Tuesday, May 22, 2018

:Henry's Nursery:

It only took 10+ months, but Henry's nursery is now complete! Well, mostly. I'm still on the lookout for a mirror and will probably put up a shelf at some point but it's done for now!

We painted the walls the same grey colour as Leo's nursery in the old house, and it's also the colour we painted Audrey and Leo's room in this house. Once you find a colour you like you stick with it!

We went with a grey, black and white theme, with some pandas thrown in.

Being the 3rd baby, most of the furniture in the room we already had. The polka dot rug is new, from Ikea and there is one low side table also from Ikea that is new but I didn't take a good picture of it.

View from the door:

This Monte Design rocker has been used with all 3 babies! Best purchase we ever made! I've logged a lot of hours in it- rocking, nursing, sleeping, cuddling, reading. 

I found this panda painting and it's perfect for his room!

Hubby made the "H" and Audrey painted it.

This picture matches Henry's Cuddle & Kind Benedict bunny.

Most of the photos are Maternity photos, newborn family photos with Whitney Cowan Photography and some from our family Christmas photo shoot with Sweet Ginger Photography. It was so hard to narrow down all the photos and I already have more to add!

Very simple which I love!

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  1. It is perfect!! I love the panda theme and the rug is awesome!


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