they are our adventures together!


  1. Your trip looks amazing. Love that you got to spoil yourself a little at Tiffanys.

  2. New York is such a fabulous place. I am glad you guys had such a great time :)

  3. Looks amazing! Good for you for spoiling yourself, but too funny you didn't realize how big the Tiffany's was. You should have made it to Saks 5th too. Oh man. An entire floor just for shoes. It's amazing!

  4. Sounds like you guys had a great rest of your trip! Were you brave that night or was it because of the wine you drank? ;) Haha

  5. That pizza sounds amazing. As does the too much wine night dinner!! :) What a great trip. So glad you guys got away to do this!

  6. What an awesome trip! I loved walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. I'd like to spend more time in Brooklyn next time. We went to Ellis Island which was actually really cool. So many things to do and impossible to do it all in one go! My feet were so sore by the end of my week there! I can't believe Tiffany's is 5 floors! That's insane! The Macy's there is the largest in the world (also like 5 floors), but I found way too overwhelming! Unless you know the exact brands you are wanting to shop...which I don't haha.


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