Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lane Swim on a Saturday= Annoying!

I had a full body massage booked for Saturday morning and I needed it! I was trying a new clinic close to my house so I rolled out of bed and went straight for my massage. It was so relaxing! The MT's name is Angie and she really worked on the knots on my back and shoulders. I had her work my legs a bit too and did it ever hurt!!! My legs weren't feeling too sore since I had rested on Friday but I knew my hamstrings were tight. That wasn't an enjoyable part of the massage.

The lane swim at Thornhill pool is from 12-1:30pm and I was hoping it would be quiet since it was so nice outside. No dice. It was pretty busy. I managed to get a spot in the fast lane with a couple other people my pace. A slow, lane walker at one point jumped into my lane and just about got run over a few times. She would stand at the end of the lane and bounce. I am not sure why she felt the need to do this in the FAST lane but thankfully she didn't stay long!

I swam ~1200m. I worked with paddles and the pull buoy for a bit. I think I may have miscounted the last time I timed myself because I did 500m in 13:24 which is about a minute slower than last time. Oh well. I will know for sure next week- only 7 days till Strathmore Triathlon!!

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  1. I have no mercy on floaties that wander into my swim lane. My inner shark projects himself, and there is no just about run over. I will flip turn at the end of the lane even if people are standing there. Grrrr.

    Not that I want any more people swimming in "my" pool, but try Renfrew. The people are nice and I haven't had a problem sharing a lane there for a while.


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