Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Trail Run!!

This past weekend we were in Nordegg for a family wedding reception. We stayed at an outdoor retreat facility near Rocky Mountain House called Goldeye Centre. Unfortunately the weather was unseasonably cold- like 8 C so we bundled up to stay warm.

On Saturday morning, hubby and my brother-in-law's girlfriend went for a run around the Goldeye Lake. It's more of a trail, hence my first trail run!! There were a couple fallen trees we had to climb over, and there were some rickety boardwalks in a few places.

My pace was obviously a lot slower, but the experience was pretty neat! You have to watch your feet so you don't trip on roots and rocks but keep your eyes up so you don't run into branches hanging over the trail.

Here is a map of the run:

Total Distance- 6.06km
Total Time- 46:48 minutes
Average Pace- 7:43 min/km

It certainly felt like we were going faster! I think I might sign up for a trail race in the near future as I really enjoyed this run. There wasn't a huge elevation change so I think that helped.

I almost forgot!! We also went on a nice hike in the afternoon. We went to Crescent Falls which is a short drive from the Centre. The view is spectacular- I am so disappointed that we forgot our camera at the centre.

Photo from Wikipedia

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  1. I say your pace was pretty speedy anyways. Looks like a beautiful place to run from the photo. Don't you love Google? I swear you can find a pic of about anything up there.


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