Tuesday, May 9, 2017

~Baby N#3: 37 Weeks~

How big is Baby N#3?

Baby is the size of a lightweight kettle bell. That feels about right! Baby is about 19 inches long and 6.3lbs. 

Movement is usually in the evening. Lots of rolling around and what feels like stretching.

How I'm feeling?
We had the External Cephalic Version (ECV) last week at 37w2d. The OB on call that day recommended we do it with fentanyl and nitroglycerine to relax my uterus. It was pretty intense pressure and took two tries but it worked! It was sheer relief when I felt the baby's head move down. They monitored us for another hour and baby was happy the entire time. I was pretty sore afterwards since the OB had to push pretty hard, especially around my pelvis to get baby to move. I also had a bad headache after- likely from the medication.

They told me at my OB consult the week before to not eat or drink anything starting 4 hours before my appointment. So at 5am, half asleep, I had a quarter of a Cliff bar. When we got there they said they wanted me to wait 6 hours after eating before doing the procedure just in case they had to rush me to an emergency csection. So we had to wait... for a quarter of a Cliff bar.

Hubby was a fan of the recliners in the labour and delivery room. He was disappointed to find out in post partum you only get a hard chair to sit/sleep in. 

There is still the possibility that baby could turn back. I am trying to not worry about that and just hope that baby stays head down until delivery.

I have started getting this shooting pain in my inner left thigh, which started after the ECV. I went back to the chiro and she said it's likely from changes in my pelvis and the baby's position. It doesn't happen too often in a day but it's pretty uncomfortable when it does happen. Otherwise I feel pretty good for someone who is full term!

I honestly didn't think the ECV would work so I have had to shift my thinking from planning a csection to now waiting for labour to start. I did have some light contractions the other night that woke me up but they weren't very strong or consistent. 

I am so tired in the afternoon- I keep falling asleep while putting Leo down for a nap and then having a 2 hour nap myself! That messes with my evening sleep though. I am finding it a bit hard to get comfortable at night to fall asleep. 

Definitely having the ECV work! Although the procedure itself wasn't very pleasant and excruitiatingly tough, it was worth it. Hubby and I also had likely our last date night before baby comes. We went for a delicious thai dinner and for ice cream. 

Looking Forward to?
Having a few days to myself now that I am on maternity leave. I've been running a few errands and trying to do some things at home that I have been putting off because I've been too tired or busy to do them before. Audrey's Mother's Day Tea is this week and I am pretty excited for that. 

Baby Purchases & Projects?
We are ready! Carseat is installed, hospital bags are packed minus a few last minute items. The crib still needs to be put up though. We should make some freezer meals and another batch of muffins but if baby came tomorrow we would be fine. I do have some non-baby related that need to get done so I hope baby waits another week.

Baby Bump

This photo is post- ECV.


  1. A kettle bell! LOVE it! ha Lookin' good mama!! So close. Enjoy those naps for sure and your last few days. SO glad this babe flipped and now just stay put baby!

  2. I ate a Clif bar in labour with Avery and the nurse got mad at me - damn Clif bars!
    So happy the ECV worked!
    Love your top and you look great :)

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