Thursday, September 2, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. So looking forward to the long weekend!! I won't be able to sleep in until Monday though. I sure hope we can get our deck and fence done. It would be nice to BBQ once before winter graces us with her presence.

2. Sore foot. The pain at the top of my foot is still there. It didn't prevent me from running, but I have been sticking to flat shoes to give it a break. Icing in the evening has helped a bit. Hubby thinks it is sprained... it isn't very swollen or bruised though so I don't think it's a sprain.

3. Hills again last night. Thankfully it went way better than last week. The weather cooperated (for runners!) and was only about ~12 C, a big changed from ~28 C last week. We were scheduled to run 8 hill repeats and I promise I did 8!! However, I screwed up my Garmin at one point and missed recording a lap. So annoying because I know I did it!

Lap 1 00:10:32 1.57 06:44- run to the hill

Lap 2 00:03:03 0.40 07:43- 1st uphill
Lap 3 00:02:30 0.40 06:13- 1st downhill
Lap 4 00:03:03 0.40 07:40- 2nd uphill
Lap 5 00:02:35 0.40 06:26- 2nd downhill
Lap 6 00:03:03 0.39 07:46- 3rd uphill
Lap 7 00:02:37 0.40 06:30- 3rd downhill
Lap 8 00:03:07 0.39 08:04- 4th uphill
Lap 9 00:02:38 0.40 06:38- 4th downhill
Lap 10 00:03:09 0.40 07:59- 5th uphill
Lap 11 00:02:33 0.40 06:27- 5th downhill
Lap 12 00:03:08 0.39 07:58- 6th uphill
Lap 13 00:02:41 0.40 06:39- 6th downhill
Lap 14 00:02:59 0.40 07:28- 7th uphill- one of the pacers made me sprint with him to the top for the last 20m which is why this repeat is way faster than the other uphills. It killed me but it was good.
Lap 15 00:02:34 0.41 06:17- 7th downhill
Lap 16 00:08:58 1.47 06:07- back to the store- speedy for me!

Total Distance- 8:62km
Total Time- 59:21 min (although Garmin says 1:12:18 for elapsed time so that would include the missing 2 laps and a few minutes we waited for the remaining runners to finish up)
Average Pace- 6:43 min/km

I think the missed repeat was #6- there should be 18 total laps. Oh well...
I think this showed that I could really benefit from some speed training. Once I sprinted at the top of the hill, even my downhill was quicker! Plus my run back to the store was fast! I understand that this clinic is all about endurance (especially for 1st timers) but it is good to see that with the proper training I can be faster.

Does anyone know if RR 10k clinics focus on speed training? What do you do for speed training? I don't have access to a track so that's out of the question.

FYI not me.

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