Saturday, July 31, 2010

Long run ended up being Longer!

As I mentioned before, I had to get my LSD run in today instead of the usual Sunday with the clinic because hubby is doing the Calgary 70.3 Ironman tomorrow and I am also volunteering (bike aid station #2).

This week I have slacked in all my workouts, except for my runs! I tried to go to the pool twice but it didn't happen. I planned to ride my bike but the weather didn't cooperate and I didn't feel like going on the trainer! I'm so bad!!! I promise next week will be better!!

So on to my 10k long run. I woke up at 8:30, had a yogurt for breakfast and left for my run around 9:30am. The clinic has been doing 10 and 1s for the long runs and that worked for my last LSD so I decided to do that again. I set up the intervals on my Garmin and off I went. I also brought my Ipod and had 2 bottles of Gatorade, 2 bottles of water in my water belt and a package of Gu Chomps.

Things started out really well as I ran through my community on the pathways, trying to get some mileage in before moving over to the next community. Since I live in a brand new community it is kinda sketchy trying to run over to the next community. I have to go on a gravel road, cross another road that is under construction and run in dirt trying to avoid dump trucks and construction workers for a few hundred meters. Hopefully they will be done by the start of next summer!

I ran my 10 and 1s as planned. Unfortunately sometimes the 1 minute rest ended up being in the wrong place (down hill) but overall it worked well and I think I will stick to these 10 and 1s for awhile.

When I was in the community east of me, I ran into an old friend on the pathway walking his dog! I knew he lived there but hadn't seen him in years. It was nice to catch up briefly. As I continued, I decided to turn off the pathway and run into the community. While I wouldn't say I got lost, I did end up running too far! By the time I reached 10k I wasn't even back in my own community and I was still 2k from home! Opps!!

I decided the run/walk the next 2.2k home because
1) I was out of water and thirsty
2) My feet were getting sore (so this is what blisters feel like!)
3) I didn't want to run uphill and on the gravel!!

10k Route

Here are my time splits for the 10k- (odd #s are 10 minutes, even #s are 1 minute rest)

Split Time Kilometers AvgPace

1 00:10:00 1.44 06:55

2 00:01:00 0.07 13:34

3 00:10:00 1.44 06:57

4 00:01:00 0.09 11:06

5 00:10:00 1.42 07:02

6 00:01:00 0.08 12:13

7 00:10:00 1.46 06:50

8 00:01:00 0.09 11:26

9 00:10:00 1.39 07:10

10 00:01:00 0.08 12:52

11 00:10:00 1.30 07:42

12 00:01:00 0.07 14:17

13 00:08:04 1.07 07:32

Summary Time- 01:14:04  Distance- 10k   Avg Pace- 07:24
I was significantly slower than my last LSD (9k) where my average pace was 7:07. It really helps me to have people push me along the way. I did set my virtual partner to 7:05 but I guess I should have made me even slower since that was probably a bit ambitious. I felt great during this run- mentally I felt amazing and never doubted that I could do it. I really tried to think about my posture and I didn't have any pain in my shoulder today. I had to adjust my fuel belt a bunch of times but I think that is just going to be how it is. I think it is better if I wear it lower around my hips since when I wear it higher I tend to get side stitches. I only had a few minor ones on this run that I easily got rid of through deep breathing.

I did end up getting a blister on each foot in the same spot. On my bunions (base of my big toes). I am not too sure what from- I have worn these socks for awhile but maybe they aren't long run socks? I put blister band aids on so hopefully that will take care of them.

I am looking forward to watching the race tomorrow!! A bunch of friends are also racing so I will be cheering them on! After my volunteer duties are over I hope to make my way to Glenmore Park to watch people at the finish. Fingers crossed it won't rain tomorrow!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. Blah run yesterday. We did 4k with the running group and it felt like 40k. Was it the heat (~27C), not enough water throughout the day, hunger, starting out too fast, posture?? Maybe all those reasons. I started to get pain at the top of my shoulder which leads me to believe my posture is off. I was supposed to go for a much needed massage today but I had to cancel it :(

2. I have to change my long run on Sunday to Saturday now (by myself!) because I signed up to volunteer at the Calgary 70.3 Ironman this weekend!! I will be working a bike aid station. I have never volunteered at a race before, and never done a race that had a bike aid station so this should be interesting! I am looking forward to it, but not the 4:00am wake-up time. After the race (which hubby is racing in) we are driving to Medicine Hat for my cousin's engagement party the next day.

3. I hope to get out on my bike tonight. With hubby tapering for his race this weekend it probably won't be too far. Currently my bike is half apart in the garage- the "mechanic" starting work on it and abandoned it mid-way. Poor BlueBelle.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And hill training has begun...

I am no longer a hill virgin!! I have never trained on the hills before while running, only on the bike.
I imagine it is the same concept and I do find that having done hill training on the bike mentally prepared me for the hill training while running. At least with running hills I don't have to worry about going so slow I fall over!!

We had a guest speaker come in to talk to our clinic last night about hills and heart rate training. Basically in a nutshell he said that our heart rate should be the same going up and down the hill. We shouldn't push too hard on the uphill, and use the downhill to recover. He uses heart rate training for all his running rather than pace and he said that he has consistently been faster every year since he started.
I think his theory is great, except that it doesn't work so well in a group setting like a clinic.

We ran from the store to a nice gradual long hill in Panorama. I should have turned off the auto lap on my Garmin and manually lapped my hills so the information I have doesn't make much sense!! I definitely noticed when I was doing the hills though since my average pace decreased!! Love those downhills!

Lap 1- 7:01- warm up
Lap 2- 7:16-
Lap 3- 6:44- hill
Lap 4- 6:48- hill
Lap 5- 6:48- hill
Lap 6- 6:40- way back to the store and pushing it
Total Time- 36:31 min   Total Distance- 5.28km   Average Pace- 6:55 min/km

The hill is the section on Panamount Blvd.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Brief Training Intermission

Thursday's bike didn't happen since I came down with some sort of flu. I decided to hit the sack early rather than get a workout in. Plus it rained so it really wasn't meant to be.

Friday was a rest day. I still felt sick when I woke up but I had to get ready for the wedding festivities so I sucked it up and packed. We had a great day of pedicures, lunch, the rehearsal, dinner and ended the night with cupcakes and champagne!

Saturday was the WEDDING!! We had so much fun getting ready all morning and the bride looked stunning! It was a pretty emotional day- the ceremony was beautiful, the weather was gorgeous (a bit hot though!) and dinner was delicious!! I can't wait to see all the pictures!!

Sunday was supposed to be a 10k LSD but it didn't happen. By the time we got home at 3pm the only thing I wanted to do was go to bed so I did!!

Monday is usually a rest day but I was feeling guilty about 4 days off so I planned to run 3k in the evening. That plan went out the window when I didn't get home until 9pm from dinner with some girlfriends. Opps!! Oh yeah, and it stormed again in the evening.

I promise I will run tonight. It's our first hills night! It should be interesting...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Running Room's 26th Annual 20 Minute Challenge

This is the 3rd year I have done the 20 minute challenge with the Running Room. Anything for a free hat!!

I actually forgot about the challenge until we walked into the store on Wednesday night! I thought the parking lot seemed a bit busy!! Unfortunately I wore a pink top and I don't like my outfit to clash so I took my free red hat and stashed it in the car. Those hats retail for $25 so it's a good deal. I am trying to convince them to have pink hats next year- don't think its gonna fly.

On the schedule was 3k- two loops around the lake. There were lots of people (walkers, runners, kids, strollers, dogs) but it didn't take long to get some space and get into a rhythm.
I set my VP to 6:30 since I figured for 3k that was doable. My last 3k was speedy.

Lap 1- 6:28 min- fantastic!
Lap 2- 6:55 min- cramp dragging me down
Lap 3- 6:49 min
Total Time-  20:00 min   Total Distance- 3km    Average Pace- 6:40 min/km

Unfortunately my body had other ideas. My first lap was on pace, but right around 1k the evil stitch returned. It was in the same place as my last couple ones- lower down, below my rib cage, where my fuel belt rests. I tried adjusting my fuel belt several times to see if that would help but it didn't. Looking back, I should have just started walking and gotten rid of the stitch rather than suffer through it for the next 2k. I am disappointed in my last 2 laps, but more so because I keep getting stitches.
Any ideas on how to prevent them? What am I doing wrong? Do I need to hire a water boy to carry my water for me?

After the run we went for wings and ice cream. So much for all the calories I have burned this week!! I ate them right back!

The Garmin site has been acting up (temporary unavailable) so my posts are delayed because I don't have all the data.
No more workouts until Sunday. Thursday I planned to bike but I was sick and it was rainy out. Friday and Saturday are more wedding festivities so won't have time to fit anything in, but I have my 10k LSD on Sunday which should be fun!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I LOVE my stick!!!

I mean my rolling stick!! I am too lazy to use the big foam roller so I use this travel stick from the Running Room. I like it because I can sit in bed while rolling out my sore muscles.

Best invention ever!

I am still so sore from Bootcamp on Monday!! Everyone who attended the bootcamp was complaining about their sore legs, arms, chests, abs, etc. last night!! It's a good sore.

So we discovered that the pool has changed its lane swim schedule so we decided to go right after work on Tuesday to get a swim in. It was so quiet!! There was one other lady in one of the two fast lanes with me and we swam at the exact same pace so we were always out of each other's way. I had a way better workout this time.

100m- Free (warm up)
100m- Kick with flutter board
300m- Free with paddles and pull buoy (not timed)
500m- Free with paddles and pull buoy (12:50 min)
500m- Free (12:35 min)
Total 1 hour  ~ 1500m

I was working on my stroke and making sure that I was reaching/gliding more, and not stroking as fast as I possible can. I am surprised my free without paddles/pull buoy was faster- I always feel slower once I stop using those aids. I actually changed my swim heat time for my Strathmore race from 10-12 minutes to 13-14 minutes. I still don't think I will be under 12 minutes though.
I think the earlier swim time will work better for our schedule because I find it way too hard to get myself out the door at 8:30pm for a later swim. This way it is over and done with and I have the rest of the evening to get another workout in, or do stuff at home (like clean or laundry which has been neglected lately).

We went to our Running Clinic right after the swim where we listened to a guest speaker, Martin Parnell. He is doing Marathon Quest 250- he plans on running 250 marathons in 2010. So far he has done 135 marathons this year (probably 136 by the time I post this!). I hope I get the opportunity to run with him sometime in the next few months- won't be a full marathon though!!

After our guest talk, we had a 5k run. I changed my Virtual Partner to 6:30 pace and I think that was a little ambitious.

Lap 1- 6:16 min - fast legs!
Lap 2- 6:40 min - whoops, started too fast and starting to fade.
Lap 3- 6:56 min- so tired
Lap 4- 7:06 min- tired, hungry and sore
Lap 5- 6:35 min- hurry up and get this done with
Lap 6- 3:24 min (0.54km) Avg pace 6:21- sprint to the finish!!
Total Distance- 5.54km           Total Time- 36:59 min       Average Pace- 6:40 min/km

I only had a 8 GU Chomps between the swim and run and think this partially explains why I felt so exhausted during this run. I wore my new Fuel Belt and it was great. It still twists a little on my waist but not noticeably. I also think the sore legs from the bootcamp workout was another factor. I am starting to feel a little discouraged that I won't be able to shave off 3 or 4 minutes from my 5k in August.

Overall it was a good run, I picked up the pace at the last downhill and refused to let Fabiola and Paul get ahead of me. We pushed one another and I even had enough in me to sprint at the end. Maybe I shouldn't have started off so fast and then I wouldn't have been so tired in the middle.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Runners Bootcamp

Last night our clinic instructor organized a runners bootcamp. Usually Monday is our rest day but with this crazy week coming up I figured it wouldn't hurt to get an extra workout in.

Since we had another monsoon storm last night, we were stuck doing our workout in a pavilion right by the Running Room. It wasn't ideal but I was glad we didn't have to workout in the pouring rain. It was freezing outside, only around 15 C.

Sheena was our bootcamp instructor and she is also a marathon runner. She said that with her bootcamps she likes to work on strengthening the lateral muscles that runners don't use much because we always run forward. We did lots of squats with partners, jump squats, jumping jacks, push ups, and lunges. We played a couple games like tag that had us focus on moving side to side.

I have always wanted to do a bootcamp but have been so busy training for Tris that I never could fit it in. I am seriously considering doing one once my Tri in August is done (less than a month!). I will still be training for my half marathon, but I can slow down the biking and swimming to make time for bootcamp twice a week.

There are lots of bootcamp options out there. Hubby will probably want to do it with me so I need to find one that is co-ed and works with our schedule.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Where did the weekend go??

This was certainly a busy weekend for socializing and working out. I managed to get it all in, except sleep got the short end of the stick!! I am so tired now!!

Friday- Work out fail!! I intended on running first thing in the morning but time slipped away and so I decided to do it in the evening after a bunch of errands (thankfully I had the day off!). We ended up getting invited to our friends' house, and hubby had a meeting in the south at 6pm so I decided to skip the run in order to socialize. Lesson learned- it's better to workout in the AM on a day off since you never know what's going to come up later on.

Saturday- Wedding Day for our friends!!
Since the wedding didn't start until 2pm we had the entire morning to get some workouts in. We haven't been making our pool sessions (have you noticed?) so we went to the Thornhill pool at 8:00am. I didn't have the greatest swim since the medium lanes had breast strokers, walkers, flailers, etc. so I didn't want to attempt to swim with them. I opted for the fast lane that had 3 guys swimming at a pretty steady pace. I was slower than them so every 50m or so I would stop at the wall to let them pass. It was fine for the first 500m (mostly with paddles and pull buoy) but when I wanted to time myself for 500m to get an idea of my pace it started to get frustrating waiting at the wall to be passed. At one point I pushed off the wall as one of the guys was getting close to me and I smashed my foot on the edge of the pool. I now have a bruised toenail (to go with my bruised big toe nail from walking in Europe). I decided to call it a day after that. It wasn't a very productive swim :(

After my crap-tastic swim I went home and immediately went out for a run. At this point I had only run once this week and I was feeling very behind in my workouts. I did 3k in my neighborhood. I did some fartleks so my 2nd and 3rd laps were faster.

Lap 1- 6:49 min -was going uphill for some of this and I was still warming up
Lap 2- 5:57 min -added some fartleks- ran fast between light posts
Lap 3- 6:28 min -slowed right down during the recoveries

Total time 19:04. Average pace 6:25/km

I was extremely happy with myself and I love my Virtual Partner. I had my VP set at 6:50 so I bet her on the last 2 laps.

Sunday- The Day after the Wedding!
The wedding was fabulous and I decided to only have a couple drinks because I knew the 8:30am run on Sunday wouldn't go so well if I was hungover! I had a lot of fun visiting with friends and of course the bride looked beautiful!

So while I wasn't hungover, I was incredibly tired after only 6 hours of sleep. I would have stayed in bed if I could have but hubby wouldn't let me (thanks!). We had 9k on deck with our running group and I was interested to see how I would do.

Here is the map of our route. I wore my old water belt (pink one) since hubby needed his bottles for his fuel belt and I hadn't purchased the one that I wanted yet. Surprisingly it didn't bother me too much on this run, but I still ended up buying a new Fuel Belt afterwards.

We were doing 10 and 1s so that affected my pace a little bit. I ran with Shannon and Fabiola so they really helped keep me on pace. At the long steady hill up Harvest Hills Blvd I ended up behind them quite a bit but caught up to them at a stop light.

Lap 1- 7:18 min -trying to warm up and find my pace- we were also going uphill at first
Lap 2- 6:59 min -going downhill now
Lap 3- 6:51 min- feeling good
Lap 4- 7:08 min- getting a little fatigued (stop light)
Lap 5- 7:00 min- included 1 minute walk
Lap 6- 7:28 min- this is the hill that S & F lost me on- so tired
Lap 7- 6:45 min- must catch up and keep on pace!
Lap 8- 7:19 min- stop light/walk break slowed us down but felt great!
Lap 9- 7:13 min- almost done- we had a walk break- could have done away with it just to finish strong

Total time 1:05:07. Average pace 7:07

This run was awesome!! I only slowed down at the long hill around 6k, otherwise I felt strong and didn't struggle like my last 9k. I definitely attribute it to great running buddies and conversation that made the time go by faster. I was 2 minutes faster than last week, and I definitely took more walking breaks this week so that means I was running faster overall.

After a quick bite at Tim Horton's we went home and grabbed our bikes. We rode from Rocky Ridge Co-op to the top of the Cochrane (death) hill. Hubby and my legs were both shot, and we were short on time as it was so we decided to not go any farther and turned around.

I did use my Garmin for distance (I don't have the cadence sensor yet). We rode for a total of 28.17k in 1:05. Seems to be my favourite time!! I have never ridden this route before (driven it lots) so it was a fun adventure. The shoulder is pretty wide and clear for the most part. The hills into Cochrane still scare me though, and I want to have fresh legs before tackling them.

The rest of our Sunday consisted of a Gift Opening and dinner at the in-laws. It was a fun, jam-packed day. I need rest now!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I tried my Garmin for the first time last night!! Still getting used to it but it was awesome to see my pace! Once I figure out the computer end of it I will upload the data. By accident I hit the lap button in the 1st 30m so the figures are a little off. I also didn't have the Auto Pause feature on so when I stopped at a light it reduced by average pace for my last km.

2. Wedding Weekend #1!! It is going to be tricky fitting in workouts this weekend with all of the wedding festivities going on. Luckily I am taking tomorrow (Friday) off so I can squeeze in a workout or two. Is it too optimistic to think I can do my 9k LSD at 8:30am Sunday? Either way it is going to hurt!

3. Tried a different water belt last night. Hubby had an extra fuel belt that he was given before so I tried it out on my 4k run. I still couldn't get it tight enough around my waist and this particular belt doesn't have much structure to it so it didn't sit in place while I ran. It kept twirling around my waist! I didn't get a stitch though and it felt better to have the weight distributed around my waist rather than in the middle of my lower back. I think I am sold on the Fuel Belt.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Playing catch up and a NEW toy!!

The weekend was pretty busy with my best friend's shower and stagette but I managed to get a couple workouts in.

Saturday morning I did my 9k LSD that I normally would have done with my running group on Sunday. Instead I would be nursing a hangover in Banff so I had to get it in earlier.
Hubby and I decided to run through our neighborhood and into the next community that has more pathways.
I was hoping to maintain a 7:00/km but it didn't quite work that way. I was carrying my water belt, which looks like this:

I cinched it up really tight around my waist and within 1km it was bothering me. I could feel a stitch starting from the pressure of the belt. I didn't even fill the water bottle completely. I think it might be time to invest in a different belt (like the one I posted here).

Along the run, hubby was almost bitten by a dog. As he ran by the dog lunged out at his calf and would have bitten him had his owner not pulled back on the leash. The owner obviously wasn't paying enough attention to the dog and then rewarded him after by giving him a treat! Hubby wasn't too impressed and let the guy know! We also encountered some snakes while running through a gravel pathway with low brush. I wouldn't have noticed them if hubby hadn't pointed them out. I screamed and ran faster to get out of there!!
Total time 1:07 for 9km.
A little slower than I wanted but I blame the uncomfortable water belt!

On Sunday, after returning from the epic stagette in Banff we met up with Kim for a bike ride. I was so exhausted and wanted to sleep but I dragged myself out to Westhills to do the Bragg Creek loop. Once I was on my bike I felt great. My legs were fresh, I was spinning quickly and drafting. Turns out everyone else was tired so we only went as far as the traffic circle (~18k) and turned around!The other two had harder workouts the last two days. I'm not the one racing Calgary 70.3 in 3 weeks so I didn't care either way!
Total time was ~1:30 and about 39km.

On other exciting news, I received the Garmin Forerunner 405 for my birthday!!

I haven't quite figured out how to use it yet. I charged it last night and did the initial set up. It has the amazing Virtual Partner feature which hubby raves about and is exactly what I need to keep me on pace. I like this Garmin because it looks more like a watch than the traditional Garmins. I am going to read up on it and use it during my run tonight. I also need to think of a name for my new toy...

We have had some wicked rain and hailstorms the last couple of days. For the first time in history, the chuckwagon races and Grand Stand show were "rained out" last night. I had planned to go to our running clinic after my work Stampede party but I had no interest running in the rain and strong winds. I could have done 4k on the treadmill; instead I watched the Tour de France and had Crave cupcakes! Yum!! My new favourite cyclist is Andy Schleck

Tonight we will be running 4k with our running group. Let's hope the rain stays away!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Yeehaw!! It's Stampede Time!!!

Today is the first day of the Calgary Stampede!! For 10 days, the whole city will be decked out in cowboy hats, jeans, and cowboy boots. You can find a corporate party and pancake breakfast every day of the week. Half of downtown Calgary takes the 10 days off to PAR-TAY!!!!

Not me!!! After living in this city for almost all my life (I left for a couple years in my tweens, but came back often to visit family) I am over it. I LOVE the fun spirit that the entire city gets into, but unless I am working cows, on a horse, you won't find me in wranglers, cowboy boots or a real cowboy hat. I usually go to one corporate party, have a few drinks and then go home. Guess that's the disadvantage of living in the 'burbs. It just takes too much effort to go out every night!!

This is my kinda cowboy hat!!

I am also a Stampede baby. So every year my birthday has revolved around Stampede. It was fun when I was little, and if I was a big partier it would be awesome. I am more of a low-key kinda girl. Crowds aren't my thing, puke-y rides don't do it for me, and the Stampede generally leaves your wallet feeling a lot empty!!

Our city is known for this event and I think it is a great tourist attraction. The rodeo is fun and the chuckwagon racing is pretty exciting!!

This year while everyone is Stampeding it up, I will be getting my workouts in.

Since I have been slacking on the blogging, here is a recap of my last few workouts:

Tuesday: 3k run with Running Clinic. Ran around a pond by the local Running Room twice. Managed to keep a pretty steady pace (6:30min/km) and completed it in 19:32. We had a chiropractor come to the clinic after our run to talk about Stretching. It was very informative and we learned a few new stretches. 22 C outside so perfect weather. We had a freak thunderstorm about 1.5 hours before the clinic started and it dried up in time for our run. Ran part way with Lesley and then I pulled away in the last km.

Wednesday: 4k run with Running Clinic. It was a little warmer- around 28 C. We did a 2k out and back route that started uphill, gradually downhill and then reverse for the way back. I really pushed in the last km, taking advantage of the downhills. I sprinted to the "finish" where the rest of the group was waiting and it felt great!! That's the first time I have sprinted without feeling like death! It actually felt quite easy and Hubby said my form looked really good. Total time 27:18 (6:50min/km pace).

Thursday: Hill repeats at Edworthy!! Did a 22 minute warm up on the bike paths and then off to start the repeats. Below are the times it took to reach the top of the hill for each repeat. I am not speedy... yet.

#1- 7:30 minutes- this isn't too hard
#2- 7:02 minutes- progress
#3- 7:10 minutes- WTH is this so hard! Oh yah I am in a harder gear, unintentionally!

After the 3rd repeat I spun for about 10 minutes in the community at the top of the hill to give my legs a break. I want to move to this area!!

#4- 7:11 minutes- I am done. Legs feel like jell-o

Total biking time was 1:12.

After the last repeat, I put my bike back on the car, changed into my running shoes and took off for a short run. The pathways along the river are so nice and it makes the run way better. I am not too sure how far I went, probably around 3km. I ran for a total of 20 minutes. I started to get my legs back around 10 minutes into the run but they were feeling tired from the hill repeats.

Hubby decided to ride home since he needs to put more mileage on his bike with his upcoming 70.3. Only 3 weeks away!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Race for Pace- 10k Race Report

Saturday morning was a beautiful day to race! It was about 15 C outside, and sunny. I wore my running shorts and a lululemon shirt and it was perfect.

The race was at South Glenmore Park and we were directed at race package pick up the night before to park at a near-by Co-Op (grocery store) and a shuttle would bring us to the race start. Turns out there really wasn't a need for that since the parking lot right by the race start wasn't full at all. The shuttle was a 15-passenger van and we didn't see it until we were almost at the race start since we decided to not wait for it. We thought the walk would be a good warm up. It took about 10-15 minutes to walk to the start.

It was the 3rd annual Race for Pace, to raise money for Pacekids Programs for Children with Motor Disabilities Society.  There were lots of families and children out to do the walk or run. It is a great cause and I am glad that I was able to support it by running this race.

Before we left the house I had a yogurt cup. I probably should have had some fruit or smoothie but I always get butterflies before racing so I don't feel like eating! I drank lots of water the night before and the morning of so I was well hydrated.

I decided to not carry water during the race because there were 3 water stations on the course- 2.5k, 5km and 7.5km. I did carry a package of GU Chomps in my shirt pocket. I don't need a whole bag for 10k so next time I will put a couple in a baggie and carry them since it was annoying to have all 8 in my pocket bouncing away.

The cool thing about this race is our timing chip was a strip of ticker(?) stuck to our race bib! I have never seen this before and it was nice to not have something strapped to my ankle.

The race start was pretty uneventful. I pressed GO on my watch just as I was crossing the start, although it probably took me less than a minute to get to the start since the race was so small. The 5k and 10k started at the same time so it was a little congested for the first 1km as people were getting settled into their pace. I decided to use the kilometer markers and my watch to judge my pace. Unfortunately the markers stopped at the 2.5k turn around (for the 5k racers) so I had no idea of my pace for the rest of the race. I was passed by a lot of people, mostly running the 5km. At the 1k marker, my pace was 7:04 which I was hoping to maintain a 7:00 min/km but it's kind of hard when you have no way of judging how you are doing in when there are no markers! At the 2km marker, my pace was 7:20 so I was a little slower. I took my first GU Chomp at the water station at 2.5km.

I passed a couple girls when we got to the first big downhill just past the 2.5k turn around- they were running so slow and I knew I had to go fast to make up for my slowness on the rest of the course! I pretty much ran by myself from 3k to 5k. I could see one guy in the distance depending on if we were on a straight away. The course is in a protected natural area and is part of the run I did a couple weeks ago with Kim. I have seen deer on the pathways in the past and it is well covered with trees. Around 3.5km the leaders started coming back the other way (out and back course). The winner ended up completing the race in 37 minutes. Amazing!!

Hubby passed me going the other way around 4 kilometers. He was going pretty fast!! He PR'd.

Just before the 5k turn around there is a pretty steep and long uphill. I ran for half of it and then walked the rest. I took another GU Chomp. The water station was at the top. I checked my watch here and it was at 35 minutes which is a couple minutes slower than my usual 5k time.  I grabbed some water and took a gulp. I started choking a little. I find it hard to drink out of those cups- I just inhale the water! I ended up getting a really bad stitch and could barely walk. So much for making up time on the downhill!! I just held my side and started to run slowly. The last 5k was a struggle as I tried everything to get rid of the side stitch. I have never had one this badly. It was annoying! I really wanted to finish the race in 1:10 but I knew that probably wasn't going to happen since I had to slow down so much and there was no way I was getting a negative split!

At the 9km marker I started to push it a little more since I was feeling a little better. I could hear the 2 girls I had passed right behind me and I didn't want them to pass me!! At the last 500m the one girl passed me and I tried so hard to sprint and my stitch came back with a vengeance. I had to stop!! The other girls passed me and I just decided to go for it because the faster I got to the finish line the faster I would be done! I saw hubby standing at the finish line cheering me on. I gave it all I had and passed the 2nd girl just before the finish line. I was so happy!!! My official time was 1:13:40. Technically I PR'd since my 10k at Wasa was 1:20. I am slightly disappointed that I wasn't under 1:10 but it was a hilly course and my side stitch problem didn't help at all. I really need a Virtual Partner to pace me!

Overall I enjoyed this race and will definitely do it again. I love running around Glenmore Reservoir!

My new shoes came in the mail so I am going to lace them up tonight and go for a short run. I wasn't able to get a workout in yesterday as we were in Strathmore/Chestermere for my nieces' baptism all day. Hubby rode his bike from Chestermere to home (about 45k) but someone had to drive the car home!

Unfortunately we don't have any pictures from the race since we forgot the camera. Boo!!! Now I need a new countdown ticker...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Three Things Thursday


1. I feel so lucky to live in this beautiful country (however insane the weather can be!). Hubby and I spent the entire day in Strathmore, about 45 minutes east of Calgary, where my sister and her family live. Since Strathmore is where my next triathlon is we decided to ride the bike course. We have done it a couple times already since I have done this race twice before. It is a 10k out and back. The first 10k is a slight downhill. We were flying!! My average speed was about 40-45km/hr. We made it to the turn around in about 20 minutes or less. However, the way back was brutal!! We had a massive headwind and I don't think I went faster than 21km/hr the last 10km. So what took us 20 minutes going down, took 32 minutes coming back!! I need to work on my climbing since if there is a headwind race day my time will be depressing! After the bike, we did a quick 20 minute brick. My legs felt like lead for the first kilometre and then they felt much better for the remainder of the run. I could have gone for longer but I had to make a pit-stop!

2. Running clinic has been going well this week. Tuesday we did 4km tempo run. Not sure of time because I started my watch a couple minutes late and then forgot to hit stop until an hour later!! It was pretty hot out- 29C and I ran with my water belt for the first time in a couple years (found it!). I cinched it right up around my waist and it didn't seem to bounce as much. I will start using it more for runs longer than 5km. Wednesday we did 3km tempo and I seemed to be a little faster. I think it was actually a little longer than 3km, and I did it in 23 minutes. I ran with Fabiola again and I kept up with her the entire time!

3. Tuesday we went for a swim after the run. It worked out quite perfectly. Unfortunately I was in a lane with some walking-flailers so they were quite annoying. Thankfully they didn't stay around too long. I worked a lot with the pull buoy and paddles trying to improve my technique. I need to remember some drills!! I swam for 45 minutes and estimate I did 1200m.

2 days until Race for Pace 10km!!