Monday, April 17, 2017

~Easter Weekend~

Our Easter Weekend was lots of fun-- a good mix of productivity, relaxing and visiting.

To rewind back to Wednesday, hubby took Leo in to see the doctor since he has had a persistent cold for what feels like forever. He would get better but then a week or two later the cough would start up again. X-rays showed there was no infection or pneumonia which is good. He is on inhalers twice a day though so it's similar to what Audrey had at age 2-3: viral induced asthma. Hopefully he will outgrow it like she has and there was a noticeable reduction in his coughing after only a day of using the inhalers.

Thursday was a busy day of errands with the kids. I had a midwife appointment- where I ran into a friend who had her 3rd baby last month so I caught up with her and then a chiropractor appointment after lunch.

In the afternoon while Leo napped, Audrey and I started baking for when the baby comes. Turns out I didn't have all the ingredients to make energy balls (everything but rolled oats) so we made small banana chocolate chips muffins. Brie had made these for a playdate once and shared the recipe with me since they are dairy, soy and egg free (well minus the chocolate chips which have dairy in them). They can also be made gluten-free but we made them gluten-full.

In the evening, I was supposed to get my hair done by a new hairdresser since mine is currently on mat leave. Well she cancelled on me last minute due to family emergency but rescheduled for the next day.

Hubby knew I needed a break so he sent me out after dinner for some alone time. I went to the post office to pick up a package and then the mall to look for some outfits for the kids for our upcoming maternity photos. While in Old Navy, I ran into another Mom friend whom I haven't seen in ages so we chatted instead of shopped but it was worth it!

Friday was Good Friday so hubby was home with us all day long! I had my rescheduled hair appointment in the AM so I went to that while the rest of the family went grocery shopping for our family dinner we were hosting on Saturday.

When I came home, Audrey and I had a tea party picnic.

We had a slight issue with Leo getting up super early on Friday morning, going downstairs, into the pantry and getting up to his elbows in honey! Our very own "Winnie the Pooh!" Thankfully it's water soluble and hubby cleaned the carpet, couch and chair that he got it all over before I got up.

After a couple too many incidents of Leo getting into the pantry early in the morning and making a mess, we changed out the door handle (it was a lever one before) so we could put an easily-accessible-for-adults-but-not-children child lock on it! The child lock for lever doors is such a pain to use which is why we resisted putting one on there for awhile so changing the door knob seemed like the best solution.

Sometimes they love each other! ;) Lately Leo has been quite enjoying harassing his sister so I have to document these moments that they are loving each other.

They look like they are colouring together nicely but really Leo was bothering Audrey.

When Leo naps, the real crafting begins! Leo can't be trusted to craft on his own for 5 seconds so the messy stuff waits until he is asleep.

I found this cute Easter canvas craft on a blog-- I showed it to Audrey, including the instructions. She was like "that's nice- I'm going to do it my way." I love her creativity but for this non-creative, instruction following person, I have a hard time letting go!

Even though it doesn't look like the inspiration picture, she did a great job and I appreciate her creativity. The picture on the right is all her.

Saturday we hosted both our families for Easter dinner. It was about 20 people which was maybe ambitious but we recruited help and it was nice to celebrate with everyone.

The kids were cooperative in getting dressed for once! Daddy and Leo went for haircuts earlier in the morning.

The kids table! They behaved surprisingly well!

It was also my Aunt's 60th birthday so we had a big, delicious chocolate cake to celebrate!

We had to re-light the candles since the kids started blowing them out on their own. Then my Aunt asked Leo to help her blow them out.

After everyone left, the Easter bunny got to work to hide eggs all over the house.

Easter baskets for all the kids- even baby got one!

Sunday the kids slept in since they went to bed so late the night before which was great! Once everyone was up, we went downstairs to see what the Easter bunny left!

Leo got his own outdoor lawn mower finally! The kids have been fighting over Audrey's for the last 2 years and the Easter bunny finally got his act together to get Leo one. He was so excited and we were deaf after about 5 minutes because it's a popping mower. Good thing it's an outdoor toy!

After checking out their baskets they started hunting for eggs. There were only a few tears when Audrey would spot a bunch and not leave any for Leo.

After the egg hunt, hubby made us breakfast, which included bunny shaped pancakes, strawberries and whip cream! Sooooo good!

I spent a good chunk of the day washing baby clothes and cleaning up from Easter dinner the night before. We did go for a nice long walk/bike ride in the afternoon after all the snow melted. 

The kids happily played the rest of the day while I worked on laundry, organizing and relaxing.

Hubby and the kids have today off also so they are doing fun things like swimming while I am working.

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  1. What an awesome weekend! I love the Easter craft! And those pancakes! Did you change your hair much? What a little stinker Leo and the honey! Oh man!! ha


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