Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August, August, where did you go??

Ok August, you win for fastest month of 2016 so far! I guess that's what happens when you move and go away for even a short trip!

So who is ready for summer to be over? I for one am NOT! It's not worth complaining about our sad summer since there really isn't anything we can do about it but I am holding on till the bitter end. Sandals, sundresses and shorts are not being put away quite yet. We seem to get nice Septembers so I'm hoping that is the case this year- specifically from Thursday to Sunday, if Mother Nature is taking orders.

So what has been taking up all my time lately?

Well, the move has been the main reason!  What a ton of work! Now that we are on the other end of it it feels much better but there is still lots to do like furniture shopping, fixing little things like door knobs, organizing every drawer in every room, cleaning the carpets 5x-- thanks Leo, and, and, and...

All this, plus work leaves little time for anything else!

I've had some success with furniture shopping so at least we are moving in the right direction to filling a couple empty rooms!

We are going with this couch, in a slightly lighter grey fabric. Thoughts on the skulls pillow? ;) 

Hubby's to-do list is a mile long but he loves working on little and big projects so he isn't complaining. I feel like I rarely see him unless I go into the garage though.

And thank goodness my in-laws have a steam cleaner they have lent us because the poor carpets are getting broken in. I'll leave it at that...

I'm trying to find a balance of getting the house/life organized and spending time with the kids. I figure a bunch of stuff can wait until the winter when it's cold out and we can't be outside. We are loving our new area- the pathways and the park close by so every chance we can get outside we do!

Now that Seawheeze is over, I wasn't training for anything but I just signed up for the Gorilla Run on October 2nd. It's a 16KM/10 Mile race which would be a new race distance for me, as well as a new race! Both things I wanted to check off my list this year! Plus you get this cool medal!

I'm still lacking the motivation to get out and run though. I haven't done a long run since Seawheeze so I better get on it! I'm enjoying exploring our new neighborhood though- but it still doesn't get me out of bed ;) I think I'm almost ready for a running break.

Are you ready for summer to be over? 

Monday, August 29, 2016

.:Leo: 2.5 Years:.

Another 6 months have flown by! This year is going by far too fast and my little boy is getting so big! 2.5 is such a fun age, for the most part!

Eating: Leo is currently going through a picky stage. It does not help that some sensitivity testing brought up that he can't eat dairy, egg or soy and is also allergic to a few different types of grasses and hay. This makes preparing food for him quite difficult since everything seems to have at least one of those ingredients in it. He can no longer eat most of his favourite foods or we have to substitute something that he isn't super excited about. Eating out is hard because he can pretty much have a grilled chicken breast and veggies- every 2.5 year olds favourite foods, right?

He does love peanut butter and jam or honey toast, granola bars (which I have to make), pancakes, sausages and hot dogs, celery, carrots, broccoli, rice noodles, quesadillas with goat cheese, crackers and goat cheese and anything sweet!

Sleeping: He has been doing really well in his big boy bed. He was falling out a few times so I was propping pillows on his bed but he seems to be fine now. He generally sleeps from 8pm to 7am. He still naps for about 2 hours a day. He might be getting closer to dropping his nap but mama isn't ready for that. If he doesn't nap, 5pm onward is a disaster!

Diapers: Size 5 or 6. Thinking about potty training soon and trying to get him excited about new underwear! Probably in the early fall we will make the transition but he doesn't seem quite ready yet. And I'm not ready for the mess!

Skinny bum problems!

Weight/Size: He hasn't been weighed recently so will have to update later on that. He is wearing size 2T and some 3T things but some of his shorts are still 12-18 months. Skinny boy! He is wearing size 8 shoes and moving to the next size pretty quickly.

Hair and eyes: Blonde hair with a few curls! He had his first haircut in May and another a couple weeks ago! Eyes are still blue.

Talking: He talks non-stop! He puts full sentences together no problem. Sometimes he gets whiney and upset so we have to remind him to "use his words." He repeats a lot of things that we say- some good, some not so good! He will talk to anyone- start telling them about his cars or any other random thing that happens to be around.

Latest phrases: 'Because', ' Look, my favourite ______', 'Awesome', 'Abracadabra' to the van door,

Personality: Leo is stubborn, cuddly and so silly! He loves to make you laugh and bug his sister. He pushes the limits to see what happens but he is learning quickly that there are consequences for his actions. He is a mama's boy which I love!

Teething: All 20 teeth are in!

Likes: Anything cars and dinosaurs related! He talks about the Zoo and the T-rex all the time. He points out his favourite cars, which are usually mustangs! He runs everywhere and is enjoying his new red Strider bike. He needs his blanket every night. He loves to read books however he can't be trusted with a soft page book or else he will tear it apart. Half of his flap books are now flap-less...

Dislikes: Being told no, falling down, time outs, when his sister takes things from him, being tired or hungry.

Misc: Leo is so fun! While he has his tantrums, he is generally a good natured child. We just moved houses and both kids are adjusting well to their new day home and house. It's been a bit of a challenge as we all learn a new routine, house and area but in time it will feel like home. Leo already recognizes our new home now.
Audrey and Leo love each other. When Leo wakes up the first thing he asks is "Where's Ruaudrey"- I like how he says her name! She is so sweet to him and takes good care of him.

Being a Mom to these two is such an honour. Every day they teach me a new lesson, even when I am teaching them something. Always exploring, usually laughing and just being. They really know how to do life!

Friday, August 26, 2016

~ Happily Ever After- 10 Years Later~

10 years!! 

Such a milestone!

It feels like a lifetime ago that it was just the two of us. A young couple about to embark on a lifetime together! Our wedding day was hands down one of the best days of my life- the excitement, anticipation of a life together, the start of an amazing journey! Our families and friends all together! If I could re-live that day again I wouldn't change a thing!

These past 10 years have been nothing short of amazing. As expected, there have been difficult times but together we work through them and they have made us stronger, and hopefully better people.

If I do say so myself, I think I picked a pretty great partner. He is my calm, my patient, my carefree, my smart, my selfless, my motivation and the love of my life.

Through 4 homes, 2 children, several career changes, many adventurous trips, and lots of laughter, these 10 years have gone by!

Our wedding- in case the white dress didn't give it away

Our honeymoon
Our first condo

It's his "fault" I started running and doing triathlons! Always there to support me, in whatever I do. 

Trip to Europe

Our 5th Anniversary 


Welcoming our baby Audrey!

Growing again!

Sweet Leo joins us

Our 10 year anniversary trip to New York City!

I could not have asked for a better person to do this life with! Every day I am reminded of how I hit the jackpot with this guy! We have created a wonderful life together and I know the next 10, 20, 30 years are going to be full of adventure with him by my side!

Love you hun!

Monday, August 22, 2016

~Seawheeze 2016 Run.Yoga.Party. Weekend Recap~

It was exactly one year ago this very weekend of Seawheeze that my bestie, Laura and I were in Toronto for our girls weekend and decided to do Seawheeze this year!

We headed for Vancouver on Thursday in the early afternoon. We had a quick flight with a bit of champagne. Sort of a girls weekend tradition!

Ironically enough it was gorgeous and warm in Vancouver and super rainy at home.

Laura's Aunt and Uncle live in North Vancouver so that made it easy for accommodations. We headed to their place and had a nice dinner at a nearby pub. We also had a bit of wine.

Friday we woke up at a reasonable hour- no crazy early wakeup calls for us to get in line for the Showcase store! We love our Lululemon but lining up overnight is not my thing!

We made it to the line around 9:53am (ok, I took a picture of the time)- it wrapped around 3 sides of the Convention Centre!

I thought for sure we would be in line for 3 hours but it actually moved quickly!

Some special agents came along to make sure everything was in order! The theme of the race this year was "Agents of Change."

The agents were in character the entire weekend! They were very entertaining!

We only ended up being in line for just over an hour! As usual it was pure chaos trying to find stuff, people grabbing whatever, tossing clothes everywhere but the staff were amazing at keeping it organized and efficient.

We both took armfuls into the change room and found some winners.

There were a couple things I was still looking for so we went back and stalked the racks until they were restocked.

I liked most of the prints and colours this year but I was a bit disappointed in the quality of some of the items.

How I try clothes on!

This is how we felt after we left the Showcase store:

1- Remorse!

2- Acceptance!

3- Happiness!

My haul-- including a few gifts!

After the store, we picked up our race packages which took no time at all.

Our race package included this great bag, fun sunglasses, water bottle and Nuun tablets. Not too bad!

We missed the noon yoga since we were shopping...

Instead we opted to take photos!

Got a couple tattoos- including this gold pineapple with sunglasses. 

While waiting in line (the theme of the weekend), we found some of our friends who were also racing!

Just another (temporary) tattoo!

We decided to skip the lines for hair and manicures and instead got popsicles! Very refreshing on this hot day!

Vancouver, you are so pretty!

Our wrist bands which gave us entrance to the runners lounge, race, and the sunset festival.

That evening we made a delicious carb loading dinner of Penne a la Vodka! Probably one of my favourite dinners that Laura makes! I also limited my wine to one glass!


Saturday morning we woke up just before 5am. Laura made us bacon and eggs which I could only eat about half since I had typical race day nerves.

Sea wheeze course map- they made some slight changes from when I did it in 2013 and from talking to people it was different even from last year. We finished along the seawall rather than on the road at the start line.

Laura's uncle drove us down to the start line which took less than 15 minutes. We had lots of time to mill around, take a few pictures, and stop at the bathrooms.

Laura's first race- a half marathon! Go big or go home!

We lined up with the 2:20 pacers and waited about 10 minutes until it was our turn to go. The race organizers had everyone so pumped at the start- it is seriously the best start!!

Suddenly we were off! The start is always a bit of a shmoze as we lace through the streets and everyone is trying to find their pace.

I took zero photos on course. My phone was tucked away in my fuel belt and I didn't want to be pulling it in and out. Last year I lost my Gu Chomps pulling my phone out along the seawall so I decided that I would just run and enjoy other people's photos!

The first few kms I felt good, with a minor stitch in my right side. I skipped my first walk break to keep the momentum going. It was a warm morning and it was only 7am! I'm so glad I opted for the running skirt instead of capris! As always, I carried my own water since I like the flexibility of drinking it when I need/want it.

5K- 32:30. I felt pretty good, despite the stitch.

Between 5K-10K I started to feel gross. My stomach felt heavy- not in a "I need a bathroom stat" feeling, just heavy? I started to feel light headed and my legs just did not want to move. This is where the big hills are up to the Burrard Street bridge, down into Kitsilano and then back up the Burrard Street bridge. I did a lot of walking and some minor freak outs that I wasn't going to be able to finish. I almost considered going to the medic tent because I felt that bad and I was only a quarter of the way done. I have no clue why I felt this way-- my training, while not perfect, was good. I had several long runs, even in the heat that went well. I drank lots of fluid, leading up to the race and during the race. Maybe my electrolytes were off?

10K- 1:08:42.

The cheer stations- the Special Agents were on the hill leading to the Burrard Street bridge, Clearly had a station, the cycling team and overall enthusiasm got me through this tough part of the race. I tried to not dwell on how I felt- especially after I saw a lady pushing a wheel chair, way further ahead of me and then another lady wheeling her own chair. My problems were minor.

Although I did miss the Puppy Cheer Station in Kitsilano which goes to show how bad I must have been feeling if I missed puppies!!

After a bit of walking, lots of fluids and a Gu Chomp I started to feel more human again. I was able to run again and picked up the pace for the next 5K. I was feeling amazing actually. Once the Burrard Street bridge and hills were over I felt like my legs were finally moving properly again and I had some momentum.

Once we were along English Bay and the Seawall I felt much better. My legs were back! Plus it's such a beautiful route along the seawall that it was easier to forget how I was feeling and just run!

I have no idea how but I completely missed seeing the Mermaids but I did see the "Cocktail Party" cheer station and I wish I was sipping cocktails on the beach at that moment!

15K- 1:43:33

I was feeling pretty good up until 18K. Then my legs started to protest. Just the usual fatigue which I tried so hard to push through but I ended up taking a few extra walk breaks. It was hot, hot, hot out so I was stopped at the aid stations as well to grab some extra water. I don't know why I didn't think to pour water on myself- I usually do on warm training runs.

I was relieved to see that the Drag Queens cheer station was there this year. They weren't before the Burrard Street bridge like they were 3 years ago so I thought maybe they had another engagement. I was very excited to see them around 19K.

I didn't pay total attention to the course map beforehand so I didn't realize that we finished on the seawall. I kept waiting to be steered back to the road but I was happy to keep running along the seawall and park where it was a bit shady, although narrow.

Around 19K there started to be a lot of spectators along the route which was super encouraging at this point. I was so done, even if I knew I only had 2K to go.  It also wasn't a good sight to see someone being taken away on a stretcher by the paramedics so close to the finish line. Even though it was only 21C and felt like 26C with the humidity, it felt much hotter!

I remember someone saying only 2 more turns until the finish line but I didn't believe them. Sure enough, soon the finishing arch was in sight! I picked it up for the last couple hundred meters and was so happy to be done!

21.1K- 2:28:14

I quickly found Laura (she finished a few minutes before me) and we celebrated with our heavy medals!

We grabbed some water bottles and got in the long line up to grab our swag and brunch. We were given cold towels at the finish line which was AMAZING!!! Best idea ever Lululemon!

We spotted Penny and Nikki, two of my CHRR friends in line below us.

The line was a bit ridiculous. It took us 40 minutes to get our brunch. Apparently they ran out of water at the finish line which is not good. I carried my own water, drank a couple times at the water stations and still guzzled a full water bottle at the finish line. I can't even imagine how I would have been without that water and to stand in line in the hot sun for 40 minutes.

We collected our swag along the way up to brunch- a Saje Wellness runner's kit with Peppermint Halo and Pain Reliever essential oils, Kind bar which we quickly consumed and a finisher's hat. Apparently there were mens and women hats and we grabbed the mens. Oh well- navy isn't my favourite colour anyway. 

After waiting 40 minutes, we got our breakfast sandwich, grapes and cherry streusel. That streusel was worth the wait!

We took a few more pictures before heading back to North Vancouver to get cleaned up and have a nap.

What "runner's high?" At least my humour was still intact!

After our naps, we got ready and headed to the Sunset Festival before going out for dinner with Laura's Aunt and Uncle to celebrate Laura's upcoming birthday.

The Sunset Festival was located at Stanley Park. It should only have taken 15 minutes to drive there, however there was a water main break on the bridge ( or just after the bridge?) connecting the north shore to downtown Vancouver-- it took us 1.5 hours to get to the festival. I was sad :( We completely missed the yoga and the lineups for everything were so long that we basically walked around, took some pictures and then headed out for dinner. We heard a bit of Youngblood on stage and that's it. Not exactly the festival experience that I had in mind but at least we made it this year!

The agents of change doing their "Om-ing"

The view was amazing!

We drove by the Convention Centre and all evidence of Seawheeze was cleaned up.

We had a delicious dinner at The French Table. Laura got to open our bottle of champagne with a sabre. No big deal! I had prawns and Halibut- sooooo good! It was worth having to leave the festival for! We even got to take home a jar of blueberry preserves which we have been enjoying for breakfast!

Sunday we relaxed and took it easy. Due to the traffic issues with the bridge we gave ourselves lots of time to get to the airport.

We found some gifts for the kids at the Aquarium store.

It was hard to only pick a couple stuffies for the kids!

The flight home was bumpy due to weather in Calgary- figures. We leave beautiful Vancouver for rainy and cool Calgary :(

I missed hubby and the children immensely so I was glad to go home even if it was the most amazing Seawheeze weekend! We had so much fun- we aren't sure how we are going to top it next year for our girls weekend!