Wednesday, June 29, 2016

~Frock Box #2~

I received my 2nd Frock Box this month! I was not expecting it at all so it was a pleasant surprise in the mail!

So what did I get?

Item #1- Black Maxi Dress with Teal Insert

I love me a nice maxi dress so while I was excited to get this piece, I did get a similar one last month. The back scoops down almost to my bra. I almost didn't keep this one but it fit so well and I knew I would wear it a lot.

It's a Keeper

Item #2- Sky Blue Tank with Lace Insert

This is pretty cute but I knew I wouldn't reach for it so I didn't keep it, especially given the $44 price tag.

This is a No. 

Item #3- Umgee Colourful Blouse with Neon Lace

It's definitely bright! I did ask for some work shirts but this would never be work appropriate for me, even if I did like it! Too short, too bright and see through lace makes this a No.

Item #4- Ellie and Kate Black Cardigan with Lace Trim

I really wanted to like this cardigan but the lace trim was so long and made the whole thing a bit unflattering on me. I wouldn't be able to wear it to work (since I don't wear jeans to work) so it had to go back.

It's a No.

Item #5- Printed Summer Dress

I did ask for some work dresses and while I think this dress was flattering on me, lots of cleavage is not appropriate for my office. Sadly this was also a No.

I was slightly disappointed in my Frock Box this month but I did find one item that I love so it was still worth it. I love the surprise each month so I will keep up my subscription.

Monday, June 27, 2016

~Leo's Transition to a Big Boy Bed~

We transitioned Leo into his big boy bed a few months ago. I'm finally getting around to writing this post now ;)

Why did we transition him? I actually wanted him to stay in the crib forever because there was no real reason to move him. He wasn't climbing out and I wanted to keep him little and contained for longer. We moved Audrey into a bed at 22 months with Leo's impending arrival and needing the crib but that is not the case with Leo.


Starting around January, Leo's sleep turned to crap. He would wake up multiple times in the night therefore I would end up sleeping on the ground beside his bed. Not comfortable at all. Many times I crawled out of his room praying he wouldn't wake.

Finally enough was enough and we took the side rail off his crib. Well hubby did, without consulting me. As with Audrey, it didn't improve his sleep at all, and probably made it worse because he would just roll off the bed, wakeup and cry. He wouldn't be hurt but would be startled.

A few times I went into his room in the middle of the night with him crying, "I falled out of bed Mommy!" I was still sleeping on the floor beside his crib!

The crib with no side rail lasted only a week or two before I insisted we buy him a big boy bed. We went with the same Ikea bed that Audrey has since it's low to the ground. However they have changed it slightly- higher headboard and it might even be slightly higher off the ground. All minor things.

The thing about moving Leo to a new bed is that we had to change up his whole room since the bed would block the closet door if we left it where the crib was.

After a trip to Ikea, hubby set about putting together Leo's new room. With some help from the kids ;)

He thought it would take half an hour- it took 3 hours. Always underestimating project time!

Big Boy Room

His bed is now along the wall that the dresser was on.

We flipped up the bookshelf (which is how we had it originally in Audrey's nursery) and put the dresser beside it.


My favourite part about Leo's new room is reading stories and cuddling in his bed together! 

His sleep has gotten much better since the move to a bed- he still rolls around a ton but doesn't wake himself up now. Now if I do have to lay with him it's comfortable for me!

The kids enjoy playing on his new bed too!

Still hard for me to believe that we don't have a crib set up anymore. My baby is growing up! I am still keeping him in the high chair forever though...

Monday, June 20, 2016

~A Day in Kananaskis~

Hubby had a work training session at the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis last Friday so we met up with him afterwards for dinner and to spend the night. 

Not much sleeping happened that night- Leo was a little too riled up about sharing a bed with Mommy. He struggled to fall asleep- I ended up having to leave the room at 9:30pm because he would not settle down. When I came back 30 minutes later he was still awake but at least he was calm. I could not fall asleep however. Then he woke up at 3:00am for no good reason and was kicking me and not settling down again. I finally ended up moving to Hubby and Audrey's bed and he went back to sleep. Traveling with my children is not for the faint of heart!

Exhausted as we were, it was hard to be grumpy when you wake up in the beautiful mountains. It's so calm and serene- the total opposite of Leo!

After breakfast, (kids eat free!), we headed to the pool. Leo is our little fish and you couldn't keep him out of the water. He just kept jumping back in and out of the pool. He loved walking along the side of the hot tub.

Audrey was a bit more hesitant but eventually she warmed up and was in the pool no problem. I think we need more family swimming dates in the near future. 

After we checked out, we went to the playground for a bit and went on a short walk on the trails around the hotel. 

I actually brought out the real camera for once!

Handing his mama some flowers! (Don't worry- we only let them pick the dandelions)

A nice gentleman offered to take our picture

Checking out all the wildflowers

Boy and his sticks!

Kananaskis is such a beautiful and calming place. I think we will be back more in the future for some day trips (or even nights away) since it's only an hour from our house and the hotel is so children-friendly. I think we will bring the bikes up too since they have some good paths.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

~Halfway through 2016: Personal, Professional & Fitness Goals~

I know I'm not the only one wondering where the first half of 2016 went! Do you remember when time used to drag on? Not anymore!

I didn't formally write out my 2016 goals here for the world to see but I thought it would be a good time to check in with myself to see how I'm doing and how I want the rest of 2016 to go to reach my goals.


1) Read more books. I'm really enjoying Brie's virtual book club, even though I'm a book behind already! My goal is 1 per month since that's realistic!

2) Less screen time. In order to reach some of my other goals, I need to reduce my screen time. I've tried an alarm in the evening to help me which works sometimes but then I get sucked into something and hours pass. 

3) Go to bed early on my work nights. I'm tired. I'm a night owl which doesn't bode well when I have to wake up at 5:00am 3x a week. I MUST go to bed by 10-10:30pm on my work nights.

4) Stay in better contact with my family. Schedule monthly family dinners again


I've been able to enjoy an amazing work-life balance since going back to work part time last year. Zero complaints there and I hope to continue this schedule.

As for my business with Rodan + Fields, I've been very happy with how much my business has thrived so far. What I've been able to accomplish and grow very part-time is satisfying.

My goals for R+F for the rest of 2016:

1) Face my fears and move out of my comfort zone. It will be worth it.

2) "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good"  I often struggle (in a few areas of life, not just my business) with spending so much time making something perfect that it never gets done. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Fitness & Nutrition

1) Half Marathon PR- I have a half marathon coming up in August (and possibly October) that I would love to PR. Which means I need to start running faster NOW. Seawheeze is not a flat course so I've got my work cut out for me. Hill training starts now!
2) Do a race I've never done before- all my races this year I've done in past years so it would be nice to try something new! I'm taking suggestions!

3) Take control of my eating- reduce sweets, meal plan for lunches and on the weekends. Wine on the weekends only.

4) Continue my water intake of 2L per day. This has been going well but I still struggle on the weekends sometimes.

What (local-ish) race do you suggest I add to my calendar this year?
When do you find time to read books? Share one of your goals with me!