Friday, September 24, 2010

Foto Friday-Pro Photos

The nice thing about big races are the professional photographs. I have seen some pretty great race photos on blogs and I am honestly a little jealous!!

Most of my triathlons have finish line photographers but I almost always hate how they turn out. While I love how my tri suit feels, I look pretty unattractive in it. I usually don't have any makeup on because it will just run/get washed off in the swim. I haven't purchased any of those photos before- I try to forget them!!

For my half marathon I distinctly remember seeing the photographers out there on the course and I tried hard to look and smile at them while they took my picture. Looking at the pics, I need to smile bigger!!

I ended up purchasing the race photos and while they aren't as great as some of the ones I have seen before (of other people), I am pretty happy with them. I don't know if I will buy them every time (they are $$$) but for my first half marathon I wanted to have them.

Without further ado here they are:

~7 km

~ 17k

Almost at the finish line!

Finish Line!!

There were a couple more but there were other people in the pics. I wish the finish line photo showed the Finish Line sign! I also wish it wasn't on an angle so my body doesn't look so crooked!! I actually thought I would have a scowl on my face at the finish line!! Both feet are off the ground in the last photo so that's cool!!

Is there any point in trying to look "attractive" while running? I like wearing a hat because it keeps my hair off my face and soaks up the sweat. Hair bands pop off my head so I rarely run with them even though I have 8 of them in various colours! Maybe next time I will wear a prettier colour shirt- grey is kinda boring!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Running is in the plans, just not 100% sure of the distance yet! :) Apparently I put away my summer running clothes too soon because it is going to be nice here for a couple days! I am not complaining though...


  1. Great pictures. I really like the 17k one. I agree about the finish line. I did the 5k, and wasn't in love with my pictures at all. It really is too bad the finish line one is at such an angle.

  2. I totally love the 17km one as well - go you - you rock!!! I think you are super beautiful, but I do agree we need to get you some different coloured tops for running in!!! Where do you buy most of your workout clothing from???
    Amazing photos. I even like the angle at the finish line.
    Congrats to an amazing race!!!!

  3. Awesome photos! I like the finish line one as you look fast!


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