Monday, September 26, 2016

~Week + end Adventures~

I seem to only get the chance to sit at the computer to blog about once a week! Better than none?

Since life has slowed down a touch (haha ya right!) we were finally able to get together with some mamas and kiddos for a playdate at our house last week. Such a good time catching up with Jen (+ Wes), Alison (+ Delainey and Ryder) and Brie (+ Sully). The kids mostly had fun, when Leo wasn't crying over sharing his toys. Gosh, life is hard when you are two and everyone wants your cars!

So while I failed to take any pictures during the playdate, here is a before and after!

Before: making granola bars (Leo friendly) with the kids. Don't worry- they licked the spoons AFTER we were done mixing!

After: Cinderella cleaning up after everyone left. I promise she wanted to vacuum! She does need to practice a bit though...

The kids and I had dentist appointments and I am so proud of these two rockstars!! Audrey didn't hesitate at all, opened her mouth so he could clean her teeth and do the fluoride. "Rio" playing above helped ;)

Leo's checkup was more to get him comfortable but he was so good that the Dentist said he can get a cleaning next time.

So proud of them for not being scared of the dentist and for being good about brushing their teeth regularly.

Sometimes they play nicely together...

Audrey had preschool on Friday afternoon so this guy and I had some quality time after his nap! Playing cars is his favourite!

Oh yah- hubby was in Edmonton for Thursday and Friday night so I took it upon myself to watch some movies after the kids were in bed. I watched "Me Before You" which was good but I didn't pay super attention to it because I had just read the book.

I also watched "Bad Neighbors" which was funny/terrible. I can never take frat movies seriously because that is so not how they are in real life. I laughed pretty hard at Lisa Kudrow as the Dean.

Ok maybe I'll watch the sequel next business trip!

Sometimes I have Snapchat fun with the kids. Leo always wants to be a monster though!!

I tell ya- finding a new nail salon was harder than finding a new doctor and chiropractor combined! I did get a referral from my mom's co-worker and I think this salon will work out.

Neutrals are back for fall!

Griffith Woods is our favourite! We love exploring it on the weekend, often with the kids on their bikes. The weather was gorg-eous this weekend so we spent a couple hours checking out new trails. The fall colours are spectacular!


A fire pit!

We headed to Pearce Estates Park in Inglewood for some fishing. Everyone but me has their own fishing rod!

Audrey thoroughly enjoyed herself! And yes, tutus can be worn fishing.

You can't use scented bait so it's a bit harder to lure the fish. We didn't catch anything but it was fun to watch the fish swimming around.

As expected, Leo lasted only 15 minutes before he decided to throw rocks into the pond. 

We went to the Bow Habitat Station Discovery Centre.

We learned about some of Alberta's fish.

Checking out a beaver's lodge. Quite the structure!

Audrey and I hid from the boys inside the beaver's lodge!

Beaver inside the lodge!

Fish Hatchery. They often have tours but we didn't go on one.

As much as I wanted to head for a nap when we got home, I went out for a 13K run instead. It didn't take me long to feel good about that decision. Such a beautiful day and I know these nice fall running weather days are numbered. It won't be capris and tank top running weather for much longer.

This photo doesn't do justice to this amazing view of the fall colours.

Sun peeking through the trees, beautiful leaves and the perfect running temperature. It was a good run!

I even managed to find a picnic table for the next time we go to the woods for a picnic!

And just like that the last weekend of September is over! I'm not sure how...

Can everyone cross their fingers for nice weather on Friday? We have our family photos scheduled that night and rain would not be good.


  1. Finding a new nail salon can be so tough! It looks like you did though :) The Bow Habitat Station Discovery Centre looks interesting. I kinda want to go check it out

  2. Your new area looks beautiful!

  3. Thanks again for having us over! Love your nails! Did you cry watching Me Before You?! Gah, I did. haha!


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