Monday, February 22, 2010

First Workout Post Surgery- Success!!

Turns out that taking out the contacts did not give me the urge to workout. My eyes became swollen and I could barely open my right eye on Wednesday night. Needless to say I didn't go back to work on Thursday as planned and took the rest of the week off to give my eyes more of a rest.

By Sunday my eyes were feeling wayyy better so I did a short 30 minute run on the treadmill. It felt so good to workout again! I sported the sunglasses so it almost felt like running outside!!
No workout tonight- my eyes were exhausted from my first day back at work so I thought it better to take a nap than overextend them. Had high hopes of getting on the treadmill but vacation planning (yay south of France!) and Canada winning GOLD in Ice Dance got in the way. The Olympics have been my sanity through this whole recovery deal- I "listened" to a lot of the events last week. However don't get me started on the rude commentators on how so-and-so was favoured to medal but was a huge disappointment!!

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Tomorrow I will attempt the pool. I tried my goggles on to see how comfortable they would be. They last about 5 minutes! Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I don't want to forget how to swim!! We have a time trial coming up in a couple weeks and if I don't get back in the pool asap I will be slower than last year at this time!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I can see--a bit blurry though!!

Quick update on my eyes as I haven't worked out since before my surgery.
The surgery went well. The first 3-4 days were painful as he!! and I wondered why I put myself through this! Thankfully the pain went away on day 4 and my vision is starting to come back. I get the non-prescription contacts removed today and I think my vision will get better once those are out because they are so dirty from being in my eyes for 6 days straight and eye drops 4x per day.
I am still super light sensitive (as I sit here typing with my hot sunglasses!) but it is way better than a few days ago. Hubby had to put aluminum foil over our bedroom windows as the light was still peeking through the blinds!

I hope to go for a run on the treadmill tonight after these contacts are out. UCTC is off for the week (picked a great time for my surgery!) so I am not missing much.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One more day till I am glasses free!!!

Surgery is tomorrow!! So excited to be able to see without glasses or contacts! Not so excited for the procedure or first couple days of recovery!

Monday's workout turned into just a spin because the track was closed. The plan was to stay on the bike for the full 1.5 hours, but hubby was still recovering from the flu and taking a week off training so he was ready to call it a night after an hour. I could have gone longer- I was really enjoying the workout! I am on the lookout for a spin trainer less than $300. I really think I need to start pushing myself on the bike and the spin bikes aren't the greatest. Let me know if you hear of one available.

Tuesday I had to skip the pool because I have to wear my glasses for a few days before the surgery. I am too blind to swim without glasses/contacts so I thought it was best for everyone's safety that I stay out of the water!! It was a good rest night!

Tonight is another bike/run brick. Intervals on the run!! Can't wait!! Last workout for at least a week. They have to put these non-prescription contacts in my eyes after the surgery and I can't workout until they remove them, around day 5 post surgery.

Question for those more experienced- I am still trying to decide on the Calgary 70.3 in August. I really want to do a half marathon before the 70.3 for experience. Would doing my first half marathon 2 weeks before an Olympic triathlon be too much? I am a pretty slow runner with not a lot of distance under my belt yet. I am thinking of doing the Scotiabank Calgary Half Marathon on May 30th and my Wasa Tri is on June 12th. I am no longer doing the K-100 with my work (opps, missed the boat to sign up for that one!). I just want to sign up for everything but I don't want to burn myself out and waste money!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Races for 2010... so far

There are lots of races out there that I would love to do but of course time, money and travel constraints prevent me from doing them all!
I knew signing up for some races would give me a goal to works towards so I committed to a couple with the hopes that I can squeeze in a few more once I know my availability. With a couple weddings to attend this year, family reunions and vacations, our summer is starting to get booked already!!

Race #1- Wasa Lake Triathlon, June 13, 2010- Olympic distance

We have some good friends who have a cabin on Wasa Lake that we have had the good fortune of visiting a few times. We really wanted to do this race last year but hubby was travelling for work that weekend so we weren't able to. It is one of the goal races for our triathlon club, UCTC, so there will be lots of people there that we know. Plus Dr. Dan and his wife will be making the trek to Wasa for the race. We hope to make it a mini vacation and spend a couple extra days relaxing by the lake. This will be my first Olympic race.

Race #2- Strathmore Women's Triathlon, August 15, 2010- Sprint distance

This will be my 3rd year doing the race. It was my first triathlon in 2008. This is a great race for the beginner, and I look forward to doing it to see how much I have progressed over the years. In 2009, I was about 13 minutes faster than my 2008 time. I hope to be at least that much faster than 2009 this year! My sister and her family live out in Strathmore so they cheer me on every year. The race volunteers are great and it is super organized. They cap the number of participants to 300 women so it is pretty small.
Tentative Races
K-100, June 19, 2010- My work is trying to arrange a team for the Kananaskis 100 Mile Relay Race. There are 10 legs of the race, and each portion is different. They vary in distance and difficulty. The race goes from Longview, Alberta and ends at Nakiska. Both hubby and I are interested in doing it so hopefully we can get a team together.
Calgary 70.3, August 1, 2010- I am still deciding on whether or not I want to do this race. I am mostly worried about the half marathon since running is my weakest of the three sports. I know I could do it if I trained hard- I just need to decide if I want triathlon training to consume my life entirely for the next 7 months!! I have to decide quickly!
Canmore Triathlon or Duathlon, July 4th- I think what is holding me back on signing up for one of these races is the fact that all my races would be concentrated in less than a month. Not sure if that would be good or bad!! Plus if I do decide to do the 70.3 I think it would be too much.
Melissa's Road Race, September 25th- hubby and some friends did this race in 2009 and I wanted to do it with them however I had other volunteer commitments that day. I hope we can make ourselves available this year- we do have an invitation to visit some friends in San Francisco though. I have never been there before, but I would really love to do this race!! So torn! Maybe we will just sign up and if we decide to go to San Fran, we will sell our bibs (if that is even allowed!).
Other- There are a couple other road races I am interested in racing, but it will all depend on if I am even in town or available that weekend! I would like to do a race or two earlier in the year- April/May.
For workouts, I ran 45 minutes on the treadmill yesterday. My legs felt quite sore after but it didn't last long. This is my last week to get in some quality workouts before my surgery on Thursday. I hope I don't have to take that much time off.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A little bit of bike, a little bit of swim...

The dreaded Thursday workout- bike/swim brick. I actually figured out a way to reduce the amount of stuff I have to bring in my bag for a Thursday workout. I brought my bike clothes and sweats to work so I could change into them before going to the workout. It eliminated bike shorts, sweats, a tank top and a shirt from my workout bag. This way I have one less set of clothes in my workout bag!! It felt a bit lighter and was definitely more manageable.

Hubby is recovering from the flu so I went to the workout myself. The bike was a different workout that usual- we had a 20 minute time trial!! First we warmed up with the usual fast spins (15 sec high cadence, 15 sec easy) for 3 minutes. The main set was increasing tension (or gearing up) every minute while keeping the cadence up. We talked about heart rate zones and where we wanted to be during the workout tonight. At the end of the class we did the time trial. We were supposed to find a gear that we could maintain for 20 minutes steady that was equivalent to a 10km road race level of intensity. No Sunday strolls. We measured our heart rate every 5 minutes to see how steady it was.
Mine was:
5 minutes- 137bpm
10 minutes- 136 bpm
15 minutes- 140bpm
20 minutes- 140 bpm

Most people in the group had a significant increase in bpm between 5 and 10 minutes. My jump was a little later on but relatively steady. Jill said next time we do a time trial, our heart rate should be lower doing the same workout. It will be interesting to see the progress in this area. I have had a heart rate monitor for over a year now but I don't really keep track of my heart rate as much as I should.

The swim workout was working on increasing intensity while decreasing distance.

Warm up- 100 free, 100 pull, 100 kick with fins
Drills- 50 sculling with pull buoy, 50 free with fist
3 x 100 pull buoy with paddles working on catch and a couple other things I forget!!
Main set 2 x 200 (70%), 100 (75%), 2 x 50 (80%), 4 x 25 (85%)
Cool Down 100 breast stroke
Total 1500m

I find when I use the pull buoy a lot I become dependent on it, and when I go back to free I feel so slow! I had some problems with cramping tonight- first in my calves while doing the kick set and then the top of my feet when doing core. I will have to make sure I bring gatorade to the swim as that tends to help prevent the cramping.

Bike- 1.25 hours
Swim- 1 hour
Core -15 minutes

Monday, February 1, 2010

Off to a Good Start

Just a quick update because I really need to get to bed!!

Bike/Run brick workout tonight. Hill repeats on the bike. Pushed pretty hard- no sense slacking now when I will only pay for it when riding hills in the summer.

30 minute run off the bike- ran 22 laps (200m each lap) for an average pace of 6:49min/km. Felt pretty good so I am happy with that.

I did sign up for some races so stay tuned for more information!