Monday, July 4, 2016

~Canada Day Long Weekend Recap~

Happy Belated Canada Day and Happy 4th of July to the Americans!! 

Soooo the biggest news from this weekend is that we SOLD our house! We put it on the market last Friday, had 6 showings on the weekend and an offer after 48 hours!! I knew it would go fast! Conditions have been waived so we are officially moving by August 10th!! 

Of course my preferred plan of finding a house first did not happen. We just decided that we needed to move this summer and if we kept waiting for the perfect house to come along then we would never move. Now we have to!

The hunt is on for our next house! We've seen a handful in the last week and have one good contender so we will see how that pans out. Fingers and toes crossed please! I don't want to be homeless!

Now that that big news is out of the way, we will rewind to last week.

On Thursday, we met up with Alison, Delainey and Ryder at Bowness Park for a picnic. They have the best park with a soft rubbery ground which is much better than sand or gravel, especially for Ryder.

The weather looked threatening but it didn't rain on us.

The kids had lots of fun playing all over the playground. Audrey bravely climbed halfway up the twirly thing (anyone know what it's actually called?).

They preferred holding on inside which I preferred too!

Leo enjoyed chasing Delainey on the playground! She didn't seem to mind!

After the park we went to the grocery store for a few things. In the checkout, Leo reached for the Kinder Surprise egg and took a bite! I took it away, turned around and he did the same thing to another one! "Chocolate, mama!" Poor kid- he isn't supposed to have dairy, soy or egg and probably not tin foil!

I had to buy them!

We have been experiencing a lot of summer storms lately- lots of rain, hail, thunder and lightening.

Leo was supposed to be napping but he wouldn't settle down. I went to check on him again, when the rain was coming down pretty hard and I saw these two little legs sticking out from under the blinds! The rain and hail was hitting his window pretty hard so he had to check it out!

I couldn't be mad when I saw how cute he was checking out the rain!

Thankfully the hail was small and the plants weren't damaged.

Friday was Canada Day which means hubby was home!

I sent Leo out to the backyard to earn his keep! He loves that lawn mower! I wonder if they make real push mowers in children's size? All this rain has been making the grass grow like crazy.

We walked to the Farmer's Market for lunch and ice cream since that's our Canada Day tradition. We couldn't go to Menchies like we usually do because Leo likely can't have anything there but the gelato place in the Market can accommodate him.

I started to feel sad that this place will no longer be walking distance for us :(

The ice cream was delicious!

Saturday morning I headed to SurfSet Burn for another tough class at Illume Hot Yoga! I did my first burpees on the board and I survived! I love this workout and I'm sad my intro month is coming to an end. This might be my favourite group workout class of all time!

In the afternoon, we went to look at a few more houses, with the children in tow.

One of the houses gave us a really good feeling. The community is beautiful, the pathways extensive and this park was right around the corner from the house. We may have found a new house!

I could get used to this view!

Sunday morning I headed out for my solo long run. My running buddy had to cancel last minute due to illness and I tried to convince myself that sleeping in was a better idea but I knew that getting the run out of the way early as planned would be better. I'm not a morning person but I always feel better when I run in the morning. 15K done. I'm coming for you, Seawheeze!

Leo has been asking to go to the Zoo all week to see the Dinosaurs. It looked like it might rain but we headed there anyway, so the kids could show Daddy all the dinosaurs.

Checking out "fossils" in the rocks

Leo was scared of Allosaurus, especially when he roared in his face! Seriously this dinosaur park is Leo's heaven!

The bears were wrestling which was very entertaining!

The kids passed out about 5 seconds after we left the Zoo. Success!

We went for a 2nd showing of the one house (tag teaming while the kids slept in the car). Afterwards we visited our friends who live nearby which is a nice bonus.

Yup that weekend went by as quickly as expected!

Now to start packing... the fun part of moving!


  1. Exciting!!! I hope the new house you found works out :) See you moving far from your current area?
    I love playgrounds with rubber vs sand, so much better!

  2. That's crazy how fast your house sold! Congrats! Where is the place you went to look at? Haha that's hilarious that Leo took a bite out of the Kinder surprise. Amelia has knocked a bunch of stuff down at the check out (why do they put it so close for little arms/hands to reach?!)

  3. That's exciting that you sold your house. Good luck on the new house hunt! Love the photo of Leo behind the blinds.

  4. Oh wow!! That's so exciting! And so awesome that your house sold fast! The countdown is on - August 10 isn't too far away, eek! Good luck with the house hunt. That's so awesome that you guys are currently walking distance to that farmers market (I have no idea which one it is haha). We took Jim's parents to the zoo last Thursday and Sully had been talking about seeing the dinosaur's for days leading up to it and then he was a crying mess when we went through the exhibit lol. He clung to us like a Koala bear and had his eyes shut tight while he cried and cried lol. Then 30 minutes later he goes "I go see dinosaurs?" Haha!

  5. Slowly catching up and these parts haha!! Soo exciting that you are moving!!! So is that the new view of the new place?? Looks like the kids had fun at the park and the zoo!!! Now I have another reason to come back... I have to see the new place! Lol!! Why does flying in Canada have to be soo expensive. And at this rate with Em being carsick, driving won't be an option! Although we totally want to do a camping road trip with kids eventually!!

  6. Congratulations on selling your home so quickly. Only after 6 showings and it is already gone! The plan of finding a house first never happens so don't stress about it too much. I am sure there will be the perfect home just waiting for you to find it. Looks like the family had an amazing time. Thank you for sharing.


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