Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feeling Blue...

Go figure the weather is nice and I am feeling down.

Is it the post-race let down? Maybe but I don't think so. There are other races I can sign up for I just can't decide if I want to sign up for something without a training plan.

Work is pretty busy and stressful right now so I pretty much don't want to do anything when I get home in the evening. There are also some family things that we are dealing with right now that are on my mind.

So rather than sit around and wallow in self-pity because there are other people who are way worse off than me, let's think of some positives in my life!!

1. I can swim, bike and run

2. I have a good job that I enjoy going to every day (most days!)

3. I have a cute hubby who will do anything for me...

Hubby working on the backyard this summer
4. I have a great family (with minimal drama)

5. I have fabulous friends (that I need to make an effort to spend more time with now that racing season is over)

6. The weekend is almost here and next weekend is a long weekend- Thanksgiving!


7. I have a cute cat who sometimes cuddles with me/hogs my pillow at night
Milo keeps me company while I workout
(yuck that's a bad photo of me!)
Okay- I feel better now!!!
What do you do when you feel blue???

Monday, September 27, 2010

Right to Play

After my glorious massage on Saturday morning, I came home to find this on my door.

Door knocker

Close up

A while back I mentioned that Martin Parnell was a guest speaker at my running clinic. He is doing Marathon Quest 250 to raise money for Right to Play. United Communities was hosting events in 2 of their communities this month to help support Martin's quest to raise $250,000.

I thought this was perfect because I wanted to run with Martin at some point but most of his runs are during the day when I am at work. Now I had no excuse! I was already planning on running that day and I wouldn't even have to leave my community to have some company!

I ran a couple kilometers around the community before going to the pond/playground where the event was set up. As I was running towards the playground I could see Martin running towards me. He is very recognizable with his safari type hat. When I reached him I turned around to run with him. He said he was half way done already so had another half marathon to go. We chatted about a whole bunch of things, mostly running related. There were lots of families out taking advantage of the face painting, bouncy castle, BBQ, and kids yoga. The hot firefighters even stopped by with their fire truck and were giving out temporary tattoos.
We ran around the pond together for about 5km, stopping most laps by the playground to say hi to people. It was a gorgeous day and I felt overdressed in my capris and t shirt. I am certainly not complaining after our terrible summer!

Total Distance-7:01km
Total Time- 54:41 min
Average Pace- 7:48

On Sunday, my running group was scheduled to run 20km down at Eau Claire. Since I am done my half marathon and prefer to avoid downtown during the weekends, I opted out of running with the group and did my own run. It was short and sweet!

Total Distance- 4.27km
Total Time- 30:14 min
Average Pace- 7:05

This week the weather is forecasted to be 17-22 C!! I actually wore shorts and a tank top for my run yesterday! I am liking this warm fall weather!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Foto Friday-Pro Photos

The nice thing about big races are the professional photographs. I have seen some pretty great race photos on blogs and I am honestly a little jealous!!

Most of my triathlons have finish line photographers but I almost always hate how they turn out. While I love how my tri suit feels, I look pretty unattractive in it. I usually don't have any makeup on because it will just run/get washed off in the swim. I haven't purchased any of those photos before- I try to forget them!!

For my half marathon I distinctly remember seeing the photographers out there on the course and I tried hard to look and smile at them while they took my picture. Looking at the pics, I need to smile bigger!!

I ended up purchasing the race photos and while they aren't as great as some of the ones I have seen before (of other people), I am pretty happy with them. I don't know if I will buy them every time (they are $$$) but for my first half marathon I wanted to have them.

Without further ado here they are:

~7 km

~ 17k

Almost at the finish line!

Finish Line!!

There were a couple more but there were other people in the pics. I wish the finish line photo showed the Finish Line sign! I also wish it wasn't on an angle so my body doesn't look so crooked!! I actually thought I would have a scowl on my face at the finish line!! Both feet are off the ground in the last photo so that's cool!!

Is there any point in trying to look "attractive" while running? I like wearing a hat because it keeps my hair off my face and soaks up the sweat. Hair bands pop off my head so I rarely run with them even though I have 8 of them in various colours! Maybe next time I will wear a prettier colour shirt- grey is kinda boring!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Running is in the plans, just not 100% sure of the distance yet! :) Apparently I put away my summer running clothes too soon because it is going to be nice here for a couple days! I am not complaining though...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. Happy birthday to my Dad!! He is 65 years young! He has been a huge supporter of my running and triathlon training. He tries to watch my races and always cheers the loudest!! He also brags that I do "marathons" even though I have tried to correct him a million times!

2. We have sun!! I didn't even bother packing my sunglasses for my run last night since it has been so long since I needed them!! I might be able to reduce my Vitamin D pills now!!

It's good to see you back!

3. Yesterday's run- not really a speed workout.

Lap 1- 6:51
Lap 2- 7:17
Lap 3- 6:57
Lap 4- 7:04
Lap 5- 6:35
Lap 6- 5:23
Total Distance- 5.57km
Total Time- 37:50
Average Pace- 6:47 min/km

The middle hurt. I started using some of the techniques that Jackie talked about at our clinic the evening before. It seemed to help as long as I didn't let my mind wander and start thinking about how much my body hurt. I focused on my breathing which makes a difference for me. (I also didn't wear my fuel belt so I wasn't fiddling with it every 5 seconds).

The last 1.5km I was catching up on the 2 runners in front of me. That motivated me to keep going strong. Once I passed them I just continued going as I could see the rest of the group waiting for me at the end of the run. I wish I could get some fast legs earlier in my runs!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

What a terrible terrific Tuesday it was! It was chilly but good running weather.

We ran the 6k ridge route again. While this route is mostly flat, for some reason I am not a huge fan of it.
My Garmin was doing something weird right from the beginning. I think it had a hard time picking up a satellite due to the clouds because it said 0 distance when we were about 0.50km into the run.

I think I left my legs on the treadmill last night. They felt like tree stumps throughout the whole run. For those fellow triathletes, it felt like a brick workout run- heavy legs and impossible to lift up. Not sure why since I didn't bike beforehand! I seriously wanted to turn around sooner and probably would have if I wasn't running with other people.


Lap 1- 7:43- Garmin problems.. There is no way I was that slow!
Lap 2- 6:58
Lap 3- 6:56
Lap 4- 7:07
Lap 5- 6:51- oh speedy!! NOT!
Lap 6- 6:55
Total Distance- 5.43km
Total Time- 38:38 min
Average Pace- 7:06

This definitely goes in the books as a bad run. Oh well, I completed it.

After the run, we had a guest speaker, Jackie to talk to us about Yoga for runners. She went through a few poses with us and it was great! I forgot how much I love yoga. I am not very flexible but I find it so relaxing. Must find a (budget friendly) studio close to home!

Tonight we are doing a speed workout. This should be interesting.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Treadmill in September= Pathetic

It's getting darker and colder by the second. Since I didn't run all weekend I had planned to run last night.

When I left work it wasn't too bad outside. Cold, but not raining (for once). When I got home I relaxed for a bit and did some laundry. At 7:00pm when I planned to run, it was pouring outside. Great!!

Treadmill it is!

Awhile ago a friend raved about how great One Tree Hill is. I really don't watch that much TV- I have a couple shows that I HAVE to watch but I try to not sit in front of the TV every night. This particular show has been around for about 8 seasons so I am far behind!

I figured that it would be worthwhile to buy the first couple of seasons (yay for Kijiji) and watch them while I bike/run this winter. Each episode is about 40 minutes long. So I popped the first episode in and watched while I ran. So far it is pretty good!

I always feel like I am running hard on the treadmill. I felt blind without my Garmin and all its data. I was sweating bullets and counting down the minutes until I would be done.

Total Time 30 minutes
Total Distance- 2.4 miles -have to re-set my treadmill to km- haven't figured it out yet!
Average Pace- 7:46 min/km -really?? That's it? I thought for sure I was doing 6:00min/km!!

Tonight I will be running outside- rain or shine! Probably rain/snow. I will remember to dress warmer this time!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Girls Weekend In Invermere

Warning- this post is not about running, triathlon or anything athletic.

A couple girlfriends and I decided to plan a weekend getaway to Invermere, BC on the weekend. We had access to one of the girl's boss' cabin so we headed up there after work on Friday. We only went for 2 nights but with the amount of stuff we brought you would have thought we were going away for a week! Girls and our stuff!

Loaded to the roof!

 It took a lot of organization to get out of town. We had to pick one girl up at home and stop at my place to pick up all my stuff. We also had to stop at the liquor store for some bevies before heading out. So while the plan was to leave at 3pm, we didn't leave Calgary until 4:45pm! Luckily the roads weren't too busy.

I haven't driven to Invermere in a long time and forgot that I drove through Invermere on our way to Wasa in June. I told the girls to keep their eyes out for the turn off. L has been to Invermere many times so I was counting on her navigate. She had a few drinks prior to leaving so she was pretty much useless. She told me right after Banff that I missed the turn off so I pulled a U-turn and looked for the turn off. Of course she was wrong and I hadn't missed the turn off!

For those of you who have driven this stretch of highway before once you turn off from Banff, there aren't any facilities/amenities for 104km- no gas stations, no food, no bathrooms. Of course 5 minutes after we turn off, N decides she needs to go to the bathroom! She figures she can hold it till we reach Radium which is about 45 minutes away. About 30 minutes passes and she announces she can no longer hold it and she has to go now!! Trying to find a place to turn off on a curvy, mountain road is not fun! We finally see a picnic area to our left and turn off. Of course there aren't any bathrooms at this rest stop so N has to go in the bushes.

A laughing at N- looks like she is the one about to pee her pants!
After the adventurous stop, we head back on the highway. No more than half a kilometer down the road we see a pull out with an outhouse!! Of course that would happen to us!

We finally made it to Invermere around 8pm. L couldn't remember where the cabin was so we drove around for 20 minutes looking at all the cabins trying to figure out which one we were staying at! She ended up calling someone to google the address. Once we made it, we unloaded all our luggage and headed back into town for dinner.
We went to McToogles, a Scottish pub. They had some live music playing and it was a good atmosphere. I think we traumatized our server with our weird drink requests but overall we had good service and the food was great.
After dinner we went back to the cabin and had a few drinks. The evening got away from us and we finally went to bed around 3:30am! Haven't stayed up that late in a long time!

The next day we woke up late- 1pm!! Guess we needed our sleep! After a delicious brunch of gluten free pancakes, scrambled eggs and yogurt we headed into town for some shopping. There was a Classic Car Show n Shine going on in Radium and Invermere so it was packed downtown.

Classic car

We checked out some local stores. They usually have some interesting and overpriced things.
We found some funny napkins and mugs and had quite a laugh over them.

  We found a candy store that we raided. So much candy! Too many options! I wanted it all. I guess I have to run to work off the calories I consumed this weekend! (OK so there is mention of running in this post!)
We went down to the (deserted) beach to take some pictures. The mountains are so beautiful and I am sure the lake would have been nice if it wasn't so freezing cold out! You can tell how windy it was just looking at how choppy the water was.
Windermere Lake
 This isn't the greatest photo but you can kinda see the deer on the neighbor's lawn. He was just hanging out. He didn't want his photo taken though. Pretty anti-social. We also saw a squirrel on the patio dancing away. It was kinda cute! He ran away before I could take a picture though.

Since we had such a late brunch, we didn't end up having dinner until 10pm. We hung out at the cabin listening to music, drinking and laughing. We brought a Wii but we didn't end up playing it!
We slept in again on Sunday morning. We had breakfast, packed up and hit the road. It was pouring outside so that wasn't much point in sticking around. The trip back was pretty uneventful except for the insane fog that appeared the second after we hit the Alberta/BC border!! It was pretty scary driving for a few minutes!

That concludes the weekend for me! Now it's back to reality...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Finally Friday!

I can't believe it has been 5 days since my race!! My legs are still a little achy but the running has helped loosen them up.

Last night I forced myself out on a run. I was reading some blogs and they inspired me to get out there and do it. It was short and sweet.

Lap 1- 6:24- it was cold out!
Lap 2- 6:47
Lap 3- 6:42
Total Distance- 3.17k
Total Time- 21:05 min
Average Pace- 6:39min/km

I wore my race hat for the first time last night. It snowed overnight so looks like winter is getting an early start here in Calgary. Boo!

I am going to Invermere, B.C. after work for a Girls Weekend Away! It should be a fun time. Unfortunately the weather isn't much better there. I will not be running unless you count running to the kitchen to refill my drink so it will be a nice 3-day break!
Image from

Still trying to decide on some fall races.
Marcia at Running off the Mouth posted about a virtual race for Lupus so I think I might "sign" up for that.

You can do 10 of anything (10k, 10m, 2 x5k, etc) by 10/10/10 so I think I might do 10k. Not sure exactly when but on a weekend for sure.

Hope you all have a fun, safe weekend of training, racing or resting!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Things Thursday

  1. I found a great website by the Calgary Road Runners that lists a lot of local and destination races. I will be using this to narrow down some races for the next couple of months.
  2. I think it is time to put away my summer running gear :( The weather has been just crap here and I don't foresee wearing shorts outside for awhile. I wore capris and a long sleeve technical shirt for my run last night and I was freezing until about 1k into my run! My half marathon running hat is going to come in handy sooner than I wanted it to!
  3. Tempo Run last night- hill training is done (for now). It was a chilly night and we barely made it back to the store before the rain started!
Lap 1- 6:52
Lap 2- 6:48
Lap 3- 6:49
Lap 4- 6:29
Lap 5- 6:30
Lap 6- 6:06
Total Distance- 5.87k
Total Time- 38:50 min
Average Pace- 6:36min/km

My legs definitely felt this run. I am not sure if they are still sore from the race or if they are stiff from the speed workout the night before. I was surprised at how fast (relative term) I was able to go despite my achy legs.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Speed Workout!!

My first run post race was a speed workout. Luckily it was an "easy" workout and it actually loosened my legs up a lot!

We had another instructor, Darren come to our clinic to do a speed workout with us last night. Long story short, he talked about the importance of working on increasing speed in short intervals (to start). Go as fast as you can, and then recover before repeating again.

Our workout consisted of a short run to the evil hill (different hill than usual) and then we did a pyramid workout. Speed workout on a steep hill?? WTF!!

- 45 sec hard
- 1 min rest
- 1 min hard
- 1 min rest
- 1.25 min hard
- 1 min rest
- 1.5 min hard
- 1 min rest
- 1.25 min hard
- 1 min rest
- 1 min hard
- 1 min rest
- 45 sec hard
- 1 min rest

We then ran back to the Running Room.

Total Distance: 4.43km (so short!)

Total Time: 29:40 minutes
Average Pace: 6:53min/km
Best Pace: 3:53 min/km

I didn't use the lap feature on my watch because I was too lazy to set it all up!! Next week I will!!

The first 2 hard laps were hellish but then it started to get better once we got into the swing of things. It is way better to do a workout like this in a big group because you motivate one another.

So now that my goal race is done I need something else to motivate me! Can anyone recommend a good local 5 or 10k race in November/December? Preferably something that has some bling (aka medal) at the finish line!
Hubby is trying to convince me to sign up for the next 1/2 Marathon clinic that starts right after this one ends (mid Oct). Goal race is Hypothermic Half in February. Anyone else crazy enough to do/have done this race?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Canmore Rocky Mountain Half Marathon Race Report

To say I was a little nervous Sunday morning would be understated!! First I dreamed all night that I was late for the start of the race, the aid station at the 1st km was a sit down meal with not-so-healthy food, I couldn't find the Rip N Race bags to toss my dress coat that I was wearing, and we ended up in Paris... WEIRD!!!

We woke up at 7am and had plenty of time to eat breakfast and get ready. I am never hungry before a race because I usually have butterflies in my tummy! I forced myself to eat some scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and yogurt.
Leaving for the race!
We headed to the park where the race was starting around 8:30am. The half marathon started at 9:15am. We parked and decided that we were going to bring a bag with our warmer clothes since we would have to stand around for a little while before the race started.
Just as we were about to walk to the race start I realized that I had my fuel belt, but I left all my water bottles in the fridge at the condo!! We had a bit of time before the race started so we raced back to the condo. That sure got my heart racing!
We finally arrived at the park with about 10 minutes to spare. We rushed to the port-a-potties and then off to the start line. It ended up being perfect because we didn't have to stand around at all. Once I got to the starting line I wasn't nervous anymore. I was here and I was doing this!!

At exactly 9:15am, the gun went off and the race started!

I knew I needed to start slowly so I wouldn't burn out. Lots of people passed me but I held my pace. I set my VP at 7:10 and I programmed my watch for 10 and 1s. It felt really weird to start walking only 10 minutes into the race, especially when almost everyone else around me was running. I was warming up quickly and was looking forward to ditching my jacket at 4k. We paid $5 each to be able to drop our jackets off at the Rip N Race bags at 4km. Best idea ever!! I hate being too warm while running, but when I wear a fuel belt there is no way I can tie anything around my waist. I always hear about races where people ditch old sweatshirts a few km into the race but I don't really have any sweaters like that.

I felt really good the entire race. I started eating my GU Chomps about 45 minutes into the race (~6k). I will admit that I started to freak out when I realized that the kilometer markers on the course were way off compared to my Garmin. It stared out as being 0.5km off, but by 9km it was off by 0.88km, and at 19k it was off by a whole km!! Turns out the markers were just off, my watch was right and the 20k marker was in the right spot! I was really worried that I was going to run 23km and not 21.1!!!

The hills started around 11km and continued up and down until about 17km. They weren't too bad- most of them were pretty short. I am glad that I did some hill training though as a lot of people walked the hills! I was able to run most of them except a few on the way back I walked up.

By about 19km (according to my watch) I just wanted to finish the race! I picked up the pace and kept telling myself "the faster you run, the faster you will be finished!" When I finally rounded the corner and saw the Finish line I almost cried with relief! I had pretty much stopped looking at my watch because I knew I wasn't going to finish under 2:30 and I was feeling discouraged by the km markers.

As I got closer to the Finish line I started passing people and then I heard the cowbell!! Hubby bought a cowbell for my very first triathlon and it has made an appearance at almost all my races! I saw him as I got closer and then I started to sprint.
Sprinting (in grey)

Almost done!

Finally I reached the Finish line!! I was done!


Chip Time- 2:32:44
Gun Time- 2:33:25
Average Pace- 7:15

Course Map

Post- Race
I stopped my watch as soon as I crossed over and was pleasantly surprised to see I wasn't too far off my first goal. For my first race and a hilly course I am happy. Other than being annoyed at how inaccurate the km markers were, I think this race was very well organized and the course was beautiful. I will definitely do this race again.

Once hubby caught up with me we went inside to grab some food. I didn't feel too hungry so I just had a plum and a cookie. We went back outside to grab our jackets from Rip N Race and sat down to stretch.
Half Marathoner!
We didn't stay for all the awards because we were starting to feel chilly in our sweaty clothes and we wanted some real food. By this time it was close to 1pm so we headed to Quarry on Main Street for lunch. Very good food- I will definitely go to this restaurant again. Excellent atmosphere, great service and fab food!

After lunch we headed back to the condo for our ice cold baths!! I have never had one before but hubby (and others) swear by them. I filled the tub, wore my new race toque, and shirt and slipped into the freezing water!! The first 30 seconds are so cold and shocking but then it starts to feel great on the sore muscles. I am a fan!!

After relaxing for a couple hours we headed back home. What an amazing weekend!!

  • I am a little (ok- a lot) disappointed that there were no finisher medals- I want some bling!!
  • I love this course and I hope to do this race (any distance) again
  • I am not putting my water bottles in the fridge anymore!
  • I kinda like the half marathon distance! I think only 2-3 HM races a year is realistic for me though
  • My hubby rocked the HM race in 1:53!! He's kinda fast! Thanks for supporting me honey!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend in Canmore- before the race.

Friday Night
Hubby and I went up to Canmore on Friday night since my parents have a condo there and we thought it would be nice to have a relaxing weekend. After work we packed up and headed to the mountains. It isn't too far of a drive from our place- about 75 minutes.
Once we arrived hubby cooked up some burgers on the BBQ and my parents came over for a visit. When they left we went over to the hot tub which was so nice.

We had great plans of getting up early to watch the Banff Triathlon but sleep seemed so much more important and it was raining! Around 11am we headed to our favourite Canmore breakfast spot- The Summit Cafe.

Maple lattes & Kung Fu Panda table marker

After a yummy breakfast/brunch picked up our race packages at the school which was super fast. We also drove part of the half marathon course to see what we were up against. Most of the course is on pathways except for the beginning so we couldn't really see all the hills but we knew approximately when the elevation would change (later in the course!) and where the turn around was.

Race hat & reuseable bag

This picture shows the elevation change as we
start off running by the river and have to climb
 even higher than where this picture is taken from.

After we checked out the course, we wandered around downtown Canmore.

We had a celebrity sighting- Debbie Travis. She was filming her new show "All For One" in Canmore.

Who is that crossing the street in front of us?

Reviewing lines for Take 47

Le film crew

After our brush with fame, we met up with some old friends of hubby's that live in Canmore. It was nice to see them again and we went on an adventure to Banff to do some window shopping.

For dinner we ended up at The Wood at the end of Main Street in Canmore. The food was pretty good. We were both careful about what we ate and drank so we weren't too adventurous. I would rate this place as a 7/10.
My favourite restaurant in Canmore (not that I have tried many) is Crazy Weed. Hubby wanted to step out of the box and try somewhere new which is why we ended up at The Wood.

We returned to the condo and set up all our stuff for the morning. There is a lot less stuff to have to worry about in a running race than in a triathlon! I filled my water bottles for my fuel belt and stuck them in the fridge. I decided to wear my long running tights, long sleeve technical shirt, and my light running jacket. It was going to be a little too chilly for me to wear capris.

All my stuff- a little reflective

After a quick visit with my parents, we headed to bed to get a good night sleep.

Sunday details and race report up next...

Half Marathon= DONE!!

Yay!! I successfully completed my first half marathon in 2:32:44!!!

Race report and pictures to come soon.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Half Marathon Goals

My #1 goal for my first half marathon is to finish the race happy. I don't want to put too much pressure on myself to achieve a time goal because I really don't know what to expect. I felt great when I ran my 18.67km long run last week, but things could really go downhill in the last 2.43k!! There are a few hills on this course but I have no idea how long, how steep and how many so that could change a lot. Also the weather isn't supposed to be that great-  6 C is the forecast. Luckily you can drop extra gear off at the start and at the 4k mark so I think I will wear an extra layer and drop it off once I warm up a bit.

So here are my goals for my first half marathon on Sunday:

Goal A- finish under 2:30 with a smile on my face
Goal B- finish under 2:45 with a smile on my face
Goal C- finish with a smile on my face

Last night I downloaded an awesome playlist for myself- thanks to the suggestions from Always a Reason to Run. I am so excited to listen to all this music!

Tomorrow we will pick up our races packages in Canmore and I hope to drive part of the course so I know what I am in for. I really hope the weather holds out for us this weekend. We are also planning on watching part of the Banff Triathlon which is tomorrow. Glad we aren't participating this year- it is going to be chilly!!

Good luck to everyone else that is racing or training this weekend!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Three Things Thursday

  1. No hills last night- I had a dinner meeting to go to so I knew I wouldn't be able to make our 9 hills running session. I don't feel bad except that I had to miss going for wings & beer after the run with our group.
  2. Goals- I am working on my goals for my first half marathon (3 days!) so I will be posting those tomorrow.
  3. Updating my Ipod- I need some "pump me up" music!! What's your song that gets you moving?? Help me put together an awesome playlist for Sunday!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No Creative Title

Last night at our clinic we ran 5km tempo. It was a chilly evening so I wore a long sleeve shirt (my race shirt from Wasa).

I started out a little too quickly and burned out around 4km. I was trying to keep up with a couple runners that are usually 30-45 seconds/km faster than me and I was able to stay with them for a bit but then I ran out of gas. Maybe it’s because I ran 12k the day before and I was still tired. Or maybe I should have eaten before running…

Lap 1- 6:55
Lap 2- 6:25
Lap 3- 6:39
Lap 4- 6:54
Lap 5- 7:15
Lap 6- 7:30 (eekkkk!!!)

Total Distance- 5.69k
Total Time- 39:23
Average Pace- 6:55min/km

I set my VP to 6:55 so for awhile I was way ahead, but then I ended up averaging at that pace anyway!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ok I lied… my real last LSD!!

I kinda forgot that this weekend’s 12km was a LSD. It seems so short after doing 14, 16, and 18kms!!

I ended up doing the run on Monday (yay for long weekends!) since I was too busy doing stuff around the house and running errands on Sunday after getting back from my sister’s place.

We had a busy day planned for Monday so I had to get up pretty early to fit in my run. At 8:45am I headed out and it was a chilly 7 C. I wore a tank top, long sleeve technical sweater, my windbreaker running jacket and gloves. After about 1k I knew I overdressed!! I was boiling! I did a quick loop by my house so that I could drop off my jacket and gloves. The only problem with wearing a fuel belt is it is hard to tie a jacket around your waist.

So I immediately started having some technical problems. I set my Garmin to do 10 and 1s, but I forgot to press “Do Workout” so when I hit the timer it just started timing a regular run, not 10 and 1s. I looked at my watch just before 10 minutes to see when my walk break was coming up (yup, already looking for that break!) and I realized there was no countdown! Noooooooo!!! I knew there was no way I could do this run without my scheduled rest breaks so I just stopped my workout and restarted a new one with the 10 and 1s.

Once I figured out my watch and dropped off my excess clothes I continued on my run. I definitely wasn’t feeling it. I hadn’t run in 5 days (bad idea!) and my body was punishing me for that. I really tried to enjoy the run but it honestly was a struggle for almost the entire way.

I did see one disgusting bug while running close to a field. I think my heart rate jumped 10 beats!! I tried to look for a picture online but all the bugs were grossing me out! I hope I never encounter one again.

Lap 1 00:10:00 1.40 07:09
Lap 2 00:01:00 0.07 13:37
Lap 3 00:10:00 1.34 07:26
Lap 4 00:01:00 0.09 11:02
Lap 5 00:10:00 1.45 06:53
Lap 6 00:01:00 0.07 13:23
Lap 7 00:10:00 1.42 07:01
Lap 8 00:01:00 0.08 12:31
Lap 9 00:10:00 1.37 07:19
Lap 10 00:01:00 0.08 11:55
Lap 11 00:10:00 1.47 06:47
Lap 12 00:01:00 0.08 12:03
Lap 13 00:10:00 1.31 07:39
Lap 14 00:01:00 0.08 12:48
Lap 15 00:10:00 1.35 07:23
Lap 16 00:00:03 0.01 09:08

Total Distance- 13.19k (includes the 1.51k I did before changing my watch to 10 and 1s)
Total Time- 1:37:51
Average Pace- 7:25 min/km

Holy cr@p does my ticker really say 5 days till my half marathon???

Friday, September 3, 2010

Labour Day Long Weekend!!!

Oh how I love a long weekend!! This summer has flown right by so while I am sad that it is almost over, I am happy it is a long weekend!!

We have lots to do this weekend. Hubby is working lots on our backyard (thanks!) and with some helpers on Saturday we will be even closer to having a fence and deck! Yay! Sod will have to wait until next spring (we have already had 2 frost warnings- no point in laying sod to have it die).

My sis asked me to watch her kids on Saturday/Sunday morning as they have a wedding to go to so I will be hanging out with my nieces and nephew. I am excited because I haven't been able to spend as much time with them lately. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can hang out in the backyard.

So once again I will be missing my long run with my running group but I will have lots of time to fit a run in since it is only 12k. I plan on doing a shorter run on Saturday morning before heading over to my sister's. My foot is still a little sore so I hope with rest it will be good to go on Saturday!

Kat at Forward Food Strides has another giveaway that you should all enter!! You have until Saturday, September 4th 11:59pm to enter.

Have a fun and safe Labour Day Weekend!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. So looking forward to the long weekend!! I won't be able to sleep in until Monday though. I sure hope we can get our deck and fence done. It would be nice to BBQ once before winter graces us with her presence.

2. Sore foot. The pain at the top of my foot is still there. It didn't prevent me from running, but I have been sticking to flat shoes to give it a break. Icing in the evening has helped a bit. Hubby thinks it is sprained... it isn't very swollen or bruised though so I don't think it's a sprain.

3. Hills again last night. Thankfully it went way better than last week. The weather cooperated (for runners!) and was only about ~12 C, a big changed from ~28 C last week. We were scheduled to run 8 hill repeats and I promise I did 8!! However, I screwed up my Garmin at one point and missed recording a lap. So annoying because I know I did it!

Lap 1 00:10:32 1.57 06:44- run to the hill

Lap 2 00:03:03 0.40 07:43- 1st uphill
Lap 3 00:02:30 0.40 06:13- 1st downhill
Lap 4 00:03:03 0.40 07:40- 2nd uphill
Lap 5 00:02:35 0.40 06:26- 2nd downhill
Lap 6 00:03:03 0.39 07:46- 3rd uphill
Lap 7 00:02:37 0.40 06:30- 3rd downhill
Lap 8 00:03:07 0.39 08:04- 4th uphill
Lap 9 00:02:38 0.40 06:38- 4th downhill
Lap 10 00:03:09 0.40 07:59- 5th uphill
Lap 11 00:02:33 0.40 06:27- 5th downhill
Lap 12 00:03:08 0.39 07:58- 6th uphill
Lap 13 00:02:41 0.40 06:39- 6th downhill
Lap 14 00:02:59 0.40 07:28- 7th uphill- one of the pacers made me sprint with him to the top for the last 20m which is why this repeat is way faster than the other uphills. It killed me but it was good.
Lap 15 00:02:34 0.41 06:17- 7th downhill
Lap 16 00:08:58 1.47 06:07- back to the store- speedy for me!

Total Distance- 8:62km
Total Time- 59:21 min (although Garmin says 1:12:18 for elapsed time so that would include the missing 2 laps and a few minutes we waited for the remaining runners to finish up)
Average Pace- 6:43 min/km

I think the missed repeat was #6- there should be 18 total laps. Oh well...
I think this showed that I could really benefit from some speed training. Once I sprinted at the top of the hill, even my downhill was quicker! Plus my run back to the store was fast! I understand that this clinic is all about endurance (especially for 1st timers) but it is good to see that with the proper training I can be faster.

Does anyone know if RR 10k clinics focus on speed training? What do you do for speed training? I don't have access to a track so that's out of the question.

FYI not me.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last LSD before my Half Marathon

So as I mentioned previously in my last post, we were out of town on the weekend. I figured we would be in the wilderness and there was no way I was going to attempt a long run in the!!! Instead I took Sunday as a rest day and planned to do my LSD on Monday after work.

After a short nap, I convinced myself to get out there and do this. The plan was to run 18k, and it would be my longest run before the half marathon in 2.5 weeks. I would have liked to do 18-20k at least a couple times before the race but time won't permit. This is it!!

Luckily it was another cool day so I wore a long sleeve technical shirt and my capri tights. I loaded up my fuel belt and iPod and hit the pavement. The first few kilometers I was slogging it. I couldn't really find a good rhythm and every time I had a walk break I was like "Already? I haven't gone that far yet!" I think the fact that I was running up and down short streets, cul-du-sacs and dead-end pathways had something to do with it. I like my community but it isn't so great for longer runs!!!

I knew I had to do at least half my distance before venturing over to the next community. Right about 9km I took the gravel road and ran through construction to get to the other side. It was at this point my Garmin flashed the dreaded LOW BATTERY!! Frick!! How am I going to do another 9k without my Garmin? It wouldn't be a big deal if I was doing an out and back, but I didn't have a route mapped out so I would be blind without my watch. I wouldn't even be able to just go based on time!
Good news is my Garmin can last for another hour or so after the low battery warning! Thank gawd or I would have been screwed!!! For the record, I did plug it in the night before, but obviously it didn't charge.

Back to the run. I started my nutrition around 45 minutes (~7km). I think I will need to take a few more chews with me for the race because 8 is cutting it close. I did my usual water and chew at each walk break, or every other walk break for the chew.

Things were feeling a lot better in the second half of the run. I think partly due to the fact that I felt like I was running somewhere instead of in circles!! My legs felt great. Close to the end I did feel a twinge on the top of my left foot. It is still bugging me a bit 2 days later but I iced it last night in hopes that it will go away. Not sure what I did there...

Lap 1 00:10:00 1.36k 07:20
Lap 2 00:01:00 0.09k 10:38
Lap 3 00:10:00 1.43k 07:00
Lap 4 00:01:00 0.08k 12:06
Lap 5 00:10:00 1.39k 07:11
Lap 6 00:01:00 0.10k 09:48
Lap 7 00:10:00 1.34k 07:28
Lap 8 00:01:00 0.10k 09:49
Lap 9 00:10:00 1.40k 07:08
Lap 10 00:01:00 0.08k 12:07
Lap 11 00:10:00 1.49k 06:41
Lap 12 00:01:00 0.08k 11:49
Lap 13 00:10:00 1.48k 06:45
Lap 14 00:01:00 0.09k 11:24
Lap 15 00:10:00 1.38k 07:15
Lap 16 00:01:00 0.08k 12:07
Lap 17 00:10:00 1.45k 06:53
Lap 18 00:01:00 0.08k 12:13
Lap 19 00:10:00 1.48k 06:44
Lap 20 00:01:00 0.09k 11:23
Lap 21 00:10:00 1.48k 06:44
Lap 22 00:01:00 0.09k 10:51
Lap 23 00:10:00 1.31k 07:38
Lap 24 00:01:00 0.09k 11:22
Lap 25 00:03:50 0.61k 06:20 (and this is where my Garmin died)

Total Distance: 18.67km
Total Time: 2:15:50
Average Pace: 7:16min/km

Route Map:

  • I am pretty sure the last half of the run was slightly faster than the first half. As you can see by the map I was running circles for the 1st 9km so I think that had a lot to do with how I felt!!
  • I think I started a little slower also because I was afraid of the distance and didn't want to burn out to quickly. I can confidently say that didn't happen, and I will have no problems finishing the half marathon.
  • Blisters are back with a vengeance! They don't seem to bother me while running, but I can feel them forming. Yuck!
  • I really enjoyed this run! I can now see how people get hooked on the half marathon distance.
  • I am pretty sure I will be able to meet my time goal for my race. I just need to push myself a little more in the beginning and really pay attention to my VP so I stay on pace.