Wednesday, May 3, 2017

~Maternity Looks~

As I approach the end of pregnancy, I wanted to share some of my favourite go-to looks for pregnancy this time around. I still ended up buying a number of items to add to my maternity collection from my previous pregnancies. To be honest, I was sick of a lot of those clothes, or some of them weren't in season or in style any longer!

Finding maternity clothes is tough. Even in this big city, there are only a couple maternity stores and a few high end boutiques. Shopping online is tough unless the return policy is great, which unless it's Gap or Old Navy, it isn't.

Like my regular wardrobe, I try to find very versatile pieces that I can layer with and get a lot of wear out of. I still wore a lot of my regular blazers for work and cardigans. I felt a lot warmer this pregnancy so layering was key, even though it was mostly winter.

I've even found a few non-maternity dresses that worked earlier in my pregnancy. I think I wore this Old Navy swing dress till I was about 30 weeks pregnant. I don't even look pregnant from the front ;)

I like to wear basic clothing and accessories with fun shoes, cardigans and jewellery.

Isabella Oliver-- definitely worth splurging for! I bought a couple dresses and shirts from this UK line in my last pregnancy and I wore them all the time.

I'm a huge fan of the Isabella Oliver T-shirt dress. They are so comfortable, you can adjust the length of the skirt depending on how far along you are and if you want it longer or shorter, with the ruching on the sides. You can also dress them down to be a bit more casual. They don't stretch out either, which I find happens to a lot of maternity clothes.

Paired with a kimono which was still dressy enough for work but with sandals it would be more casual.

Worn under a cozy cardigan for those chilly winter months.

Seriously so versatile!

The Isabella Oliver cap scoop shirts are my favourite!! I have a long torso so these shirts are perfect for my growing belly. They are a bit thicker, don't lose their shape and while they are expensive, I found some online on sale. I even wore the shirts for awhile post partum last time because they are so flattering with the ruching on the sides so I didn't feel bad splurging on a couple more this time around. 

I only bought one pair of dress pants this time around since I tend to find dresses more comfortable in pregnancy. I found these skinny leg pants at Destination Motherhood and wore them a lot! They were dressy enough yet not super stiff and they had good stretch to them without bagging out at the end of the day. 

This Ripe dress/tunic I bought at the end of my 2nd trimester. The best part is that it can be worn for nursing- the top unzips and has a double layer. So I expect to get a fair amount of wear out of this dress this summer, fall and winter as I transition from pregnancy to awkward post partum stage and needing to wear breastfeeding accessible clothing.

I've worn it with leggings or tights-- booties and peep toes.

I've had a harder time capturing my casual looks since often they aren't photo worthy, ie. comfy pants and a tank top. I'm usually running after the kids, trying to not be late wherever we are going so stopping to take a picture doesn't happen.

I have been living in this denim Luxe maternity shirt from Destination Maternity. It is ridiculously soft and I will definitely be able to wear it after the baby is born, at least for a little while. The only downside to it is that it needs to be ironed after washing. I hate ironing!

I also love my Liz Lange t-shirts from Target which are pretty affordable, if you can get to a Target now that they have left Canada :( Also, the Liz Lange maternity tank tops are the best!! I wear them when I'm not pregnant too so next time you are at Target and are looking for longer, bum covering tank tops, pregnant or not, check out the maternity section!!

Maternity jeans, on the other hand have been difficult to find. I had to invest in a couple pairs since I have more casual days than work days this pregnancy since I only work part time. My favourite pair from my last pregnancy have a thicker, half band so they became pretty uncomfortable to wear as this big belly (and the rest of my body) grew. I found a couple flattering and comfortable pairs at Destination Maternity but they stretch out so much! After an hour or two of wearing them the knees and butt would be so baggy. I even tried sizing down-- their customer service is great, but I still found that they lost their shape quickly. I did find a pair at Thyme maternity that don't stretch out that I wish I had found earlier in my pregnancy.

Maternity leggings! Such a staple comfort item for all pregnant women! Between my 3 pregnancies I have bought at least 5-6 pairs of leggings since I could never find the perfect fit. Either they were too baggy, too sheer, or had a weird lump at the seam.

I did end up buying a pair of the Blanqi maternity support leggings. I found them on so they were a bit more reasonable but they were still the priciest maternity leggings I've bought. I had super high hopes for them- compression, comfort, and flattering but they kind of fell short. They are super soft and comfortable but I wouldn't say they are overly supportive and definitely not compression. They are thin and snag/pill easily. I don't regret buying them but they certainly weren't a game changer this pregnancy. I have worn them a lot though. I wish Lululemon would make maternity leggings since I like the full panel!

Hunter boots- another staple item I've worn this pregnancy! Thankfully I can wear them when I'm not pregnant too!

Scarves and cardigans-- two of my favourite non-maternity items that can completely change up your maternity wardrobe! This ionic cape has been a staple this pregnancy- not too warm but not too cold either.

I've found over my 3 pregnancies that when I'm dressed up and put together I feel so much better. Watching your body change and grow over 9 months is tough. While it's all for an amazing cause and miraculous to see what we are able to create, it's still hard-- physically and mentally. So investing in a good capsule maternity wardrobe is worth it to me. There are so many ways that you can switch up your outfits with accessories that will last far longer than your pregnancy.

I thoroughly enjoy dressing the bump once you get past that initial stage where you don't quite look pregnant but nothing fits! I will miss this bump and I'm slightly sad that I won't be experiencing this exciting stage again. Getting back to my pre-pregnancy size is going to take some work so I'm going to keep enjoying the next couple of weeks with this belly before it's gone!


  1. I agree dressing up made me feel 100x better pregnant and most days I liked dressing up the bump. Dresses were my favourite as I never found maternity pants I loved - but leggings yes :)
    I love all your outfits! My biggest is not spending a little more on good maternity clothes.

  2. You look beautiful! I LOVE all your looks!! So pretty. Those dresses are awesome, I loved that blue one I borrowed from you! I can't believe the next time I see you you will have a baby!!!! eekkkk


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