Monday, September 27, 2010

Right to Play

After my glorious massage on Saturday morning, I came home to find this on my door.

Door knocker

Close up

A while back I mentioned that Martin Parnell was a guest speaker at my running clinic. He is doing Marathon Quest 250 to raise money for Right to Play. United Communities was hosting events in 2 of their communities this month to help support Martin's quest to raise $250,000.

I thought this was perfect because I wanted to run with Martin at some point but most of his runs are during the day when I am at work. Now I had no excuse! I was already planning on running that day and I wouldn't even have to leave my community to have some company!

I ran a couple kilometers around the community before going to the pond/playground where the event was set up. As I was running towards the playground I could see Martin running towards me. He is very recognizable with his safari type hat. When I reached him I turned around to run with him. He said he was half way done already so had another half marathon to go. We chatted about a whole bunch of things, mostly running related. There were lots of families out taking advantage of the face painting, bouncy castle, BBQ, and kids yoga. The hot firefighters even stopped by with their fire truck and were giving out temporary tattoos.
We ran around the pond together for about 5km, stopping most laps by the playground to say hi to people. It was a gorgeous day and I felt overdressed in my capris and t shirt. I am certainly not complaining after our terrible summer!

Total Distance-7:01km
Total Time- 54:41 min
Average Pace- 7:48

On Sunday, my running group was scheduled to run 20km down at Eau Claire. Since I am done my half marathon and prefer to avoid downtown during the weekends, I opted out of running with the group and did my own run. It was short and sweet!

Total Distance- 4.27km
Total Time- 30:14 min
Average Pace- 7:05

This week the weather is forecasted to be 17-22 C!! I actually wore shorts and a tank top for my run yesterday! I am liking this warm fall weather!

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  1. There's an easy solution for women that feel overdress in their capris and T shirts. Oops, did I say that out loud?

    I loved running today. Shorts and a tech shirt was perfect, warm and sunny. This is the way it should be.

    Good for you for running with Martin. My mind boggles at what he's doing.


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