Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Speed Workout!!

My first run post race was a speed workout. Luckily it was an "easy" workout and it actually loosened my legs up a lot!

We had another instructor, Darren come to our clinic to do a speed workout with us last night. Long story short, he talked about the importance of working on increasing speed in short intervals (to start). Go as fast as you can, and then recover before repeating again.

Our workout consisted of a short run to the evil hill (different hill than usual) and then we did a pyramid workout. Speed workout on a steep hill?? WTF!!

- 45 sec hard
- 1 min rest
- 1 min hard
- 1 min rest
- 1.25 min hard
- 1 min rest
- 1.5 min hard
- 1 min rest
- 1.25 min hard
- 1 min rest
- 1 min hard
- 1 min rest
- 45 sec hard
- 1 min rest

We then ran back to the Running Room.

Total Distance: 4.43km (so short!)

Total Time: 29:40 minutes
Average Pace: 6:53min/km
Best Pace: 3:53 min/km

I didn't use the lap feature on my watch because I was too lazy to set it all up!! Next week I will!!

The first 2 hard laps were hellish but then it started to get better once we got into the swing of things. It is way better to do a workout like this in a big group because you motivate one another.

So now that my goal race is done I need something else to motivate me! Can anyone recommend a good local 5 or 10k race in November/December? Preferably something that has some bling (aka medal) at the finish line!
Hubby is trying to convince me to sign up for the next 1/2 Marathon clinic that starts right after this one ends (mid Oct). Goal race is Hypothermic Half in February. Anyone else crazy enough to do/have done this race?

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  1. I'm doing the run without borders (10K) and resolution run (5K) in November and December. I doubt there's finisher's medals though.

    I've looked at the hypothermic half, and keeping it in mind for future years. It's a bit crazy, but with Calgary weather, it's as likely to be plus 10 as minus 30, right?


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