Wednesday, April 25, 2018

:Henry: 11 Months:

Eating: Henry loves to eat but you are a bit picky! He likes all kinds of fruits and vegetables but not a lot of meat. He like purees but also feeding himself. He still nurses 4x during the day and usually 3-4x at night.

Sleeping: This is not Henry's strong point. He still wakes 3-4x a night, even though I usually try to dream feed him around 10pm. We are hiring a sleep consultant to get him on track because sleep deprivation is no longer sustainable for mama.

Naps are still pretty good-- 2 per day ranging from 1.5-2.5 hours but often he has to be woken up for school drop off or pick up.

Diapers: Size 3

Weight/Size: Henry hasn't been weighed recently so I'm guessing he is around 20 lbs.

He is wearing mostly 6-12 months clothes, with some 12-18m. His mocs are size 2.

Hair and eyes: Dark brown/black hair, and hazel eyes. I think his hair is getting lighter though.

Personality: Henry is a pretty content baby, however he has started showing preference for certain things and letting us know when he isn't happy about something. He does not like it when people take things away from him (a toy or something he shouldn't have). He loves watching the world around him though. He does not sit still ever. Always moving which makes taking pictures of him a struggle!

Likes: Exploring the world around him. He loves cars, books, playing in the toilet, emptying the laundry baskets.

Dislikes: His carseat, having things taken away from him, when he can't see mama.

Milestones: Henry cut his 9th tooth- a top molar. He has also started crawling up stairs. He will occasionally let go when standing up.

Talking: Henry can say "mama", "dada", "wawawa" for water, and a bunch of other unrecognizable chatter. He also likes to shriek when he is happy, sad, mad and excited.

Mama: It's really hitting me that my baby turns 1 in a month! He's at such a fun age but I'm also so nostalgic for those tiny newborn days. I've decided to not go back to work for the time being which I    have mixed feelings about. I'm excited to not have to leave the kids or change up our routine that is going so well but I'm also a bit sad/scared about leaving my career and my identity as a working mom. I know it's the right decision for now and in a few years we can re-evaluate. I will admit that I am going to miss dressing up for work, and the office atmosphere.

Big Sister & Big Brother: They love how interactive Henry is now and often Leo and Henry will play nicely together. They do such a good job looking out for him most of the time. 

Misc: It's so hard to believe that's it's been a year since we were concerned about his breech position and our delivery possibilities! It was all consuming at the time yet it really is a short blip in time. I    do miss my big ol' belly but I sure love having him in our lives!

We love you, little Henry!!

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  1. I don't blame you for hiring a sleep consultant! Good luck!
    I've said if we had a third I'd need to change up the work situation for sure, not sure what that could look like but I don't think I could juggle a ft job and three kids! Lol
    I can't believe he's almost one!


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