Sunday, June 25, 2017

:Henry: One Month:

Blink of an eye and we are celebrating one month with Henry! Oh how fast it goes!

So what's this little man like?

Eating: He eats every 2-4 hours day and night. He's been a good eater from the start and he's obviously gaining weight. He has the biggest belches which is hilarious that someone so small can make noises like that.

Sleeping: He sleeps like a typical newborn, especially at night. He wakes every 2-3 hours to feed. I have been bringing him into bed to feed him side-lying, which means I usually fall asleep too. The Dockatot was kicked out of our bed by 2 weeks-- hubby said it didn't have much room on the bed. So usually Henry will sleep for about 4 hours in the Dockatot in his crib in our room. When he wakes around 1:30am then I bring him into bed to feed him. I usually put him back into his bed around 3:30 and back into our bed at 5:30am until we get up around 7-8am. It's not perfect but we are in survival mode right now so it won't last forever.

Day time sleep is another matter. This baby is our most alert one. His naps range from 30 minutes to 4 hours but usually on the shorter side. From the very beginning he hasn't just fallen back asleep after feeding. He is usually awake for anywhere from 45 minutes to 2-3 hours. The longer awake stretches he is fussy because he is tired but he won't go to sleep! He doesn't seem to be in any discomfort-- he isn't crying, unless you put him down! He doesn't love the baby wrap either so I hold him a lot!

Diapers: Newborn size and size 1. The Honest Company diapers are smaller so he was leaking through those for longer stretches even though he is within the weight limit. So we've bought some size 1s, even though we still have a bunch of newborn diapers left.

Weight/Size: He's a healthy boy at 9 lbs, 10 oz!! He's gained 2.5 lbs since birth. Getting too big too fast for my liking. He still fits newborn clothes but I've put away a few sleepers that started to get snug :(

Hair and eyes: Dark brown/black hair and dark blue eyes.

Personality: He is not going to be left behind! He lets his presence be known and he doesn't like to wait for anything.

Nicknames: Hungry Henry, Litte Man

Likes: Cuddling, eating, being held all the time, sleeping on mama.

Dislikes: Being hungry, diaper changes, his soother (most of the time), the carseat unless the car is moving, the bassinet unless he is already asleep, being swaddled too tight but he does like it to help him fall asleep, being left alone.

Mama: Overall I'm doing well. I've recovered so well this time around physically which helps with the emotional healing. The honeymoon phase is over and the sleep deprivation has set in. I've definitely had more baby blues in the last 2 weeks than the 1st two weeks but I think it's mostly when I feel overwhelmed and super tired. Having 3 kids is no joke-- sometimes it feels like at least one of them is crying all the time but that doesn't happen as often as it feels. It's been the best thing to keep the older two in the dayhome for their usual 3 days a week-- some routine for them and a break for me to catch up on sleep, and exciting things like laundry.
Sometimes I feel like I have all this time to think and no time to do anything because I'm constantly nursing or rocking Henry. I try to remind myself that my main job right now is to keep the children alive and mostly care for Henry and everything else can wait. I am so terrible at not accomplishing things that it kind of eats at me knowing I have a huge to-do list and can't do fun things with the kids right now but it's only for a short period of time.

Big Sister & Big Brother: It's definitely been an adjustment for Audrey and Leo to have a new baby brother. Audrey adores Henry and kisses him all day long. She is such a big help-- even to bring me things like my water bottle, or get something for Leo. It's been more of a challenge for Leo-- he's regressed in potty training and being extra mischievous. Sometimes I feel guilty that he is no longer the baby of the family and we've rocked his world but I know in a year or two he will love playing with Henry.

Henry,  you are the perfect completion to our family! It feels like you have always been with us even though it's only been a short 31 days! We love you so!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

:Henry: The First 2 Weeks:

As to be expected, the first 2 weeks have flown by since the arrival of our little man. 

It has been an adjustment for everyone but fairly smooth given the magnitude of bringing a new baby home, especially for the older siblings. 

I will admit, I was slightly concerned when on our 1st night home (so 2 days old), Henry would only sleep if he was laying on me or Daddy. Every time I put him down, whether it was in the swing, dockatot, bouncer, crib, he would immediately wake up and start rooting. I was worried this meant I was going to have a fussy baby who wouldn't tolerate being put down ever, which of course would be challenging with 2 other children that also require attention.

My wonderful midwife came for a home visit on day 2 and reminded me that Henry is used to be tucked inside all warm and tight and is starting to get hungry since my milk hadn't come in yet. She recommended the "24 hour cure" which I remember being mentioned at some point along my motherhood journey in the last 5 years but my other newborns didn't seem to need it. Basically, you stay in bed for 24 hours with your newborn, only getting up to go to the bathroom. Your meals are brought to you, your baby is changed for you-- your number one job for those 24 hours is to keep your baby close and rest and hopefully your milk will come in quickly.

Of course this requires help and conveniently the older 2 were spending the night at grandparents so hubby was able to wait on us hand and foot. He even take a turn in the middle of the night holding Henry so I could get some sleep where he wasn't laying on me.

Guess what? It worked! My milk came in the next day and Henry was more satisfied after feedings and more content to sleep somewhere other than on my chest. 

When the midwives came back on day 4 to visit us, Henry had only lost 4% of his birth weight, only 4 oz! Yay Henry!! Except I told him to not get too big too fast!! Stay my little baby for a little longer!

One of my midwives, Jeannette and the student midwife, Shannon, who followed along my pregnancy. 

Henry had his first chiropractor visit at 5 days old. His neck seemed a bit sore on the one side. He had a great nap afterwards and his neck seems much better. 

He eats every 2-3 hours, day and night. He is my most alert baby by far at this point. Sometimes he has a really long 3 hour nap but they tend to be more between 30 minutes to 2 hours long. He seems to be more alert in the morning, with some cat naps and then a longer nap in the afternoon. No real routine at this point though. He sleeps in his dockatot at night in bed between us. For naps, he is in his bouncer or in the swing. 

Leo had his first bath at a week old-- hated it! Screamed the entire time. It may have been a bit cold since I'm always so worried I will burn them. Audrey helped bathe him but I don't think she liked how much he cried!

Henry's first big outing was big sister Audrey's dance recital when he was 9 days old. By some miracle, we managed to get 3 kids dressed and out the door for 8:30am. Henry wasn't a huge fan of the loud music at the recital but he was happy to be held by the grandmas. 

Whitney came to take newborn photos when Henry was 11 days old. He was fairly alert for the family portion of the photos but we managed to get some sleeping shots at the end. Whitney worked her magic as usual and took some amazing photos. She is so patient, especially with Audrey and Leo. 

Henry's umbilical cord finally fell off at 11 days which I was super glad about because I find it so annoying to do diaper changes around it. Now the hospital leaves the clamp on for cost saving measures so it's super awkward. Thankfully my midwives cut the clamp off on day 2 so I didn't have to deal with it too long. It can't be comfortable for them!

Audrey and Leo are adjusting well to their new sibling. Audrey wants to hold Henry all the time. She is pretty helpful too-- bringing me things, singing to Henry if he is fussing, or giving him his soother in the car. I would say the change has been harder on Leo. He is definitely a mama's boy so I think he is really feeling the lack of attention from me since I'm so often busy feeding or attending to Henry. He has been acting up more (although he's always been mischievious) and potty training has definitely regressed. He is also starting to drop his nap which means that evening can be challenging if he hasn't napped. I am trying to be patient with him and spend lots of one-on-one time with him so he doesn't feel too left out. He does love his little brother though-- sometimes a little too much so you have to watch that he doesn't try to pick him up or poke him in the face! 

Bed time is usually the hardest part because the kids want to cuddle with each of us but I'm often holding/feeding/trying to put Henry to sleep so that's when we feel outnumbered.

As for me, I feel pretty amazing! It helps that the older kids are still at the day home 3 days a week and hubby has been off work since Henry was born so we are really easing into the transition of 3 children. Physically, I have recovered so well and have to remind myself to slow down and still rest when baby sleeps. Emotionally, I am doing so well. I haven't had any baby blues, other than the 2nd night when I thought Henry would never ever sleep without being on me! The real test will be when hubby goes back to work and I'm with the kids myself all day.  I think I will be able to handle that much better this time around since I don't have the physical limitations of a csection recovery, plus it's spring and gorgeous outside and my other children are older and more independent. 

Henry had his 2 week check up with the midwives today. He is an overachiever and has already gained almost a pound over his birth weight! He's 8 lbs now! Don't grow too fast little one! He is so strong- already lifting his head, and rolling over onto his side. The midwives are thrilled with how well he is doing. 

We also ran into 4 other mamas and babes from our Centering group while at the clinic. It was nice to meet the babies!

I had to snap a photo of the May Births board at the clinic with Henry's name on it.

In some ways, it feels like Henry has been part of our family forever! He is certainly well loved and is smothered in kisses all day long!

We love you, Henry!!