Friday, April 28, 2017

~Baby N#3- Gender Predictions~

Full term (37 weeks) is right around the corner so we are close to finding out what Baby N #3 is!! Not finding out this time has been sooooo hard for this ultimate planner but it's also been fun knowing how exciting it will be to find out on the birth day!!

Ok, the last two times I did this was just for fun since we knew what we were having early on. For the record, it was predicted that Audrey was a girl and Leo was a girl (by one point).

So for fun, let's see what the old wives tales predict we are having this time!

Carrying high or low- if you carry low, it's a boy, high it's a girl.
This is hard. I'm definitely carrying bigger and I'm having a harder time breathing which I do not remember having with the other two. Baby is right up in my ribs so higher.

Heart Rate- if the heart rate is above 140 it's a girl, below and it's a boy.
So far it's always been over 140 so it's a GIRL! 

Craving Sweet or Savory- if you are craving sweets, it's a girl but if all you want is savory then it's a boy.
I've been craving both, and I NEEDED chips to survive the first trimester but overall my chocolate and sweets cravings are much higher. GIRL!

Mood Test- mostly happy? It's a boy. More moody? It's a girl.
It's so a GIRL!

 Chinese Calendar- Apparently this is a very accurate method of gender prediction. It uses the mother's age and month of conception to calculate whether you are having a boy or girl. GIRL!

Even/Odds Test- If the mother's birth year and age (at conception) are both even or both odd numbers then you are going to have a girl. If one is even, and one is odd, it's a boy.
It's a GIRL!

Complexion- if you are having a girl, she will steal your beauty (aka bad skin) and if you have a boy, your skin will be clear.
It's a BOY!

Morning Sickness- if you are super sick during the first trimester that indicates a girl. If you are just a bit queasy, it's a boy.
Well it's definitely a GIRL!

I think it's funny looking back how I thought I was super sick in the 1st trimester with Leo-- ya, last time has nothing on this time around!

Graceful versus Clumsy- if you are clumsier, it's a boy. If you are more graceful, it's a girl.
I wish I was more graceful.  It's a BOY!

If Dad's weight stays the same, it's a boy. If he gains weight, it's a girl.
It's a BOY!

Headaches- if you suffer from headaches, it's a boy. If you don't, it's a girl. 
It's a BOY!


BOY: 4


It's probably a boy!!

My father-in-law so far has correctly predicted the sex of all 4 of his grandchildren. At the beginning of this pregnancy he thought it was a girl, but when he saw the 19 week ultrasound picture he says it's a boy now because the profile looks like Leo!

The good news is that we will definitely know in a few weeks if the old wives tales are correct or Grandpa is right!

So what do you think? 
Will Audrey and Leo be getting a baby brother or baby sister?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

~Baby N#3: 33-34 Weeks~

How big is Baby N#3?

 Baby is the size of a mid-century modern hanging lamp. Ok... another comparison is a butternut squash which is a little more relatable to me than a light fixture! Baby is about 17 inches long and 4.73lbs. Baby is also growing fingernails now!

It's getting tight in there so less movement except in the evening or when I lie down and baby goes crazy.

How I'm feeling?
I'm definitely feeling the 3rd trimester. No major aches or pains but if I sit/lay for too long then I'm super stiff when I get up. If I walk too long then I feel pulling in my lower ligaments. So no complaints in how I feel physically since I'm not in any pain but I definitely feel slow!

Baby is still breech so I'm dealing with what that might potentially mean however we do have couple weeks for baby to turn on it's own before we consult with an OB. Apparently history does repeat itself.

Starting to get some pregnancy insomnia. A big part is the breech factor on my mind a lot. I also nap a lot on the weekends- it's tiring growing a human.

Zero. I'm too tired mentally and physically in the evenings. Trying to get outside for walks with the kids when the weather is decent. 

Officially setting my maternity leave date so only a couple more weeks of work to go!

Easter was a lot of fun with the kids- even the baby got a basket and gift from the Easter bunny! ;)

Looking Forward to?
Maternity photos this week with Whitney! Fingers crossed the weather cooperates so it isn't too cold/rainy for our session.
We also have our Active Birthing Class with the midwives this week. It's definitely getting closer and more real that another baby will be here soon! Exciting yet terrifying!

Baby Purchases & Projects?
I spent a good chunk of the weekend washing and organizing tiny baby clothes and linens. Made a few lists of things I still need to get so hopefully in the next 2 weeks I can do that.

Pulled out all my nursing bras and tanks and comfy post partum clothes. Not looking forward to this part where nothing fits and everything has to be breastfeeding friendly. Good thing the cute baby makes up for it.

My next thing to do is start packing the hospital bag.

Bump Photo

Monday, April 17, 2017

~Easter Weekend~

Our Easter Weekend was lots of fun-- a good mix of productivity, relaxing and visiting.

To rewind back to Wednesday, hubby took Leo in to see the doctor since he has had a persistent cold for what feels like forever. He would get better but then a week or two later the cough would start up again. X-rays showed there was no infection or pneumonia which is good. He is on inhalers twice a day though so it's similar to what Audrey had at age 2-3: viral induced asthma. Hopefully he will outgrow it like she has and there was a noticeable reduction in his coughing after only a day of using the inhalers.

Thursday was a busy day of errands with the kids. I had a midwife appointment- where I ran into a friend who had her 3rd baby last month so I caught up with her and then a chiropractor appointment after lunch.

In the afternoon while Leo napped, Audrey and I started baking for when the baby comes. Turns out I didn't have all the ingredients to make energy balls (everything but rolled oats) so we made small banana chocolate chips muffins. Brie had made these for a playdate once and shared the recipe with me since they are dairy, soy and egg free (well minus the chocolate chips which have dairy in them). They can also be made gluten-free but we made them gluten-full.

In the evening, I was supposed to get my hair done by a new hairdresser since mine is currently on mat leave. Well she cancelled on me last minute due to family emergency but rescheduled for the next day.

Hubby knew I needed a break so he sent me out after dinner for some alone time. I went to the post office to pick up a package and then the mall to look for some outfits for the kids for our upcoming maternity photos. While in Old Navy, I ran into another Mom friend whom I haven't seen in ages so we chatted instead of shopped but it was worth it!

Friday was Good Friday so hubby was home with us all day long! I had my rescheduled hair appointment in the AM so I went to that while the rest of the family went grocery shopping for our family dinner we were hosting on Saturday.

When I came home, Audrey and I had a tea party picnic.

We had a slight issue with Leo getting up super early on Friday morning, going downstairs, into the pantry and getting up to his elbows in honey! Our very own "Winnie the Pooh!" Thankfully it's water soluble and hubby cleaned the carpet, couch and chair that he got it all over before I got up.

After a couple too many incidents of Leo getting into the pantry early in the morning and making a mess, we changed out the door handle (it was a lever one before) so we could put an easily-accessible-for-adults-but-not-children child lock on it! The child lock for lever doors is such a pain to use which is why we resisted putting one on there for awhile so changing the door knob seemed like the best solution.

Sometimes they love each other! ;) Lately Leo has been quite enjoying harassing his sister so I have to document these moments that they are loving each other.

They look like they are colouring together nicely but really Leo was bothering Audrey.

When Leo naps, the real crafting begins! Leo can't be trusted to craft on his own for 5 seconds so the messy stuff waits until he is asleep.

I found this cute Easter canvas craft on a blog-- I showed it to Audrey, including the instructions. She was like "that's nice- I'm going to do it my way." I love her creativity but for this non-creative, instruction following person, I have a hard time letting go!

Even though it doesn't look like the inspiration picture, she did a great job and I appreciate her creativity. The picture on the right is all her.

Saturday we hosted both our families for Easter dinner. It was about 20 people which was maybe ambitious but we recruited help and it was nice to celebrate with everyone.

The kids were cooperative in getting dressed for once! Daddy and Leo went for haircuts earlier in the morning.

The kids table! They behaved surprisingly well!

It was also my Aunt's 60th birthday so we had a big, delicious chocolate cake to celebrate!

We had to re-light the candles since the kids started blowing them out on their own. Then my Aunt asked Leo to help her blow them out.

After everyone left, the Easter bunny got to work to hide eggs all over the house.

Easter baskets for all the kids- even baby got one!

Sunday the kids slept in since they went to bed so late the night before which was great! Once everyone was up, we went downstairs to see what the Easter bunny left!

Leo got his own outdoor lawn mower finally! The kids have been fighting over Audrey's for the last 2 years and the Easter bunny finally got his act together to get Leo one. He was so excited and we were deaf after about 5 minutes because it's a popping mower. Good thing it's an outdoor toy!

After checking out their baskets they started hunting for eggs. There were only a few tears when Audrey would spot a bunch and not leave any for Leo.

After the egg hunt, hubby made us breakfast, which included bunny shaped pancakes, strawberries and whip cream! Sooooo good!

I spent a good chunk of the day washing baby clothes and cleaning up from Easter dinner the night before. We did go for a nice long walk/bike ride in the afternoon after all the snow melted. 

The kids happily played the rest of the day while I worked on laundry, organizing and relaxing.

Hubby and the kids have today off also so they are doing fun things like swimming while I am working.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

~Spring Bucket List 2017~

Spring is finally here and I'm finally getting around to putting together a bucket list of fun things to do with the kids! We just need the weather to cooperate for most of the activities, but we've got a few things to do if the weather isn't favourable!

What's on your Spring Bucket List?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

~Baby N#3: 31-32 Weeks~

How big is Baby N#3?

Baby is the size of a bento box. Thankfully not as square as one or that would be very uncomfortable! Measuring approximately 16 inches and 3.75lbs.

I feel like movement has slowed down- babe must be running out of space. Still lots of movement in the evenings compared to daytime although a sugar and/or cold drink gets baby kicking lots.

How I'm feeling?
My midwife appointment at 31 weeks, 3 days brought a bit of stress for me since baby was breech and I had high blood pressure- 2 of the reasons why Leo was born early. I already had an ultrasound booked right after to check baby's growth- which is perfect! Afterwards I went for blood work. The next day my midwives emailed me to say my blood work came back perfectly- not a single concern. They rechecked my blood pressure a few days later and it was back to normal. They told me not to stress about baby being breech- it's still super early and lots of time for baby to flip on it's own. I seriously love how caring and support my midwives are- they always take the time to acknowledge my concerns, explain everything to me and reassure me that everything will be fine, regardless of the outcome.

So I've been seeing my chiropractor for the Webster technique (release tight ligaments that might be preventing baby from turning) and an acupuncturist to encourage balance and movement throughout the body so hopefully baby gets the memo. I had a lot of movement last week which made me think baby possibly turned but I'm not 100% sure. I still feel like a head is at my ribs so we will see this week at my next MW appointment. In the meantime I'm trying to not stress about what this could mean.

No complaints there. Still wake up once in the night to go to the bathroom and sometimes when baby kicks too much but overall I'm not having insomnia or discomfort while sleeping.

Other than walks and running after kids, I haven't worked out much the last couple of weeks. I'm so tired in the evenings and I've been preoccupied with trying to get the baby to flip!

Definitely seeing the baby at the ultrasound! I think baby looks like Leo. We could see it practicing breathing, opening it's mouth, sucking it's thumb and blinking! It was so neat! Ultrasounds never get old!! I also resisted *again* not finding out the gender.

Baby Purchases & Projects?
I've started going through my newborn stuff and pulling out all the gender neutral, boy and girl newborn clothes. I still need to wash and organize it all.
Audrey and I went shopping for "coming home" outfits for the baby. We found one for a girl but nothing stood out for a boy. I remember now how much I dislike a lot of the baby boy clothes. What's wrong with plain? Does everything have to have a truck, or puppy or cars on it? I've ordered a few things online that will work for either gender.

I also found a baby book that I like so I picked that up while I remembered!

I ordered a dress online for maternity photos but it arrived damaged! Thankfully the customer service is amazing and they said they would ship me a new one immediately. I just hope it arrives in time for my maternity photos and that I don't have to pay duty again... I need to figure out what the rest of the family will be wearing and where we are going to do them!

Bump Photo

I can not for the life of me get rid of the shadow around my front side! I've tried flash, no flash, changing walls, etc. It makes me look even bigger than I already am!! 

Monday, April 3, 2017

~Weekend Recap: Spring Break Edition~

Last week was spring break which didn't really mean too much for me since I was still working my regular 3 days but Audrey wasn't in school. It also meant that some of my teacher/school friends were off so we could actually plan play dates!

Thursday I met my friend and her daughter, C, at Bow Habitat Station. She is a teacher so it's hard for us to coordinate schedules to get together so we planned this well in advance!

We went to Bow Habitat Station last summer but we didn't spend as much time in the Discovery Centre due to time. 

They had an excellent program together for the kids. They had to do this obstacle course to show how bees pollinate flowers.

They have a lot of wildlife exhibits, information on the environment, the ecosystems, etc. It was super informative, even for me!

The highlight was definitely touring the fish hatchery and feeding the rainbow trout!

They had a craft room where the kids could make dragon flies. And get glitter everywhere...

They were quite fascinated with the anatomy of a fish- even if they thought the spine was it's teeth!

Fish puzzles were a hit.

I highly recommend checking out the Bow Habitat Station if you are looking for something fun and relatively inexpensive to do. We will definitely return in the summer so the kids can fish and have a picnic in the park.

 Friday morning we met up with Alison, Delainey and Ryder in East Village to check out some playgrounds. I love a good playground with a rubber surface!

The kids played a mean game of "Peek-a-boo" with Ryder while Alison got our caffeine fix at Phil and Sebastians.

We walked to the other side of the bridge to throw some rocks into the water-- but the river was still frozen. That didn't stop the kids from throwing rocks anyway!

Or climb all over them like mountain goats!

Further along was a huge hill that the kids rolled down.

Or bum scooted...

On the other side of the hill was another playground which I refer to as a 'death trap'. A couple of the slides are rocket launchers- Leo flew past me at the bottom and landed on his chest. Ouch! Then he almost fell to his death climbing a long-- thankfully I was right there and caught him.

The kids loved it, even if they were filthy afterwards.

Saturday Audrey had dance and I finished my book- The Morning Miracle! It was so good- I ended up ordering it online so I have a copy for myself to reference. I'm definitely going to start implementing the habits that he suggests. Might be slightly ambitious with a newborn on the way but I think it will help me be more productive and reduce stress.

We went to our friends' house for lunch and a playdate-- the same friends we went to the Bow Habitat with! We are making up for all the lack of visits the rest of the time!

Leo was loving having A teach him all about dinosaurs, numbers, and shapes. Teachers tools!

We took the kids for a long walk which completely exhausted them (and me). Their daughter fell asleep in her Dad's arms on the way back and Leo was so close to crashing himself! Needless to say they fell asleep on the way home, at 5pm! 

They didn't even wake up when we carried them inside to the couch!

Rather than worry about it, we had a fun movie and popcorn night. We watched Moana which was great!

The kids didn't go to bed until after 10pm, as expected with their long nap.  

Sunday we didn't have plans which was nice. It snowed so our hopes to go for a bike ride were dashed. Hubby had some projects to work on in the garage and I had exciting things to do around the house... like laundry.

I figured out a way to keep Leo occupied while I get ready-- he loves the 'funny faces' on Snapchat, as he calls them! So I set up my phone and he is entertained by the different filters!

Leo and I planned to run a couple quick errands before lunch but turns out the store I needed to go to didn't open until noon. Oops! Instead we went to the mall to pick something up at Sephora and have lunch. It's not too often that I just have Leo so it was a nice Mommy-Son date!

He saw this dinosaur structure and was enthralled with it! He was so excited to see a dinosaur in the mall!

After nap he played with his dinosaur magnets while Audrey worked on her lego. Perfect indoor activities!

My Mom came over for dinner and a visit which was a great way to end a busy weekend!

Now for another busy week-- one which hopefully includes me finishing gathering tax info, going to bed early, and finishing a book in 5 days before it's due back at the library!