Saturday, May 20, 2017

~Currently: May 2017~

Currently: we are on baby watch! The text messages and phone calls are rolling in as we approach the due date! Everyone is getting excited for the baby!

What else am I up to?

Reading: I have a a few books on my night stand that I am not reading quite yet! I haven't really had the urge to read lately. I figure I will get to them when I'm nursing for hours on end in a couple weeks.

Loving: all the flowers that we picked up at the garden centre this weekend to plant in our front garden bed and planters. Hubby has grand landscaping plans for our new house so we probably won't get around to planting a vegetable garden this year but I am just as happy with lots of pretty flowers.

Admiring: how grown up these two seem these days!! Audrey looks and acts like a teenager! They can be challenging some days or moments but overall they are such great kids that we are lucky to have as ours.

Enjoying: as much time as we can outside and on fun adventures while we can. Zoo dates, lots of walks, and special time alone with each child before we begin this huge transition to a family of 5.

Proud: of this big sister who I know will adore her new baby brother or sister. She is so ridiculously helpful with her brother already- she helps buckle him into his car seat, put his shoes on, reminds him about the potty (still a work in progress), is working on a chore chart to earn some things that she really wants. She was so excited to bring her sugar bowl that she painted a couple weeks ago on our date to preschool in the "Mystery Box." I just love her!

Rocking: all the comfy leggings and dresses. Audrey asked me why I wear leggings as pants the other day! Because 9 months pregnant sweetie! Also, most of my shoes don't fit me right now so I keep trying to buy new shoes but that seems like a silly idea when my feet will likely go back down in size once the baby is born! I really like these shoes and bought them anyway so my feet have 90 days to return to their normal size or else I'll have to return them.

Obsessed: with our maternity photos that Whitney took! She knocked it out of the park, as usual. The kids were pretty well behaved and the weather was perfect. I just need to find a couple more frames, decide which ones to print and then hubby can hang them. I might have to start another gallery wall because Whitney takes too many amazing photos! Tough problem to have!

Drinking: this new Kombucha from Truebuch which is amazing! I got the Very Berry flavour and it's hard to limit myself to one glass! This is tiding me over until I can have some wine and ciders once baby is born!

Crafting: a new wreath for our front door. I've been on the hunt for one for years so I've given up and will make one myself. Except I have no motivation to start on it. Audrey and I picked out a bunch of flowers and a wreath but that's it! Maybe some creative juices will flow once baby is here or I can get my ultra-creative husband to make it for me.

Eatings: lots of ice cream! I'm especially enjoying this Fiasco Gelato dark chocolate caramel sea salt I got on sale. Sometimes I add coconut and chocolate chips, just because. It goes down quite nicely with a cup of red raspberry leaf tea, which is good for toning the uterus. The ice cream is good for toning... nothing.

Savouring: this special time of anticipation of a new baby! There is absolutely nothing like this feeling of waiting to meet this new, sweet babe. Will it be a boy or a girl? What will he/she look like? How big will he/she be? WHEN will he/she finally arrive? It really is one of my favourite feelings in the world! 


  1. Eeek cannot wait to hear when baby arrives!!
    Do you have annuals or perennials? I kinda want a flower garden in the yard now but not sure. We have a landscaper coming this week so I will see if it can fit into the idea we have for the yard.

  2. So, have you had the baby yet? ;) I'm totally kidding. Love those black shoes. Where from?

  3. I've been looking for shoes like that! I ordered a pair online and they were enormous! Where from? We did flowers too! I love them but hate that they die. We have mostly perennials but annuals in our pots! You maternity photos are stunning!! And I want that ice cream.


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