Tuesday, May 2, 2017

~Baby N#3: 35-36 Weeks~

How big is Baby N#3?
Baby is the size of a throw pillow! That slightly terrifies me because some of my throw pillows are big! Baby is about 18.5 inches long and 5.75lbs. My throw pillows aren't that heavy so it must be more the length that this comparison is referring to!

Sometimes it feels like the baby is trying to escape through my belly button it's rolling around and moving so much in there! Most activity is at night. The baby likes to rub up by my ribs which is pretty uncomfortable.

How I'm feeling?
Tired, swollen and large! I'm still not ready for baby to come quite yet but I am getting closer to that "done" feeling that so many pregnant women feel at this stage. My belly is starting to get very uncomfortable and tight-- sometimes standing up and walking is so hard because it feels so tight as baby is quite high up. Thankfully this feeling isn't all the time- for the most part I do still feel comfortable.

Baby is still breech. We have an External Cephalic Version (ECV) booked this week to try to manually turn baby at 37 weeks. However, it will not be done with a spinal so birth is not eminent, unless baby becomes distressed. It will be painful for me, unlike Leo's because I won't have any pain medication. I'm nervous. I'm also tired of all the stress/drama surrounding this impending delivery-- it's all too similar to Leo's last few weeks inside and I never thought we would have to deal with that again. I'm also tired of everyone telling me that csections aren't that bad and it's all about the baby being healthy. Of course making sure that we are both ok is the most important but I really wish people would stop downplaying the risks and discomfort of a csection to me. I know they are trying to make me feel better but it's not.

No complaints for the most part. I'm still pretty comfortable and only have to get up once or twice to pee in the night. Rolling is of course difficult and comical!

Seeing the baby for yet another ultrasound to confirm position. The tech tried to look for the sex since she wanted to know for growth purposes but she couldn't see it since baby is too big now and bum down. We were both looking away anyway because we have made it this far without knowing so we can wait a couple more weeks! Baby is growing well and is still going to be on the smaller side like it's siblings. 

Looking Forward to?
Finishing my last week of work! Hopefully having a couple weeks to do a few things like make some meals, energy balls, nesting, fun activities with the kids before life changes forever! 
Of course, finally meeting our baby! 

Baby Purchases & Projects?
Almost completely ready for this baby in terms of clothing and linens are washed, our room is set up, minus the crib. Most of my important To Do/To Boy items are completed, although I do have a long list of things I would like to do before baby comes so I am hoping to get to that once I'm done work this week! 

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  1. Oh man I feel bad for you. Birth is already stressful enough. I am hoping everything goes well with the flip and then you can just relax these next few weeks. C-sections are not fun and I hope you won't need another. Come on baby flip!

  2. My feet are getting swollen too! Not a pretty sight. Fingers crossed the procedure works and isn't too painful for you!

  3. One of my best friends just had the ECV last week and said it was uncomfortable and she had bruising afterwards but it was a manageable pain. You look amazing, though :)


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