Friday, May 25, 2018

:Henry: 12 Months:

Dear Henry,

You are ONE!! What an amazing year it has been since you joined our family! You have been the perfect addition and we couldn't love you more! Watching you grow has been such an honour and joy for all of us. Being your mother has been such a gift that I am grateful every day for. 

Seeing the relationship grow between you and your siblings has warmed my heart many times over the amount of work that 3 young children brings. The love, laughter, squeals and joy you have brought to our home is perfection. It's hard to remember life without you, even though it's only been a short year that you have been on this earth. 

You are your own independent little man. We love seeing your personality come out more and more each day. 

Thank you Henry for picking us as your family and for making the last year the absolute best!



On to your 12 month/One Year update:

Eating: Henry loves food but he now prefers to feed himself. Even when eating puree he wants the spoon. He wants my fork or spoon from my plate. He wants his plate on his tray so he can hold it and dump it all over the place! He loves most fruit and vegetables but not a lot of meat. He loves smoothies also. He still nurses 5-6x a day. He has taken a couple bottles of pumped milk recently.

Sleeping: Finally we have progress in the sleep department after hiring a sleep consultant at 11 months. We've stopped all night feedings (so all 6 nursing sessions are during the day) and he sleeps 11-12 hours per night- usually 7-6:30am. I'm still getting used to the early wakeups but I'm sleeping uninterrupted now so the early mornings aren't so bad.

He still naps 2x a day for 1.5-2 hours each. Sometimes he will refuse his afternoon nap if he doesn't go down in time but I don't think he is ready to go down to 1 nap a day yet.

Diapers: Size 3

Weight/Size: Henry is 19 lbs, 1 oz which surprised me. I thought he was at least 20 lbs. He is 28.35 inches long.

He wears 6-12 month and 12-18 month clothes. His mocs are size 2 but almost ready for 3s.

Hair and eyes: Brown/black hair, and dark hazel eyes with the longest lashes. His hair is coming in blonder and possibly curly?

Personality: Henry is a happy baby. Everyone comments on how quiet he is and so observant. When he wants something he can be loud- shrieking, crying, banging. He is very curious and gets into everything. We have baby proofed the house since he tries to get into every cupboard, climb up the stairs, into the bathrooms, everything!!!

Likes: Mama- separation anxiety is in full force, cars, sandbox, balls, bubbles, books that have different textures, snacks, cuddles, bath, dirt.

Dislikes: Being constrained, not being allowed to get into everything, not being held during meal prep time, being away from Mama.

Milestones: Henry cut his 10th tooth- a top molar. He claps, points at everything, stands unassisted often.

Talking: Henry can say "mama", "dada", "wawawa" for water.

Mama: I'm so nostalgic for my newborn baby but I'm also so happy to see how much Henry and the rest of our family has grown over the last year. He brings so much joy to our family. I'm also amazed at how well we have adjusted to being a family of 5. There were/are definitely hard moments but overall I think we have figured out a good routine. Henry is also at such a fun age that it makes it easier to not miss the exhausted newborn days. Getting good sleep and having a bit of time to myself definitely makes the busier days more manageable. I  still can't believe how much he has grown though.

But then I see a Huggies commercial and long for my tiny newborn.

Big Sister & Big Brother: Audrey and Leo have thrived as big siblings to Henry. Audrey took her role very seriously from the very beginning and continues to be the most helpful big sister. I'm not sure I could have survived this year without her. She is like his little mama and he adores her. 
Leo struggled a bit more with the change but he is really enjoying how interactive and playful Henry is now.  

Misc: As part of the sleep training, we introduced a lovey for Henry in the crib. Grandma W bought him this little lamb lovey from Palm Springs before he was born and he loves it! He cuddles with it every time he goes to sleep. 

We also had a Panda Birthday party for Henry which I will share more details another time.

12 months of Henry!

We love you so much, Henry!!



  1. How is he ONE?! He is so cute! I hear you on those darn Huggies commercials!
    I am so happy a sleep consultant helped!

  2. Wow a year already - amazing! I would love to hear more about the work you did with the sleep consultant. My mind is obsessed with baby sleep these days :) I've managed to get Olivia on track for sleeping from approx 7pm - 7am BUT she still wakes up to eat at 10:30-11pm and again at 5-5:30am. I'd really like to ditch the 5-5:30am feed if I could. And when we travel she is AWFUL, up every 2 - 2.5 hours all night long. Ugh! But that's babies for us I supposed :)

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