Wednesday, April 4, 2018

~Phoenix 2018 Part 2~

A trip to Phoenix is never complete without a stop at the Wildlife Zoo! 

Feeding the giraffes is a huge hit every time!

Audrey pet the tortoise, who was surprisingly active that day!

They like feeding the ducks and swans too. Leo refers to this zoo as the "feeding Zoo" since we can't feed the animals at our Zoo at home.

On hubby's birthday, we went to a spring training baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers. It was a lot of fun to watch, although the kids were more interested in the peanuts and ice cream.

Grandma and the kids made Daddy a carrot cake.

We had a few more pool days- taking advantage of the nice weather as much as we could.

Running barefoot on grass was a highlight for Leo.

Henry was happy to be crawling on something soft instead of the tile and rocks.

Leo spent so much time in the water his eyes were starting to get sore from the chlorine. We got him some goggles and he was back in business. Loved jumping into the water!

More ice cream for this ice cream lover! He would climb all over you for a taste!

We watched the model trains one morning. The kids love pointing out the different scenes.

Watching some tennis with a little friend.

The nice thing about coming down in spring is the trees and cactus are starting to bloom.

Happy to be in the sun and not bundled under 3 layers of clothing!

After 12 fun days, it was time to head back home. We don't travel lightly!

Adios, Phoenix! Till next time!

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  1. We love that zoo too! We also went to a Cubs game - haha.
    Phoenix is such a fun family vacation!


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